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  1. see, that's one of my fav silver age batman covers, so i was glad to see it go high (once it was waaaay out of my ballpark, of course). such a great graphic layout by infantino
  2. that Kobra page went for way more than i expected! Was a beauty tho
  3. Picked this little fixer upper. Very happy with the way it came out, and the piece in general! Jughead with Archie Digest 4, 1974 I believe it to be Dan DeCarlo (he wasn't signing the Digest covers yet in this period), or potentially Stan Goldberg, but looks like Dan to my eyes. After: Before:
  4. WTB: Brazilian EBAL Batman 71 and Popeye 46 Looking for two early silver/atomic Brazilian comics: Ebal: Batman 71 (1959) Ebal: Popeye 46 (1956) I own the covers to these, but really have no clue where to look for the comics. Any help on how to find them in a mid-grade raw zone would be greatly appreciated!