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  1. I just received my sketch from Jeff Smith. My scanner is slightly too small to fit the full page on it.
  2. Three months is not a bad wait time for a piece to get done. There are a lot of items to factor in. If the piece is not detailed, and is very plain, then three months is a bit much. While I do not have much time on the boards, I have a decent amount of experience. Things to consider: 1. The artist (abilities, details given to pieces) 2. Artists's obligations. When the big boys call up and want panels for publishing, commissions are normally put on pause or halted. 3. Conventions and other commission requests. If the artists travels for conventions, you may as well count the weeks surrounding the convention a wash. Your piece might be worked on to strike interest for more commissions at the CON, but more likely, it will be left safely at the artist's studio/home. 4. Life. Life happens. These men/women have a livelihood to keep and progress. Often with families as well. Your piece my be paid for in advance, but variables occur, and sometimes that means your piece has to be put to the side.
  3. I am looking for a piece featuring or that has Phoenix in it. I am mostly aware of what is out there. The price range really depends on artist, issue, and other important details. I am not looking to spend more than 1k, but that also depends on what it is. I know this can easily be a longshot because a few folks have the market on these pieces. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. I laughed pretty hard when I read this. They are just sketches that Neal does a lot of. I enjoy his art, but I wasn't pleased when I finally met him. To sum it up, he didn't want to talk to me unless I was going to drop a significant amount of money on his items.
  5. I only recently got into this, and it was around the same time I met Chris about 2 years ago. I bought some pieces from him and I got to see some amazing pieces that I couldn't afford at that time as well. Oddly enough, the person that got me interested in comic art is the same person that Chris got the art collection from.
  6. I don't have any experience selling, but I do know one thing not to do. Don't call other boardies cheapskates.
  7. The wording on the seller's description is crafted to be devious. "Up for auction is a copy...". These scumbags just make it harder to buy legitimate pieces.
  8. This podcast (episode 18) was pure gold. Nice to hear the stuff about Jack Kirby. It would be interesting to hear more from Scott.
  9. Yes! I sill have it
  10. My above post was in reference to this......
  11. Nice Chris! I remember holding that piece.... Do you remember this one?
  12. Why would you do this? If I were an artist that had entrusted you with my art to sell, I would not be pleased. This community has a lot of folks that have been in the industry and rubbed elbows with the industry for a long time. I know, I just registered here. It took me a while to actually commit to this. James, this is not funny. Be more professional. The internet is full of 'holes. Don't poke the bear. You have a business. To be honest, no one cares if you sell anything; we all have livelihoods. You have to sell yourself as well, Brother --- do it with more tact. The pieces that you sell are not garbage --- I have drawn before --- that is garbage. The market demands different things, and please keep in mind that there many levels of buyers. Example: not everyone can afford the BMW, but he/she may be able to buy the Volkswagen..... and to be honest, VWs are just as good.
  13. Jeff Smith Bone OA Hello all. I have looked through discussions, but I have not found any concrete information. Does any Bone OA exist in the wild, or is it held or destroyed? (Edited Topic name so no one is misinformed on intent)
  14. I am sure this (cover) will get a lot of interest, but this is not my taste in artwork. I never like the art, even when a certain magazine hyped the comic for sale and re-sale.