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  1. Maybe not the exact Wolverine #1 you're looking for, but I've got a sweet Wolverine #1 going up on the bay tomorrow... A LOT less than $2k! 😎
  2. Round 7: Storm wins because of the "toaster in a bathtub" action.
  3. Round 4, any Spock wins. 1) Who TF is Alpha Flight? B) Vulcan death grip
  4. Round 3 Sue Storm stomps Marge Simpson. A) Sue has powers B) Sue has other fantastic MF'ers to back her up 3) Marge is a douchey hack that no one other than Homer cares about, and even Homer doesn't care that much.
  5. You don't have to remove it to get it graded... but it will be removed prior to grading. If you're hoping for a high grade I'd recommend removing it yourself and "pregrading" as best you can prior to submitting to determine whether or not it's worth it by your assessment. If you're not too concerned send it sealed to have CGC remove it, and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. The simplest answer is to insure them for whatever amount you want to receive if these are destroyed at any point after you turn them over to the carrier. Forget about what FMV is or what their potential graded value could be. How much cash do you want if they are destroyed? That's your declared value. (within reason, of course... don't go trying to insure a "$1000 book" for a million) And keep in mind most insurers are going to fight you regardless of the value so be prepared to try and prove their worth if something does happen.
  7. For once I'm glad to be wrong! (Though, an extra step doesn't bode well for TAT's)
  8. When this feature does work, what's the functionality going to be like? Just linking to your tracking info to show delivered or has CGC added a step to their recieving process?
  9. What I'm expecting is that when this "works" it's just going to link to your tracking with whichever carrier you used. Hopefully I'm wrong and CGC has developed some extra step in their receiving process to specifically identify every package that's been delivered...
  10. Well at the moment it doesn't appear to work. Checked packages delivered today as well as some older ones. Regardless, if it functions eventually the way I assume it will you could just as easily check your tracking with your carrier. . . Same as googling a tracking number.
  11. Fyi: My book for the Ramos signing moved into "scheduled for grading" status this afternoon.
  12. My book for the Ramos signing moved into "scheduled for grading" status this afternoon.