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  1. From what I'm seeing you'll probably get a 9.4. But I should point out that the pictures make it hard to tell. Also what printing is this? Because the back cover does not look like the normal secret wars 8 back cover.
  2. I got the book back and it received a 9.8 WHITE. If anyone is interested in purchasing it then please reply to this message. Thank you.
  3. I sent my sketch cover in for modern ft grading. Received on 10/12 and as of yesterday (10/26), it has been in grading/quality control. Honestly I thought that cgc would blow past the ft turnaround time but it is going right on schedule!!!
  4. I think it's about an 7.0-7.5. A press would solidify an 8.0 or higher. My reasons for saying so - The corners don't look very good and the back is VERY dirty. A press would help flatten the book on the back and get rid of some of the dirt, so I'd highly advise that.
  5. Wow!! Thanks so much for the replies! But the current turnaround times are ridiculous. I have 3 books that are currently at cgc for pressing and grading in the modern tier and I asked an employee of cgc at NYCC how long he thought these 3 books would take and he said 5 months. My last 3 book modern submission for pressing and grading without fast track only took 2 months.
  6. My sketch cover that I dropped off at nycc was marked as received by cgc on 10/12. Since I fast tracked it for the modern tier, how long do you think it will take cgc to grade it? Two weeks? A month?
  7. With a press you might be able to pull off an 8.0 and if the graders are being lenient even as high as a 9.0 (in my experience they don’t grade this book very harshly).
  8. Hello all, I just got this sketch by David Finch at New York Comic Con and submitted it there for signature series (it was approved as a signature series witness watched him draw it). Assuming that this book gets a 9.8, what do you guys think this is worth and why? Thanks!
  9. I was thinking about a 7.0 as well. CGC seems to be grading lightly these days so you may even get as high as a 7.5 - 8.0.