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  1. Thor sketch by Jason Latour, one of my favorite comic artists. I think this was originally sold as part of a benefit for the ACLU, but I found it on eBay.
  2. Geeze, now I feel a bit guilty for even mentioning it.
  3. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks! Bookmarked your site and will reach out at some point.
  5. And yea, this is so true! Not trying to "put him on blast" because he's a great artist and I like his work a lot, but I was a bit surprised to see what my $80 got me. Looking around the Internet, it seems like there are a lot of similar sketches out there. They don't look like his art from the books. I guess $80 is a small price to pay for an important lesson: do your homework before you put your money on the table.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I did indeed look at the Albert Moy site. It's a bit unwieldy with very slow loading times, but it at least gave me a rough idea of the price ranges for the various books and types of pages. I listened to a Felix Comic Art Podcast with Erik from last year and I think he mentioned that he likes to sell the comics whole and not page-by-page, which makes sense when there are so many issues of the book to deal with. I guess I can contact him or his rep to get a better idea of the pricing. Appreciate the Madman tips. I saw a pretty cool title page that went for about $1100 on auction recently, so I guess that's another data point. For Madman I'd probably be content just owning a panel page from the original Madman series or the Dark Horse series, so I might go that route for now instead of paying a lot (for me) for a cover. I have seen Latour sketches floating around on the Internet, but don't know where to buy. Stuff like this: And this: And this: Seems from his recent posts that he doesn't necessarily love to sketch at Cons, as it takes away time/energy from making actual comics. I don't know anything about his process, and whether he uses standard paper/inks or does a lot of the lines on computer, so I guess I don't know if physical Southern Bastards pages even exist anywhere.
  7. New to this hobby - A few questions, mostly on 90s stuff Hello all. Been a comic fan for a while, but I'm relatively new to the original comic art game. When I was a kid I got some cool sketches on backing board at Wonder Con in San Francisco in the early-mid 90s (Jeff Smith Bone, Erik Larsen Savage Dragon stuff, Sergio Aragones Groo), but that was my only original art for many years. I've been going to SDCC since 2013 and I've gradually become more interested in buying pages. In 2015 I saw Stan Sakai offering $80 sketches at SDCC and opted not to get one. Kind of regretted it all year. In 2016 when I had another chance, I plunked down $80 and got something that looked kind of like this: I was a little bit disappointed that the quality wasn't on par with the art from his published comics, but I'm still glad to have the piece and I guess for $80 you can't expect a masterwork. Anyway, that got me started buying more stuff. I got a cool Dragon commission from Erik Larsen at another event a while back and recently bought my first actual page: a splash from a new Image series that I like. I admire some of the old artists like Jack Kirby, but they're way out of my price range, and since I don't read or collect Marvel/DC Comics and didn't grow up in that time period, the old stuff isn't too meaningful for me. I'm more interested in stuff from the 90s to today. Dark Horse Legend/Image Comics mostly. With that in mind, I have a few questions related to my "wish list". Any help would be appreciated, as I don't have a great frame of reference. 1. What would be a reasonable price for a Savage Dragon cover or splash page? I'd be interested in current stuff, but might prefer something from the first 100 issues. I saw the cover for #60 listed for $3000, but haven't seen much else out there. 2. What would be a reasonable price for Mike Allred Madman covers / splashes / panels? What about Stan Sakai Usagi stuff? I like Mignola Hellboy as well, but that seems a bit out of my price range at the moment. 3. Not a 90s guy, but does Jason Latour ever sell original art? I like his stuff on Southern Bastards a lot, but it seems like it's not out there for sale anywhere. Are a lot of current artists holding onto their inventory because they've seen how some of the old stuff from people like Kirby, Miller, and McFarlane has skyrocketed? Thanks in advance.