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  1. Sweet thanks.. Really want to get it signed.
  2. I am looking to get a comic book signed by Chuck Norris as well as witness and graded by CGC. Anyone know of any going on? Thanks Nick
  3. Does anyone know who would be witnessing the signing of Weapon H #1 Hulk 181 Homage Trade Dress by: Greg Pak Cory Smith Clayton Crain I believe those are the only ones involved in this book and cover. Thanks Nick
  4. Yeah I have tried both DC and Marvel apps, but they still don't state key things that are going to happen in the comic, which I understand who wants to read spoilers before reading the comic. Point taken is Thanos #13, unless I Googled that exact issue and came across valid information I would have not known, or even till after the comic hits the shelves or later (sometimes before, but not always) which by then can be too late. I am also not just looking for Marvel and DC but Image, Dark Horse, IDW and others as well. Googling each and every comic does take time, and also doesn't really give you exact information as it gives multiple links with all of them just about giving the same story plot information. I try to keep up on as many comics as I can, but now I am trying to cut my costs and resort to just trying to collect key issues, which can be a little daunting.
  5. So I want to start collecting new comics of key issues like Cameos, 1st/Full Appearances, Deaths, ect. I am looking for a site that would show theses things of upcoming next weeks comics. I don't really need past issues, as CGC census works perfectly for confirming the titles. I can read the plot of the comics that are coming out, and it does help, but would be nice if there is a website that has confirmed information. Thanks in advanced
  6. Yeah the sigs turned out nicely. Stan's sigs always seems to be a little hard to read, nothing like his "mass produced sigs" like on the Stan cgc label. I am glad they went with silver, black on black is not always the best. Todd's sig is almost near perfect and positioned perfect as well. Along with a good position for David's sig, all and all I am happy with the way the sigs turned out. This is a comic I would never be selling as it's my 1st comic I have ever sent in for signing.
  7. So I just got my Amazing Spiderman #300 in the mail today. I am really pleased with NY Comics on how well they handled the comic, as well as replying to my emails I have sent them back and forth for the past 6 months. They were really prompt and glad to answer my questions. Here is my comics with the signatures. It went from a grading of a 9.4 up to a 9.6, so I'm excited about that.
  8. Well I do know if you are getting his signature and plan on getting CGC to grade it (if they grade those types of books), make sure CGC will be there to witness the signing. If you don't have CGC witness it and then later get it graded it won't fall under the Signature Series yet will get a Green label, and state marker on cover (or something like that). To it increasing the value, that is only if you have a buyer. Not everything signed is worth what you pay. For example there are CGC SS books on ebay that sell for as low as $40, and it would cost more than that to get it signed and graded. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks all for the info.. yeah I am aware the grade can drop, just hope it doesn't. That's what I don't like about CGC there is no set guideline when grading books, and just depends on what "that" person feels it gets. But it is what it is, and I knew going into it. That aside, Revat that's the quotes NYComics actually gave me before submitting the book. Just wanted to make sure it was fair pricing. Thanks again everyone. Will post my book here when it's done and returned.
  10. Yes I goofed up twice. . I added grading twice and shipping was actually $20 not $30. Thanks for the corrections.
  11. Getting my Amazing Spider-Man #300 Signed Dear Members of CGC, I am sending in my book to to get it signed at a comic con. Basically I was wondering do these people come highly recommended when dealing with getting books signed? Here is all the detail in question, I just don't know the going rate to have these things done, and if this is a good deal. Thank you in advance. Nick Book that is being signed that I own: Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC grade 9.4 Signatures with cost: Stan Lee - $150, Todd McFarlane - $50, David Michelinie - $20 On-top of the other fees listed below: Prep work - $5 Them opening my CGC case - $5 Modern Grading Tier - $40 Fast Track - $10 Special Stan Lee CGC SS Yellow Label - $10 Shipping back to me UPS - $20 Grand total of: $310.
  12. Thank you for the clarification with the green,blue, and yellow labels and their point systems. I was watching the same book on ebay and it ended for $80. I was able to get this one for $15, so does a signed book without witness really drop the price that much? I know it's all in how much someone is willing to pay for it, but thought it was odd to get a signed book for $65 cheaper...? So the actual score (9.4, 9.8) weather it is a blue label or green label is not effected if it's a witnessed signing or not? Also does CGC authenticate the signatures at all that were not witnessed? I would get it done just for value of the book (to keep), seeing I paid $15 + cost of grade vs non signed that went for $80. Thanks for the fast reply. Nick
  13. Spawn #1 - Signed: Should I get this graded? I purchased a Spawn #1 cover done and signed by Chris Giarrusso, that also came with a COA. Now I am aware of a CGC member needs to be there as a witness to make your comic a SS. Question is to you the members, is it worth it to get it graded, even though it won't be classified as a SS and will be knocked down for "writing on the cover", even if the signature is authentic? Also anyone know how many points it would be kocked down for that, or somewhere in a ball park estimate? Below is picture of the actual comic in question. Thanks Nick