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  1. Hello, First off, let me say that I am so happy to have found these chat boards... I am learning so much and appreciate all of the help I have received so far. With that being said, I thought it only right to come here and get a "second opinion" on a group of books I just returned from viewing. I have been trying to connect with a seller who has roughly 125 GA books dated between 1943 through 1954. Finally, she had some free time and I saw them today ? I went with the assumption that the books would probably average 4.0. For the most part, I wasn't wrong... Here is a list
  2. Call and ask them to add it. From what others have told me, as long as info legit they usually do. Good luck ?
  3. I JUST saw one on top of one of the "to sort" piles. Will be back in there to grab and get looked at right away ?
  4. Thanks for all the input folks, very interesting! I'd pulled 10 copies out of a box a few weeks ago and will have to revisit those. I'd rebagged/boarded and never looked to see the indica indication and don't recall "noticing" anything out of norm at time. After reading this earlier, I went looking through some unsorted Copper boxes and came across a 2nd Direct copy. I may have missed the comment, but I DO see that there are only 4 on the census... Does the 2nd Direct edition command a premium over the 1st? I am looking at the GPA data and it is unclear to me. When did they st
  5. Nicely done... Needs a little tweaking with recent movement, but great reference for someone who is unfamiliar ? I copied it, made adjustments and it is now my "go to"! Thanks ?
  6. Nice! I've got 5 HG copies of the #1 Eternals 30cent variant. I see there are no SS on the census... What is Stan charging these days? I am certain that they are all better than 9.0 and probably in the 9.4 range. Would the SS route be viable for a couple? Question: I plan on submitting the 30 centers, should I send them all in at once, or scatter them out? I ask because I've had mixed results sending in multiples of an issue.
  7. That will add an additional sum to the fee category! If you figure $25/sig and then the additional cost for the SS designation, you'll be looking at about $125 (min as I believe Miller will cost you 2x what said above) total just for fees... Do you have a GPA account? If so, research the realized prices to see what your best move would be... You could buy a SS 9.4 Claremont/Miller for right around $200... You will be spending right around that to grade your "potential" 9.0 ? Again, just my thoughts and what I would have to think about... good luck! ✌
  8. From what I can see, I'd say should be an EASY 8.5 and depending on day, a 9.0. IMHO I wouldn't send it in. Instead, I'd sell the book on eBay RAW with GOOD pics. Take the money I clear and add to it the fees I WOULD have paid (roughly $50) and buy a minimum 9.2! Good luck!