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  1. Raw books are more than welcome on the forum. I only have four slabbed books in my collection.
  2. It just doesn’t get any better than that Romita masterpiece. Congrats!
  3. Possibly the four greatest consecutive issues ever in any title.
  4. Here’s my mid grade 44 and 47 and lower grade 45 and 46.
  5. These are the four annuals in my small FF collection. No. 3 is the Canadian variant. This copy has terrible color registration. Edit: Sorry about the two sets of photos.
  6. I’m not a big FF collector but I have 44-56, in varying conditions, so I’m a little over halfway to completing that particular run. My 52, however, is the 2006 second print. My 56 is a double cover so that’s kind of cool. Pics to follow.
  7. My first Marvel. The off the rack purchase is etched in my memory.