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  1. A couple of large bubble envelopes from Nashville took three weeks to get to me in Canada. Typical used to be one week.
  2. Joe, that's a very gloomy phrase. Getting old beats the alternative by a long shot. P.S. My avatar picture is my favorite photo of my grandson. He was 2 years old at the time. He starts Grade 1 tomorrow.
  3. It was good of him to let me know, as he told me he would, but tracking also showed that it was delivered.
  4. I had several TOS issues, including a small run from 46-51, until a few months ago when I traded them for some ASM upgrades. Now, these are the only Iron Man books I have left.
  5. Here’s my faux #1. I would someday like a real one to complete my Vol. 1 run up to issue 441 but it’s not a pressing desire.
  6. I sent an eBay sale package from Canada to Florida on May 6th. It got to a postal station in Chicago on May 9th and then it sat there. The buyer filed a claim after 2 months and eBay refunded him the full amount, including postage, of $400+ out of my PayPal account. Last Thursday, August 20th, the package arrived at its destination after 3.5 months. The buyer purchased a second identical item in the interim so now he’s not sure if he wants mine. Now we’re negotiating a new repayment amount, because he won’t pay the original purchase price, or a return of the item. Oh, well. At least it showed up.