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  1. Too bad it shook out the way it did but the book is going to the right person according to the seller's instructions.
  2. Getting books graded seems to be a very frustrating experience for you.
  3. Where did you hear that? It would be very sad news if it’s true.
  4. Another addition to the “books that came out the month I was born” club.
  5. Beautiful books! My run isn’t as nice as yours overall but I was thrilled and lucky to have picked up all 18 issues from a local seller at a convention several years ago before the Surfer got hot. I paid around $450 Cdn for the complete run.
  6. I know that Marvel was popular with teenagers and university students, essentially baby boomers, in the 60s but I’m quite sure that there were very few adult comic collectors, relative to today’s vast numbers. The previous “silent” generation grew up in a much more serious world than the one we have been blessed to grow up in and comic book collecting was not high on their list of priorities.
  7. I don’t know about that. Marvelmania was picking up big time steam in 1966 because of the complexity of the stories and the realistic portrayal of the characters’ personalities and personal lives. I think the little pic of Johnny was included simply to advertise another component of the book that focuses on a real world moment in his life. By the way, did Johnny ever attend a class?🤔
  8. It truly is remarkable that it's still there with the same name; Ebbeling Pharmacy. My aunt and uncle lived just down the street so I went there quite often when we visited.
  9. It’s Romita’s first work on Spidey. It’s his fifth DD issue.