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  1. It looks real to me. Here’s the Stan auto I found inside a beater issue 75 that I paid 6 bucks for a few years ago.
  2. Happy 90th birthday to the great John Romita!
  3. One of many Infantino classic covers. As a youngster, I was always so disappointed when the "Bob Kane" art inside the Batman books, and every second issue of Detective, looked so amateurish compared to the Infantino masterpieces on the covers.
  4. Just got 'em: Grader Notes: crease left top of back cover (I see the tiny crease) crease top of back cover (I don't see it) light spine stress lines to cover (Yep) stain right bottom of front cover (The white spots I guess? I don't see a stain.) stain top of back cover (I don't see it) (Edit: Actually, I do now see a light stain just right of center on the photo I took of the back cover.)
  5. Thanks for the input, guys. Here’s the label: The white spots look quite prominent when the photo is magnified but they aren’t very noticeable at all. I’m not sure what caused them. There is also a small spot on Batman’s cape. The spine tics are also quite small. IMO, the book looks to be nicer than a typical 6.0, which would explain the CVA sticker. I’m wondering if I should get it regraded.
  6. Just looking for other opinions on this slabbed book. I hope the glare isn’t too bad.
  7. I have one in 2.5-3.0 if that might interest you.
  8. This one has made the forum rounds and now resides in the Great White North. One of the two big books that hit the stands in December 1958, the month I also hit the stands. The other biggie was Batman 121. I don’t have that one but maybe one day. I do have Superman 127, also from that month, featuring the first appearance of Titano.