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  1. April 44th is finally here. Now I can play, too!
  2. Ditko created some great ASM covers. This is one of my favourites.
  3. I have seen a similar colour variation in the box on ASM 28.
  4. My runs include: ASM 2-441 with a GRR #1 and Annuals 1-5 plus most others into the 1990s that featured original stories. DD 1-60 and Annual 1. These were the stories I enjoyed as a kid. FF 44-73 (the peak of the Lee-Kirby era and the beginning of Sinnott inks) and Annuals 1-6 Silver Surfer 1-18
  5. Might as well show this biggie off here too!
  6. Couldn’t resist this beauty from a LCS that a friend just opened in April.
  7. A friend of mine opened a comic store a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist taking this one from a silver age collection he just purchased.
  8. I just bought a raw copy for a buck on Wednesday. I also have the two Cap Special Editions which include reprints of the three Steranko issues.
  9. I do have upgraded copies of every issue except for 373 and 377.
  10. I should mention that the only original subscription copy I no longer have is #367. I cut out the puzzle of the villain located at the bottom of the cover and glued it into place so I foolishly got rid of the book at some point.
  11. Here are my treasured and well read subscription Detectives from 1967 and 68. Tec was not sold in Winnipeg stores back then so subscribing was my only option. Rumour has it that the local distributor didn’t bring the title in because it sounded like one of those tawdry pulp magazines. My subscription began with issue 364 and should have ended with issue 375 but, much to my surprise, the books kept coming and coming for four additional months. It was great.