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  1. The good news is that you are the proud owner of an ASM 4.
  2. Hot damn! I don’t really collect the Sarge but I’m a member of this club!
  3. Spidey madness indeed! Beautiful books guys! I traded two lower grade 29s for this nice one.
  4. Nice 3.5! The detached cover doesn’t matter much when it’s slabbed.
  5. I know this is supposed to be a bronze age thread but since FF 51 has received so much love... I nominate the two books that impacted me more than any other when I read them as a youngster in the 60s: ASM 50: Spider-Man No More Superman 149: The Death of Superman In terms of bronze age books, I’ll go with Bats 251 because I just got a copy a few days ago (see the Bronze Age Batman Appreciation thread).
  6. 9.0...WOW! That’s a tough book to find in high grade. Congrats!
  7. Picked this up in a one for one trade yesterday.
  8. These are my copies of my three favourite Romita covers plus #40, which is also a great one that should never be separated from #39.
  9. Congrats on scoring a beautiful copy. ASM 39 is one of my three favourite Romita covers, along with Spectacular magazine 2 and the classic ASM 50 which I feel is the best cover on any comic book ever.
  10. Gorgeous book but it was kinda silly of Supes to sign the name of his secret identity. I guess super smartness isn’t one of his powers.
  11. Just got this beauty in the mail from Jimbo.
  12.'re right. I never noticed that before. I wonder what Infantino contributed. Plastino obviously drew Superman and Flash looks more muscular than Infantino's version.