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  1. I have been trying to reach someone at billing since July 22nd and I get sent straight to voicemail. I've sent 3 emails out that have not been responded to. I called customer service yesterday and spoke to Cynthia and she could not get a hold of anyone at billing. I need help with a charge to my account that I feel was in error. Not sure what else I can do other than call the credit card company to have the charge reversed or force legal action to simply get a response. Understand I'm not angry, I know we can figure this out, but I really don't know how else to get a hold of anyone at billing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Link has been fixed. Thank you for pointing that out!
  3. Comic Hero University is pleased to announce that we have a signing opportunity with J Scott Campbell in Denver during the Denver Comic Convention, June 15-June 17. We are proud to offer CGC Witnessing for those that want to get their books signed and graded. Customers have until June 9th at 8pm to submit any books that they want to get signed by J Scott Campbell and let us know if you want CGC witnessing for your signature. Here is the link with all the info! Thanks for looking!
  4. I have some signature series books listed on my website. Signatures by J Scott Campbell, Adi Granov, Art Adams, Mark Brooks, Terry and Rachel Dodson, Chad Hardin, and Joe Benitez. Linked is my Venom #3 1:100 variant signed by Campbell. Click the signature series tag under categories to view all yellow labels available.
  5. For future reference for those looking to get signature series on a Rob Liefeld book, he wrote this in his Facebook page: "Quick note, I will no longer accept CGC submissions from Excelsior Collectibles. I am completely aware that they represent Stan Lee but if you would like my signature on any Marvel comics that I have done I will not sign items submitted through their staff or facilitators. Just something to be aware of moving forward in 2018! Exciting times ahead! NOTE - A raw signature is not a problem and that’s where most of signature culture resides. But any CGC submission from Excelsior is not going to occur." Update from Rob 12/20: "HEAD’S UP! My time honoring CGC as a facilitator is coming to a close. I will have one last CGC signing in early 2018 so contact your witnesses. I’ll have a date announced shortly."