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  1. Chris Claremont is a necessary sig on All the Bronze Age goodies. My GSX1 doesn't have his sig has Stan, Wein, Romita. My 94 has Stan, Chris, Wein, McCleod. May have to follow suit and get Chris on the GSX1!
  2. I've also got 45, and like you, I don't have much interest in most the others!
  3. He signed the book I bought off you in block letters.
  4. Upset it's not 9.8 but I love it anyway! Also have another copy with Stan, Dexter Vines & Erik Larson coming back soon. Hope it's 9.8!!
  5. Easily one of my favorite sig books. The fact Len Wein signed it twice made me mega happy.....confused, but the book to me is gorgeous!
  6. Thanx bud!! I love them both. I do at least want them both pressed for the higher grade possibility, knowing neither have been pressed.
  7. I'll get the old label one signed and maintain the pedigree on the 9.2! Thanx for that.
  8. I need you to educate me! What's the difference, buddy?? Appreciate the Intel.
  9. So recently I bought Avengers 8 CGC 9.2 which I posted here. Two days ago couldn't resist the urge on a old label CGC 9.0. I want them both pressed and signed now.
  10. I know they aren't 9.6/White Pages but I am happy. I did send 94 to get Claremont & Bob McLeod put on it. Both books were a grade lower before I sent for signatures and presses!
  11. Guessing 9.0-9.2!! I believe anyway. Worst case 8.5!! To be cautious! Stan Lee boneheaded this effort. I wanted his sig beneath the board. Considering trying again.....after I pay off Kang (definitely want Kang signed!) No pics of 49, I will have it back very soon though!
  12. So, this week was a good one. Spent some cash on what I felt were necessary keys. 1st Rama Tut (which is a PGX and not posted!) and 1st Kang. Same character I believe. Then I got my Siver Surfer 4 returned from signing. Joe Sinnott made me love the book even more. Wish Stan signed in the same dark area but, the book still looks pretty hot to me! Hope you enjoy the haul!
  13. Love this book. Waiting for mine to return signed by Steranko and Stan!