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  1. CKinTO

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Totally agree, I think this is the best policy. The pull-list customers should really be the most valued customers for a shop as it's regular, consistent business. For every 1 book that may have potential $10-15 potential profit flipping, there are 100s of drek titles that customers buy for $3.99/$2.99 cover price that couldn't be sold in $0.50 bins at a con. A store needs its pull list customers who are buying the regular titles at cover price to sustain itself. them off (and potentially losing some) to try and get a couple bucks extra profit on the rare title that gets hot is penny-wise pound-foolish.
  2. I hit Nickel City on Sat, and can confirm there were just 5 or 6 total dealers. Was there from 10-1 and it was never that busy (lots of room on show floor and at most 4-5 people looking through a booth at a time). Dave & Adams were the title sponsor and had a huge booth - they had tons of longs with good runs all at 50%-off right off the bat, which brought the books into reasonable price territory. I looked through some boxes of the other dealers, but wasn’t a ton of what I was looking for personally (high grade silver / bronze primarily). Brought a lot of cash but only ended up spending about $100 on 5 high-grade Uncanny X-Mens in the 100s. Wall books were ok, a couple interesting, but nothing I pulled the trigger on. Dropped a large sub off at CGC booth which was fairly busy (2 girls working + 1 witness, including Melissa who I’ve met a few times at cons who was great and very pleasant as usual). Were about 10 people scattered around the booth waiting - I was able to get in and out quickly as I had all my paperwork done with, but could see some people getting antsy. Feel like CGC should come up with a “take-a-number” system at cons to keep things orderly and efficient and no one feeling like it’s unfair. Overall, if my main purpose wasn’t to sub books at CGC, this would’ve been a disappointing experience. As a newer con, agree with someone else eho mentioned in the thread that it makes sense that regional dealers would go more to established cons like Motor City - think Nickel City needs to schedule on a different weekend next year to have a real chance of making it.
  3. CKinTO

    ASM 238 Appreciation/Club Thread

    The 9.8 isn't that crazy, given there were 2 $1k+ sales in Jan/Feb 2018, but the $1.8k paid for the 9.6 Canadian price variant is huge! GPA shows just 1 sale of a 9.6 C$ in each of 2016, 2017 and 2018, but it goes $275, $713 and $1,827. Yowzahs!
  4. CKinTO

    Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    Agree - I really hope that 1) Byrne allows for witnessing, and 2) some package is worked out for a private signing so we can pay to guarantee sigs and not have to play the public-line lottery game!
  5. CKinTO

    nickel city con buffalo NY 5/18 to 5/20/18

    I've got a bunch of books I want to drop off at CGC to save some shipping fees (I usually buy books already slabbed so my subbing is typically once or twice a year at cons). I'm in Toronto for the next while (I split time between Toronto / NY), and given it's a short drive from Toronto, planning on going on the Sat and bringing cash! Given this is a newer con, guess they're not quite established yet. Hopefully there are some nice books around, and dealers willing to sell at fair prices.
  6. CKinTO

    Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    Wow, no kidding, that is HUGE!
  7. While I totally empathize with your situation, I think you may be going about the answer the wrong way given the audience. You're giving them the deep-down, "meaning-of-life" type insight and truth (bolded above) that's appropriate for us who love comics as a medium. I would say something like: - Look, unfortunately the reality is that the vast majority of even old comic books are "worthless" (monetarily) - The only books that tend to have (monetary) value are key issues (usually first appearances of characters - yes, there's more to it than this but this is the easiest to explain to a newbie) - A book's value is tied hugely to its condition - the higher grade books can be multiples of lower-grade / mid-grade books - If you want a quick and easy gauge, take a look at Ebay sold listings (and show them how to use it), noting that just searching Ebay will bring up tons of books for sale that are at unreasonable prices (I usually will note that any book that's priced fairly typically gets snatched up quickly. If it's still available, it's because it's priced higher than FMV) Even after all that, they still might not like it, because they only want to believe their books are worth thousands as you say. But hopefully if they're somewhat reasonable / rationale, this can start them down the path of getting out of their fantasy
  8. CKinTO

    Amazing Spiderman 238 Mark Jewelers

    I was just going to say that too, that I recall CGC gives green qualified label if tattooz are missing... but that maybe CGC giving you a blue label but noting that the tattooz were missing from the insert, was CGC's way of saying it was a "manufacturing error"?
  9. CKinTO

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    Good to hear that you found another buyer, and cheers for keeping the 50% donation Brittany!
  10. It's still 6 months... I don't think they'll cut it much shorter than that, as it gets closer and closer to cannibalizing their new issue sales.
  11. Well, Comixology is really the de-facto deliverer of online comics (moreso than Marvel or DC's own platforms), and you can definitely buy new issues through them, same day as they're released in stores (Wednesdays), and for the same price. I know quite a few people (myself included) who have shifted much of their weekly comic reading to online. If I recall (this was before I read any comics digitally), there was a time when digital comics on Comixology were cheaper than buying the physical, but comic stores were up in arms saying that it would destroy their business. And so they lobbied to get digital comics kept at the same price point as physical. I do think if new weekly digital comics were priced cheaper than physical, a lot more people would switch their reading to digital (myself probably included). I want to support my LCS, and I enjoy the LCS experience, but at some point, the savings would take over. Yes, Marvel and DC don't allow it, but Image (and many other indie publishers) does. You can do it on your computer via Comixology website.
  12. Also took the survey. I'm one who buys both physical and digital. I typically buy indie titles physically at my LCS (and just a few big-2 titles), and mostly by trades digitally (via Comixology, especially during their many sales). Some points on each below: Physical: - Collecting value (for books that become valuable, obviously only the physical ones does) - Nostalgia of childhood / enjoyment of the LCS experience - Space concerns are real Digital: - Much easier to read and convenient. I have a 10.5" iPad Pro, and books look amazing, and it's great to be able to take my entire collection with me when traveling - Cheaper (Comixology sales have been great, have been able to pick up a ton of trades / collections at a fraction of price it would to buy physical) - Some concern around ownership if Comixology ever goes under. I do feel better that Amazon owns Comixology, and that it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, 20/30/40 years from now, there is some small non-zero risk that my various digital books could disappear (especially the ones from Marvel / DC that have DRM). I would hope that if Comixology goes under, they would provide a way for customers to keep a copy of their previous purchases forever.
  13. CKinTO

    Death or Glory

    I'm really liking Remender's Deadly Class series. I didn't pick this up last week, will probably buy this one digitally on Comixology to read.
  14. CKinTO

    Venom #1 5/9/2018

    Given it’s Donny Cates, I’ll definitely give it a shot. He basically was dropped from Thanos (after a great but short run, odd they cut this title short especially with huge success of the Avengers movie) to take this on.
  15. CKinTO

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    Agreed, to me this is 100% on the boardie. When you “buy for a friend”, the favor you’re doing isn’t just that you’re using your board account to facilitate the transaction, you’re essentially buying the books for him (using your own board reputation) and then “on-selling” the books to the friend. Once the deal has been agreed, the boardie should be taking the risk. The fact that books were already delivered doubly so. Sucks for the boardie, but that’s on him for agreeing to do this for a (imo) crappy friend. No way this should be on you to take books back - even if they’ll refund you all shipping costs, there’s risk books could be damaged, etc.