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  1. Rich, who is the S/S with for all the Doomsday Clock covers? Is it all with Gary Frank, possibility to get Geoff Johns? Cheers
  2. Superman 75 - 25 Years Ago Today...

    I was in my peak childhood comic collecting years when this came out, and I remember the craziness of it... I was just 10 at the time, so didn't really understand the economics of it all, but even I remember all the different versions, polybagged, and what not. Given the enormous print run of this book, don't think it will ever have real value... I have a 9.6 of the poly-bagged version (with the "tombstone" cover) for my PC, but I think it's a $50-60 book today. I think the only version of this I'd really consider "valuable" is a 9.8 of the platinum version, but even still, I think of this is as more of an iconic nostalgia book for my PC than an actual book I expect may go up in value years from now...
  3. Unfortunately this is always the risk you take when you crack slabs to add sigs - especially when you're in the gray-zone between 9.4 / 9.6 / 9.8 (where the smallest imperfections can change the grade). As joeypost noted, even if you don't do anything at all to the book and just re-submit, the book can come back with a different grade given some inherent subjectivity of the graders (again, especially in the 9.4 - 9.8 range). So add to that the cracking of the slab, the signing, and the shipping (in raw form), unfortunately this does happen. If you want to CPR (clean-press-resub) to try and get the 9.6 back, to keep the CGC SS yellow label, I believe only CCS can do it. If you use an outside presser, you lose the yellow-label and it becomes green-label qualified "Signature on Cover"... If there are graders notes, take a look and see if they might be pressable and whether it may be worth it.
  4. Really enjoyed the finale, and the first 6 episodes so far.
  5. New to CGC - First Submission, Cracked Slab

    FWIW, I had a single book shipped just this week in one of these holders that came cracked... too bad, as it was a book I had been looking forward to getting for awhile! (a Dell'Otto mail-away SS!) Kudos to CGC though - called them up, said send pics, and no problem, it'll get re-holdered free of charge. I've got a bunch of books being reholdered already, so asked if I could get them shipped together (will be cheaper for CGC as no additional shipping cost, and assures me the books will come packed in a box). Hopefully CGC changes policy back to small boxes, even for single / 2-book submissions!
  6. All great points above. The only other thing I'd add for someone new at this is how to figure out what the graded price for a book goes for. You saw above someone refer to GPA, which is a website that tracks graded sales of books over time (but requires a $10/month membership to do so). If you just want a rough gauge on value, check EBay Sold Listings (Advanced Search, check SOLD listings). This will show you all sale prices for the last 3 months (although it won't show you the final price for Offers that were Accepted). This is a quick / free way to get a sense for approx. how much a book is going for - note: this won't help you that much for books that don't have frequent sales.
  7. I continue to enjoy and watch the show. Some episodes are better than others, and I agree sometimes the acting can be a bit rough - although hard to tell if sometimes it's on purpose (ie. to not take itself too seriously). I watch both this and the new Star Trek Discovery each week as my "sci-fi" shows - they are both very different, but I like them both for different reasons.
  8. Full backs or Half backs with my Mylites 2????

    I do this as well, though only for a couple boxes of books (because I don't have the space to keep them in same area stacked with my other long / short-boxes). I remember reading awhile ago about the method of alternating spines (essentially turning books upside down every other book) to keep the spine curl from happening - definitely the way to go, especially if you're stacking them one on top of another.
  9. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Nice ones! Was this from the NYComics mail-away? I subbed one for that signing as well!
  10. Yah, that's a good point - the actual $ value is clearly a big factor. In my experience, for keys (that are reasonably easy re-sales), in the $200 - $1000 range, I've found 75% reasonable (ie. dealer can make between $50 - $250 on that book, assuming it sells reasonably quickly for FMV). All things being equal, it makes sense that as $ value goes up, % of FMV paid can go up (as dealer can still make a good $ amount, and be willing to pay more %-wise - ie. a high-grade ASM129 as G.A.tor's example). And as $ value goes down, % of FMV paid goes down (dealers won't go through all the hassle just to make a few bucks, nominal amount of $ has to be worth the time).
  11. Even for slabbed keys? (Or unslabbed keys)? I agree the 75% only really makes sense for in-demand keys that can be sold at FMV / GPA price with reasonable confidence.
  12. For those who are reading Redneck regularly, saw on Donny's facebook page that they're coming out with a charity cover (by Nick Derington, who's been doing all of the Mr. Miracle covers) for Redneck #7, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Houston Coalition for the Homeless. The Charity Variant cover's coming out the same day as regular cover for Redneck 7 (November 20th) - FOC is Oct 30th (Diamond Code JUL178523). It's a cool cover too. I told my LCS to order me a copy of the charity cover - encourage others to do the same!
  13. When it comes to selling keys to a store, I generally think of "fair" as 1) if selling slabs, a store or dealer will typically want 25% below GPA/FMV. 2) if it's raw, whatever they would buy it for slabbed per #1, less grading costs, and if it's unclear what grade it would be, they get the benefit of assuming it grades out lower. To me, that's the "cost" of the huge convenience of selling it to the store and letting them do all the work (getting it graded, risk it comes out at lower grade, risk the price / demand decreases in time it gets graded, etc.) If you want to maximize value (and get all the upside potential), then you have to go through the legwork yourself. I heard a guy trying to sell a slab to a store/dealer at Ebay prices. The easiest answer I heard back was, if you want Ebay prices, why don't you just sell it on Ebay yourself? If I buy it from you at Ebay price, the only way I'm going to make money is if I sell it for more, and who will buy it? Not much you can say back to that...
  14. I agree Star Wars 1 probably hits the widest group of people - even non-hardcore comic collectors will know that book has value.