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    I am gonna miss that car.
  1. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Those are some super sweet books! I agree with you, it would've been extra sweet to get gold on a couple of those covers, but still a really nice set of books!
  2. Wow, that's pretty shady... guy with 0 transactions, obviously one to avoid, but sketchy behavior.
  3. E. Gerber Full-Backs Board Texture Difference?

    Agreed - top one looks strange... if it’s the whole pack, something may have happened to the package to cause it (maybe some liquid / moisture got in?) I don’t think the materials have changed - i just got a new 50pack recently (standard size) and definitely looks more like the bottom photo than top.
  4. Breakout Characters of 2018?

    I probably wouldn't buy at this point (TAH22 or TT12) as they're both $40-50 raw books in NM+ on eBay. But may be worth holding on to (vs selling) if people already have copies.
  5. Breakout Characters of 2018?

    Agree on the DC side, Batman Who Laughs has biggest potential to get its own book (or continue the story in some way). He’s been huge. On Marvel side, Weapon H is getting his own book (TA Hulk 22 still holding its value), so has a chance to breakout if the book does well.
  6. A virgin cover just means there’s no trade dress or writing on the cover, ie. it’s just the cover image, and there’s no book title, issue number, barcode, or anything else to block the main cover image.
  7. +1 for BeachBum (Dre) - have gotten a bunch of books from him, and also met him in person - outstanding guy with great communication, reasonable pricing, and really good service. Definitely one of the good ones out there
  8. Great episode. It developed the plot quite a bit and really addressed:
  9. I finally caught up on the last few episodes on my DVR. Still really enjoying it - I think they've caught the balance well of a funny show, that also takes its sci-fi / production value seriously.
  10. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Wow that’s amazing! Congrats on those acquisitions, and awesome display setup for it!
  11. Your *Two* Holiday Wishes for Comics Santa

    Happy holidays to all! I’m a bronze / copper / modern collector (just trying to get what I’m nostalgic of growing up in the 80s/90s), and this year, I asked Santa for: NM 98 in 9.6 and got it My family does a gift exchange at Christmas which has become us all setting a budget, and then everyone just buying whatever they want up to that price. The NM98 9.6 was what I got for it. Book isn’t here yet so I brought a picture of the book and literally showed it all to my family when it was my turn. They thought I was nuts, haha. The 2 other books after that on my wish list is a GSX1 and X-Men 94 in 9.2 (that’s my “forever copy”grade).
  12. In that case, an easy way to get ballpark market values is to use Ebay Sold auctions (Advanced Search). Search for example for "New Mutants 98 CGC 9.0" and you'll see the last 3 months of sales. You can put in a few different grades (including what you think your book is in) and get a rough sense for value and whether you think valuable enough to get graded.
  13. Wait, just to clarify, you added the Sinnott sig and got it pressed at CCS in the process, right? Nice book, good one to have for the personal collection!
  14. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    I've always wondered what his sig means... "LiveRock Matt"? Assume Matt is for Mattina, but is the LiveRock some kinda nick name? Awesome sketch @Polirer! If you don't mind sharing, how much did that commission cost?
  15. I think this comes down primarily to 2 things: - why do you want to slab, is it purely for selling? Or do you also want to keep around (but potentially sell down the road?) - what grade you think your books are in For most modern books, except for a few keys (eg. NM98, BA12, NYX3), and rare variants, books only get worth something decent (let’s say >$150) in 9.6 or 9.8, and for many books, only 9.8. So a lot of the decision re: “is it worth it” comes down to whether you’re confident it would be a 9.6 or a 9.8 (and at this level, the difference between the 2 grades is pretty hard to spot if you’re not experienced in grading). So there’s a lot of factors, but ultra simplified, I’d say minimum value I’d consider (graded) is $100, and if you’re new at graded books, I’d err closer to $150/200, because you’re likely to over-grade your books.