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  1. eBay Getting Deeper in Your Wallet

    I have only bought on Ebay, never sold, and for slabs, generally prefer it as I can usually get a better price than at a store or at a con (where dealers are looking to recoup significant fixed costs). It's really sad to hear stories on these boards of how Ebay is tilting towards overly favoring the buyer, buyer fraud (returning different items, etc.), or non-payment. While sometimes buyers do need to be protected (ie. sellers having multiple accounts shill-bidding, etc.), it has to be a balance - IMO sellers are more important than buyers in the marketplace. If there isn't good product, at good prices, buyers will go elsewhere with so many other options today. There will always be buyers willing to buy if the product / pricing is there - buyers are easier to come by than good sellers.
  2. Yah I noticed that - saw a commercial for it that it was moving to Thurs nights going forward. Don't know if that was always the plan or not, but I prefer it on Thurs nights so it doesn't conflict with Sunday Night Football I usually DVR my shows anyway and watch it later that night or over the weekend.
  3. I've also enjoyed both episodes so far. I've always a big Family Guy fan (as well as enjoying Star Trek, though not a hardcore fan). I saw Seth on a few talk shows leading up to the premiere, and he was describing it as a "legit sci-fi show, that's funny" - similar to how Guardians of the Galaxy takes its "sci-fi-ness" seriously, but is also funny, he said it's like GotG but for TV. I think that's been a good description of the first 2 episodes so far - slightly cheesy/corny humor, some jokes that hit and some that miss, but also "reasonably legit" sci-fi. +1 to the OP that I'm a fan of the bridge banter.
  4. ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    Maybe it's the photo, but that looks like a really well-presenting 7.5! Corners look sharp, and spine looks pretty clean? Do you have the grading notes? What did you get dinged on?
  5. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    Unreal, people do that? How can they do that with a straight-face? What do they say when you mention that it was clear this was cash-price? Under slightly diffent circumstances, I've heard dealers say if you pay credit card, then they have to charge sales-tax? That could work here too? I only ever bring cash to shows / conventions, and make it clear as part of the negotiating / deal.
  6. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    Yep, fair point. And that's partly why I said as the "price of the con goes up", I'm more wiling to "share the savings" with the seller. And you're right, there's definitely benefit to the buyer, but also benefit to the seller too (cash in hand, don't have to go through hassle of packing / shipping, no risk of buyer / ebay return scams, etc.). I guess it's really a spectrum - for example, if I'm buying a book through Craigslist (or frankly, over these boards), I think the "EBay fee savings" should generally go to the buyer as the incentive to buy. As the "listing costs" increase (whether that's Ebay, Clink, Heritage, or at a Convention), I agree that theoretically, the "fair" thing is that the "savings" is split between buyer and seller. Don't forget there are "costs" to buyers going to conventions as well (entrance fees, maybe airfare, accommodations etc.) - just like I wouldn't expect a seller to care what my "costs" were to get to the con (and give me a break on the price accordingly), in some ways (though not exactly the same), the seller shouldn't expect the buyer to care about those costs (and pay more accordingly). I don't think it's exactly the same thing, but making the point more illustratively. Yes, agree on the overthinking, this was really more just an exercise in the theoretical. General negotiation, how in-demand the book is (and availability), all will likely make a much bigger impact. And I definitely agree that a deal needs to make sense for both sellers and buyers.
  7. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    My experience has been that most dealers at cons / shows who also sell on EBay (at least the ones that I buy from) are willing to negotiate a lower price in person than what they have listed for on EBay, to basically net the dealer the same amount than if they had sold on Ebay (ie. deduct the Ebay fees). Dealer gets around the same net amount (with slight benefit of getting it in cash straight up without any risk of ebay buyer fraud, chargeback, arguments over shipping damages, etc.), and customer gets a lower price (as it cuts out the Ebay "middle-man"). That's generally my policy when doing in-person transactions. The benefit to the buyer to incentivize buying then and there should be they get a slightly lower price than if bought on Ebay (as well as not having to pay for shipping) - seller gets the same amount they would have if it was purchased over Ebay (at the higher price). Now, as the price of the book goes higher (and rarity goes up), or price of the con goes higher, I do see some rationale for there being some sharing of the savings over Ebay price being "split" between buyer and seller, but generally, I think the bulk of the benefit should go to the buyer. Especially under a normal seller / buyer power dynamic (ie. seller is trying to sell books, buyer deciding whether or not he wants to buy). Others may disagree...
  8. Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    So the NYCC convention variant for Metal 2 will be a very different cover than the Wonder Woman one? (ie. it won't be like the Metal 1 LSCC convention exclusive, where only difference was lack of Bulletproof logo at the end?). Look forward to seeing it! Also, you mentioned Metal 2 virgin cover is delayed, and will arrive Monday (and ship next week). Just saw on the website that it's now showing shipping date of Oct 11, 2017... is that a typo? Or are they just being extra conservative? Thanks for the info!
  9. Bump! Any thoughts appreciated, thanks
  10. PGX Reputation Rehab?

    I think if they really went this route, you could make it all much easier and just change the slab in a way that's obvious (ie. maybe there's not top portion of the slab where the label would usually go), without changing it so much that it would effect costs.
  11. Todd McFarlane signature suggestions

    Agree that if it's for personal reasons, get the book most sentimental to you. For me, while there are some books that are 100% sentimental, a lot fall in between (sentimental, but also some hope for potential price appreciation and selling down the line)... I personally don't like getting any key of a certain level CGC SS - prefer blue label. ASM300 falls into that category. If it were me, it'd probably be a Spawn #1, ASM298 (first McSpidey art), or McFarlane's Spider-Man #1. And yes, I'm pretty sure McFarlane doesn't allow any CGC SS at any con - only via his private signings (I think NYComics is the only ones who have these private signings, but not sure)...
  12. Getting a signature at a con

    I did this for the first time a few weeks ago. Before that, every SS book I bought was either already slabbed, or done through a facilitator. The only others things I'd add to revat's post is: 1) it helps before you go to the CGC booth to check if the creators are signing at that time. Each will have their own schedule, and you can always just stop by quickly, talk to their handler, and ask how long they're currently planning to sign for (if they're currently signing), or when they'll be back (if they're away from the booth, often there's a sign that says what time they plan to be back). That way, you avoid the letdown of getting a witness (and potentially having to wait for one if it's busy), and then getting to the creator only to find out they're not signing... 2) sometimes, CGC has private signings with certain creators. In those cases, you can just drop your books off with CGC and they'll be put into the pile to get signed. In general though, unless you're getting a lot of books / lot of creators signatures, I enjoy the process of actually meeting and talking with the creators in person. You also get to handle your books yourself for as long as possible.
  13. Noob question - but if you want to do onsite grading, do you HAVE to drop off on Fri and pick-up Sun? Could you drop off on Sat and pick-up on Sun? (ie. do they need the full 2 days) And do they only guarantee books are done grading by a certain time on Sun (ie. do you need to be willing to wait until the end of the show on Sun)?
  14. Dunno what it means that it's just me posting here from Issue 3 and Issue 4, hah! But picked up Issue 4 yesterday - continuing to move the plot along at a decent pace. This and Mister Miracle are at the top of my reading piles these days and I continue to enjoy it. Just checked comichron (sales from Diamond to retailers), and Issue 1 sold 26.5k copies, Issue 2 sold 10.7k and Issue 3 sold 8.2k. Assume that's sustainable for Aftershock (as Issue 3 was still their #1 book in August) - hopefully it keeps going! For comparison, Redneck #5 sold 13.4k copies in August.
  15. Mister Miracle - 12 issue limited

    I assume a bunch of people read issue 2? Loved it - the story progressed quite a bit, and the Gerads' art continues to be really interesting. My only criticism was a few times, the art was hard to make out given the "roughness" of the lines (I had to look a few times at panels to really understand what it was I was seeing), but overall, loving this book. Jim Lee did a Facebook Live interview with Mitch Gerads last week, and he mentioned that this is one of the rare titles that Issue 2 was ordered more than Issue 1, and Issue 3 has been ordered more than Issue 2. I picked up a reader copy of the Issue 1 2nd print as well (so I could re-read it before Issue 2), given I got my #1 1st print signed and slabbed by Tom King at Fan Expo over Labor Day weekend.