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  1. Here's my contribution - don't have a ton of silver age books, but Havok was one of my favorite characters growing up as a kid, and this was a pretty affordable NM- WP copy I picked up a few years back.
  2. @Kevin Boyd Is there no longer an iPhone app this year for FXC? Can't find it on the app store, and when I open last year's version, it's still the old info from last year (date's say Labor Day Weekend). EDIT: Nevermind, looked on the website and saw that it's the Fan Guru app now...
  3. Some nice pieces of advice here. I split time between Toronto and NY (Manhattan), definitely some good recs here. A couple additional thoughts: - Comic shops: if just for the magnitude, check out Midtown Comics. It's one of the largest in the US, and NY has a few locations. If you do end up staying close to Grand Central, there's one very close by (their "Grand Central" location). Not a huge back-issue selection, but their Wed new comics wall is the largest I've seen before - Food. So much to try here, really ranging on your budget. Given you'll have an 11yr old in tow, a couple che
  4. I know you and Linsner go way back. Any change to his stance on no longer allowing witnessed CGC? IIRC, he’s not against witnessed sigs (will do Voldy), but is still peeved about CGC grading some of the counterfeit Cry for Dawn 1’s?
  5. Love this thread! As an 80s/90s child, I've geared my SS book collecting primarily to books I remember growing up with (Linsner's Dawn, Jim Lee's X-Men v2, McFarlane's Spider-Man), or modern ones as I've gotten back into reading comics in a big way the past few years. None are worth more than a couple hundred, and are pretty much all for the PC! Linsner's Dawn #1 - this is the one of the first "variants" I really remember wanting, the "White Trash" edition of the "new" Dawn #1 Another iconic book from my childhood was X-Men #25, when Magneto pulled the adamantium out of
  6. Yes, didn’t see this before my reply, but this is what I was thinking as well.
  7. So I’m going to take a slightly different view as others. I think you were being reasonable, but I also see where he was coming from. He wants to buy more books to save on shipping. Given the books are cheap ($30 each), the shipping (i would assume for 3 slabs, it’s like $20-25), the shipping here is a big % of overall cost here. From my read, the breakdown came when: - He didn’t understand that the next sale would be the same books as what just sold, and that’s why you said for pics, he could look at the sold auctions. He also mistakenly took the auto-message from Ebay to b
  8. As primarily a buyer, I do usually add a note with my offers trying to explain why it's fair (usually based on past Ebay sales or GPA). My view is that I'm hoping the seller at least sees where I'm coming from, and it's not just a blind offer for offer's sake with no rhyme or reason. I can see how for some sellers, that doesn't matter, but I feel like for some, it would.
  9. Yes as Kevin mentioned, Todd does private signings once or twice a year. I believe Celestial Comics is the store that handles it, and a bunch of facilitators are involved. At cons, he just does unwitnessed signings, I think only one item per person. I'm sure there'll be a huge line-up for his public signings - Kevin, I'm guessing that's all he'll have right (the public signings), no ticketed event for a guaranteed (unwitnessed) sig?
  10. That's a sweet book, and I agree, I would be very happy with this green label, owning a piece of history!
  11. If signature is not on the cover, but on the first page (typical), you'll still get a blue label and CGC will note "XXX name written on 1st page". And the grade really won't be affected much at all for a small signature on inside page. I've never seen a PSA/DNA/JSA sig certification before - but if they are putting a sticker on the back of the book (assume it's actually on the book), I would think that would significantly hurt the grade, and likely be net negative for you. If you don't want red label Voldy, but really want it graded / slabbed (and sig is on first page), I think sendi
  12. Ah I see your point, yes, there's a bit more value in a Macfarlane SS 9.9.... Cool book. Have you looked at the B&W variant for Spawn #1? It was technically a reprint though CGC doesn't notate it that way (was a 1:50 retailer incentive for Spawn #65) They go for a lot more, but it's been on my list to pick up at some point when I can find a good deal.
  13. Fwiw, even though you like Spawn, I would really steer away from the #1 9.9. Agree with @MadGenius above that 4 figures for a 9.9 when there are that many other 9.9s and a few 10.0s imo is overpriced, given 9.8s are like $150 books. Even aside from the subjectivity angle of 9.8 v 9.9 v 10.0... So many Spawn 1s out there. Just get yourself a 9.8 and spend the remaining $900+ on another really nice IM1 WP book. I think if you spent up for the 9.9, as you get more into buying slabs and understanding the market, you’ll regret the decision and think you could’ve gotten a lot better value
  14. Kevin this is a great line-up, if FXC is like this, I would be hugely happy! (Though I get Toronto is harder to get the same full line-up). Fyi for those interested in the John Byrne signing, I went to the one at Fan Expo Canada on Labor Day weekend 2018. It was the first show Byrne had done in ages, and was what I assume will be the same format here. - A signing paid package with William Shatner - Open signings at his table throughout the con A few notes from my experience: - I got the package. It guarantees you 1 signature with him + Shatner on the Star Trek omnibu
  15. @Kevin Boyd Great news that Jim Lee will be back this year. Assume there will likely be packages again like previous years for a separate signing (non-graded and graded?) Not sure if that will depend on whether CGC is there or not (I think the Jim Lee one from 2017 was official CGC reps at the signing, vs other special events where it's ComicSketchArt reps (Eg. at the Snyder/Capullo events)