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  1. Or the holiday season in December-lol. (I'm sure its nearly done)
  2. It was value non fast track. Punishingly slow.
  3. My books went in at 4/16 and just found out they entered Grading/Quality Control. That didn't take too long, hopefully I see some grades soon! Woo-Hoo!!!
  4. Thanks for the positive comment-- I'm not gonna lie-- going over four months to wait for your books is kind of insane.
  5. UG!-- Mine we're received on 4/16 and still no change. Least someone may see their books from value tier this year.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts on the book-- I suspected that was the ballpark-- I was hoping for a 6.5'ish but I like to lie to
  7. I have a CGC'd 8.0 that looks more banged up than that book-- Nice score!
  8. I posted another book with a stain so I thought since I have no idea how to grade anything with a stain (or water damage) I'd pass this along to you smart fella's and gals. There is a pretty significant water stain on the back cover as you can see... I purchased this off a local Vancouver dealer/collector who was very up front about the stain and priced it accordingly. Thoughts?
  9. Hey guys-- I've had this book for some time and bought it for next to nothing back when no one really cared about old Subby, well everyone seems to care now so I was thinking about slabbing it. It's a decent copy except for a stain at the bottom left edge of the cover which wraps around to bottom right on the beck. Water marks or stains in general are not something I am very good with when it comes to grading as thoughts on the subject vary wildly. Could you help a brother out?
  10. Been scheduled for grading since 4/16... It's gonna be a long summer. Dang Value tier!
  11. Pm me I would love to take a look
  12. Now this is just awesome! Thanks for posting it!
  13. In its day this was an incredible store to go picking in on a Sunday afternoon. So many great memories. It’s been a sad and long decline to watch.
  14. Just got home-- Thought I'd throw up these price guide pages from a million years ago-- Thats right, 1975! Now sit back and enjoy a trip back in time. (Try not to cry too!) Kinda surprised how high the Eerie#1 was going for back then. Now I get why they bootlegged the out of it.
  15. I adore the Godzilla run from the 70's. That was my first initiation into loving comics and as a kid and I put together runs of this and GIJoe (They we're my first bagged and boarded issues) But sadly none of them would grade over a 6 now as I read the living hell out of them... Now-- I'm getting close to getting a new GIJoe in 9.8 from 1-30 run together but haven't paid enough attention to the Godzillas. Thanks for showing this. Inspiring! Good luck on the next run!