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  1. NM 87 has doubled in price in the past 3 months. I feel its a severly undervalued copper marvel key.
  2. Most 80’s comics had mass produced glasses that came with the book and not attached with the book. Sheena had non attached glasses so they wouldn’t need to go into CGC with the book to be graded. Ones with attached glasses usually get a premium and if loose can knock it down 30-50 percent.
  3. I hope so too! Good luck on that, I'm sure they will squeak out. (I hope mine do as well)
  4. Sweet!-- I have 50 received on 2/24. Looking forward to seeing that beautiful 'shipped'-- Great time to send books in-- Blazing fast!
  5. That my first book bought off the rack as well! Love that issue deeply
  6. That is a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  7. Or the holiday season in December-lol. (I'm sure its nearly done)
  8. My books went in at 4/16 and just found out they entered Grading/Quality Control. That didn't take too long, hopefully I see some grades soon! Woo-Hoo!!!
  9. Thanks for the positive comment-- I'm not gonna lie-- going over four months to wait for your books is kind of insane.
  10. UG!-- Mine we're received on 4/16 and still no change. Least someone may see their books from value tier this year.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts on the book-- I suspected that was the ballpark-- I was hoping for a 6.5'ish but I like to lie to
  12. I have a CGC'd 8.0 that looks more banged up than that book-- Nice score!
  13. I posted another book with a stain so I thought since I have no idea how to grade anything with a stain (or water damage) I'd pass this along to you smart fella's and gals. There is a pretty significant water stain on the back cover as you can see... I purchased this off a local Vancouver dealer/collector who was very up front about the stain and priced it accordingly. Thoughts?
  14. Hey guys-- I've had this book for some time and bought it for next to nothing back when no one really cared about old Subby, well everyone seems to care now so I was thinking about slabbing it. It's a decent copy except for a stain at the bottom left edge of the cover which wraps around to bottom right on the beck. Water marks or stains in general are not something I am very good with when it comes to grading as thoughts on the subject vary wildly. Could you help a brother out?
  15. Been scheduled for grading since 4/16... It's gonna be a long summer. Dang Value tier!
  16. Pm me I would love to take a look
  17. Now this is just awesome! Thanks for posting it!
  18. In its day this was an incredible store to go picking in on a Sunday afternoon. So many great memories. It’s been a sad and long decline to watch.
  19. Just got home-- Thought I'd throw up these price guide pages from a million years ago-- Thats right, 1975! Now sit back and enjoy a trip back in time. (Try not to cry too!) Kinda surprised how high the Eerie#1 was going for back then. Now I get why they bootlegged the out of it.
  20. I adore the Godzilla run from the 70's. That was my first initiation into loving comics and as a kid and I put together runs of this and GIJoe (They we're my first bagged and boarded issues) But sadly none of them would grade over a 6 now as I read the living hell out of them... Now-- I'm getting close to getting a new GIJoe in 9.8 from 1-30 run together but haven't paid enough attention to the Godzillas. Thanks for showing this. Inspiring! Good luck on the next run!
  21. I’ve purchased a number of mid grades to high grades of this book in the past year and this would fall in the 6.0 at best range for me. It’s funny this is the book people seem to punish grades on all the time, I can’t tell you how many sellers have tried to give me 5.5’s and 6.5’s and tried to pass them off as 8.5-9.0’s. I’m now only buying this book CGC’s if I was to buy more.
  22. I’ve bought a couple books from them and found they take forever to ship and their grading is usually extremely soft. Listing books at VF+ that would lucky to be a fine on a good day. I won’t be buying from them again.
  23. Sorry I’m on vacation with family but I will certainly take some pictures when I get back - happy holidays everyone!