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  1. I think the reason no one wanted X-Men Annual #12 or the overlooked Excalibur Special 2 was because they had the X-Babies in them. I think one of the things that contributed to Adam's waning popularity was his or whoever else's insistence that he always draw the absolute lamest of all possible X-Men storylines. I mean, you had the X-Babies in 3 annuals in a row, which is insane. Plus, he also drew Mojo stuff way too much as well. The reason those FF's were popular were also due to the inclusion of Wolverine and GR. Had they had been another Alchemy character like X-Factor 41 and 42 then nobody would have cared about those either.
  2. The worst is when they make fun of other customers (that are not currently there) in your presence. You can then be 90% certain they do the same about you when you are not there. I've been back into the hobby for only a few years now but I have recently cut down on how much I am going to my own LCS and it has paid dividends in the respect department. If you are in there every day of the week and spend an average of a couple of hundred a week, then they almost seem annoyed, or even worse, lightly chuckle when you walk in. On the other hand, if you only show up once a month and spend a few hundred in one transaction, you get treated much, much better and they are much more sincerely happy to see you even though you are spending less money overall. You can also get a better bulk discount that way. It takes some discipline because I do love shopping for comics and my LCS is decent compared to some I have seen in other cities, but at the end of the day it is all about self-respect. Respect yourself enough by not coming in and allowing yourself to get exposed to that and then it will not happen to you.
  3. Ok... Uncanny X-Men 213 era Sabretooth versus Uncanny X-Men 140 era Wendigo?
  4. OMG I swear I was going to put this one forth last night but was too tired to post! Interesting battle here because Predator's invisibility would be completely nullified and any element of surprise would be in DD's favor. It would be Daredevil in a landslide, unless Daredevil insisted on not killing the Predator and tried to reason with him. He would then try to bring him in, in handcuffs or something like that, so the Predator could face justice in the court of law. Murdock would even offer to defend him free of charge! On a serious note, I can't believe there was not a Predator versus Punisher mini-series back in the late copper era. If they had put talent on it like Lee or Chris Warner it would have sold like crazy.
  5. That is for sure. I've been back into collecting for 3 years now and as much as I try to fight it, my OCD nature takes over more than I would like it to. Every so often I will get an excellent copy of an old book, excellent gloss and white pages, basically looking like the day it was printed. Instead of being happy with that, it sometimes has this effect of me going back to other issues I had from before that I was previously happy with and I begin to see flaws in them that I was not aware of before. I guess it is just human nature that we spend so much time obsessing over what we don't have as opposed to appreciating what we do have.
  6. I don't blame you. It has gotten to the point that only people with very large amounts of disposable income can purchase nice books on even a semi-regular basis. For the vast majority of people it seems that prices have become well past the point of "just for fun" or "just a hobby" and have become investment level. It's like to be a collector at all these days, one has to be a serious collector.
  7. I am going to have to respectfully disagree here. When I got my first bottle of Blue Label I felt the same way. I thought the single malts were much more distinctive and I felt like I had wasted my money. The reality was my palate was just not developed enough to pick out exactly what I was paying for in the Blue Label. On later attempts I began to notice very rich, oily, textures and a very exquisite balance that the Blue Label had, things that single malts necessarilly would have a very hard time acheiving. Don't get me wrong, there are many fantastic single malts out there like Glenmorangie, Glenfarclas, Laphroig, Lagavulin, etc, but it is wrong to suggest that some one who buys a bottle of one of the finest widely available whiskeys out there does so out of ignorance.
  8. The Punisher and Wolverine LS were probably the best in that they both had excellent art and they fleshed out and defined the identities of both of those characters and demonstrated that each was capable of having a monthly title devoted solely to them. These series were both representative of the absolute best that Marvel had to offer in the 80's. The original Aliens and Predator Dark Horse series where awesome too. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the other series involving the two characters came close to the coolness of those originals. Man, there were 19 books between the 4 series I mentioned and at least 10 of those covers are probably classics forever burned into the memories of anyone who was a kid that collected during that time. IMO, the copper age was the pinnacle of both comic art and storytelling as well.
  9. I still don't get the purpose of Bran warging into the ravens. What did that serve? This show is exiting still but the carefully thoughtout realism of the first seasons is long gone and it has been every since the Sand Snakes really. It just doesn't feel like a show for discerning, adult minds anymore. It still has its moments, but those first few seasons I watched again and again and you could scrutinize the layers and you couldn't find any plot holes. Now I find myself ignoring illogicalities all over the place and kind of just sitting back and enjoying the ride.
  10. Same thing happens to me with my LCS sometimes. If I take a couple of weeks off going, when I return I can get great deals if I spend a decent amount and they're happy to make the sell.. But when I was going every other day and spending the same money those deals begin to dry up. It's a great store with a good owner, but it must just be human nature. It's that way with a lot of businesses these days. New customers get the best treatment and older ones are taken for granted. Perfect example being Direct TV . Loyalty gets you nowhere, but threaten to cancel and then they start giving you great deals.
  11. FF 28 ran concurrently with X-Men 6 (You can tell by Marvel Girl's cool headgear which was only used that month I believe). ToS 49 ran in the same month as X-Men 3 though. It also features the X-Men heavily with some of the only Ditko art on the team as well.
  12. I just finished the Tombstone and Punisher/Arranger/Persuader story line last night. Some of those Spectacular Spider-Man issues in the 80's to 90's (not the decades but the issue numbers) were great. I also like the Milgrom covers. He is somewhat maligned as an artist, but I feel like those covers have a lot of simplistic charm that is lost on the "realistic" covers of today that are being discussed in the other forum. My favorite:
  13. I predict the characters most likely to die next episode are Theon (especially how they made it so dramatic his decision to stay and fight), Brienne (her knighting was a way to send her out on top), Tormund, Gendry, Jorah, and Beric. I would say the Hound as well but you know he will have to have it out with Ser Gregor before it is all said and done.
  14. About a month ago a decent ToS 15 first Goom sold for around $60.00. I kicked myself for not bidding on that one. I also have to realize that I would not necessarily had gotten it if I had placed a bid of $61.00. You never know how much the other person would have bid. Sometimes, I think that books like that may only have a couple of determined competitors and that is what is results in high prices in the end. It is only the absence of that 2nd competitor that makes the other guy get such a good deal. What I have gotten in the habit of is checking for auctions ending on days other than Sunday. On a random Wednesday, for example, you can type in "X-Men Bronze Age" and select "auction only ending soonest" and you can be surprised what might turn up. You can get some good deals on those ones. If it is Sunday evening though, forget about it.