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  1. OK, I just did some research. mycomicshop has Wolverine 1 (1988) listed as the first Patch. It was released in November 1988. I just read the issue and he is not called Patch, but he is wearing a patch at the end of the story. Wolverine (1988 1st Series) comic books (mycomicshop.com) However, I just thumbed through MCP 1-10, and Wolverine is not wearing a patch at all until you get to issue #6, where he wears a patch on the cover(!) and prominently on the splash page. Also, MCP 6 has a release date of November 1988, tying with Wolverine 1... Given that MCP 6 has Patch on the
  2. I'm not sure. I had just read that article about MCU / Madripoor / Patch and MCP 1 was the book I thought of. Then I saw someone post that it was heating up and I thought that was the reason. It was already stated above that NM 32 was the first Madripoor, so you are probably right about MCP 10 being the first Patch. When was Wolverine first seen/referred to as Patch in the regular series? I wonder if that predates MCP 10.
  3. I think it is the first appearance of Madripoor and Patch that is driving it. I read an article on yahoo mentioning the reintroduction of Wolverine into the MCU along with specifically those two things and I thought right away about that book.
  4. Has anybody mentioned Spectacular Spiderman? I think 64 might be the mvp in that series. Edit: It was mentioned on the 2nd page.
  5. 196 is the biggest book in the series after 57, which amounts to 345 (!) issues until 402. That isn't a very tall mountain for such a large stretch. Interestingly enough, in another thread a while back it was also mentioned that that was the most expensive George Perez book.
  6. Yup. A student of mine pointed that out to me four years ago and I am in the same boat. 251 has a similar flaw. Also makes me think of the the eye dots on ASM 332. I thought some kid marked on my copy until I noticed that every issue had it. They're not even lined up.
  7. I'll agree. With those NM and early X-Force covers you could still tell he had a boss to answer to and was grounded in reality. By the time he was at Image for a year was when it really started going down hill. He wasn't the only one it happened to either. None of the rock star artists that left Marvel ever surpassed their work at Marvel in my estimation. Not a single one. The only one who maybe came close was Sam Keith. I think one of life's basic truths is that we all need an editor no matter how good we are.
  8. Sure... Arnold, Sonny Landham, Carl Weathers, and Bill Duke are terrible compared to the awesome action movie stars we got today.
  9. Beats the hell out of me. I've never read any of it after the feral Wolverine with that Zorro mask or the future one with the metal stub on one arm. It really boggles my mind how much lameness they were able to include in that post issue 75 run. I didn't like what they were doing starting with 48 or so, but I at least read those for tradition's sake. By the time issue 100 hit, I had already stopped my subscription and have never cared to look back, even after getting back into the hobby pretty heavily around 6 years ago.
  10. I was totally thinking of the Wolverine / Sabretooth fiasco when I said origin stories don't work in comics either. Two characters who had years of intrigue built into their stories were wiped out over the stretch of Wolverine 48 to about that origins mini-series. Bone claws were so stupid. Making Silver Fox be some memory implant and negating perhaps the best issue (Wolverine 10) of the original series was awful too. I am glad I got into the X-Men before the 90's. Had it had ben too much later, I probably would not have cared it was just so silly.
  11. The same can be said for the Predator 1 (and to a lesser extent the 2nd), and especially Terminator 1 and 2. It wasn't just the concepts that made those movies great, it was the actors in them. Assembling a cast the quality of Predator or the 2nd Aliens would be impossible. The actors simply DNE. I won't even get into the CGI fest aspect. The first Predator, T2, and Aliens looked phenomenal, even by today's standards (or maybe because of the lack thereof). Lastly, the absence of information about the origin of the Aliens was a huge part of their mystique. In general, origin
  12. I know that that was the fate of a lot of pretty nice comic, video game, and metal album collections in the late 90's in my circle.
  13. All this Longshot talk made me realize I need to upgrade my #3. I have two copies, but the best is maybe a 9.0. I just found out that that book is fairly tough in high grade.
  14. I think Longshot might have had the first ever mullet in comics, too. He also had lots of pouches and that one eye that sparkeled ...