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  1. Bug33fouf feedback thread

    bug33fouf purchased a slab from me. Fast payment and patient with delay getting shipping supplies. Much appreciated!
  2. ComicBookQuest needs feedback

    John bought a couple of slabs from me. Fast payment, and very patient when I ran out of boxes and the PO dragged their behinds sending me my order. Thanks John!
  3. It's Days of Future Present, I just want to make sure you didn't misread, so just let me know. If that was just a typo, then thanks for the purchase! I'll put it on hold for confirmation
  4. Wolverine #1 ‘88 - Is that a mask or shadow?

    It's Sal Buscema, no? He just did the covers IIRC.
  5. Sweet! Sold, thanks Also, sent you a pm about the animation cel stuff
  6. Is a year to long for my book to be delivered?

    Remember, they are Canadians. They would never be so rude
  7. Have to agree. Rewards points at big businesses are to get your information for resale to marketing/advertising aggregators. So that when you go to buy Kraft Mac and Cheese from the grocery store, you go home and check your e-mail and google's ads are Kraft products (yes that happened). Those businesses don't lose anything on rewards points. A small business that doesn't know how to sell customer information is likely to lose money.
  8. I've found packing them a hard foam coffin with bubble wrap around the comic/slab seems to do a pretty good job of protecting from damage but still being easily accessed. If I'm sending multiple raws, I stick 'em in a magazine mylar. They don't move, the box can take a blow, and no surgery required
  9. Which comic book character would you want to be for life?

    Guess it depends on whether thedude is a RHCP fan or not
  10. silverweb Feedback Thread

    James bought a lot of ASM from me. Prompt payment, and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks James
  11. Which comic book character would you want to be for life?

    Alright, just checking the rules I'd go Colossus. He's the most like me, only two feet taller and I've always wished I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller... Think I could do better than Kitty Pryde though