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  1. Lamp I made (and posted in the art thread a while back).
  2. Getting rid of my collection. I've sold a lot of runs and individual stuff on the forum, but I don't know what to do with high grade drek. It doesn't seem worth schlepping it to a store, and I can't imagine it's worth the shipping to sell it online. I'm going to use a little bit of it for some artwork I have in mind, but not much. They're all bagged and boarded, maybe those are worth selling?
  3. I'm sure Marvel got a piece of each movie. Inidividual creators, I doubt it. The truth is, people are going to go see the movies, so there is no pressure/need for Disney or Time Warner tio pay creators. A big corporations makiing billions of dollars don't give a penny away that they don't have to. That's not how that game is played.
  4. There's not much incentive for creators to generate original characters for Disney/TW and get nothing off the use of the characters. True, Marvel did put Morales in ana animated flick, but that is mostly based on the spiderverse story line, like CA2 was based on Civil War. Moralies is a hybrid, not an entirely new hero, either.
  5. Not DC and Marvel, their parent companies - do their parent companies care? Pretty clearly no, IMO.
  6. No. Not exactly, anyway. Mostly because it's all an illusion that people in the market have to share, which creates a differing set of business goals for CGC and its customers, and that doesn't benefit the customers. Also, I sent mostly low margin comics since most of my more valuable ones were stolen, and my goal of selling them here instead of ebay can't be realized.
  7. I sent in two prescreens, all copper/modern. I regret all of them. Waste of time and money.
  8. Sorry for your loss. Selling comics at top dollar is no easy task. If you are looking to ease the financial burden for the funeral, my suggestion would be to sell a couple of your duplicate keys raw, through a consignor. The reasons being - the amount of time and research you'll have to do to determine how/what/where/how much/how long for the whole collection and the lack of feedback and history of selling high dollar books. Short term that helps you for the funeral costs and is a small enough piece that if you don't make all of the money you want, it only hurts you for a couple. Testing waters, kind of. More generally, I would suggest doing some calculations on your time value vs the cut from top dollar selling to dealers/through consignors. You may find that if your time is worth, say $30/hr, then taking an hour to sell a $100 book - grading time, listing time, scanning time, and pacakging time (comic collectors expect you to pack it like it's an imperial Faberge egg) vs. paying a consignor a 30% commission is a wash. As for finding end users, you might find some here, but I would suggest not worrying about it. The buyer will do whatever they do with it and that's out of your hands, no sense in letting dissatisfaction into your life as long as you got what you wanted for it. Even if a dealer buys it, some end user probably buys it from them. The guide price is retail price. if you want it, you have to become a retailer.
  9. Agree. You're never building goodwill, those people are just like those who buy expensive books dirt cheap at garage sales. Which is perfectly fine, but they are deal hunters, that is what they are looking for, not a shop to frequent to buy at regular price later on. Obviously, I have no knowledge of running a store to advise on when to pull them from selling at cover, but it seems to me if you aren't a pull customer, ya rolls the dice and takes yer chances. The pull guys getting a littl emore consideration is warranted because they provide steady income and let you know ahead of time what they want so you can order more accurately and have known sales.
  10. If you're replacing with a new staple so you aren't stressing the steel, you mean? I'd probably make a tool - weld a piece of 20ga onto one jaw of a needlenose (goes on the outer cover side), and slide a piece of 22ga between paper and staple leg on the inside, then press staple leg closed with the other needlenose jaw. Slide out 22ga when done
  11. Not to mention if you try to open the staple a little more to get it back in the holes, you work harden the steel, making it very likely to break when you try to re-flatten it.