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  1. Show us your personal artwork

    Awesome. The roller skate really takes it next level
  2. I don't know how I missed this, but thanks webhead! Glad you like it
  3. I meet a Comic Book Fan..!

    Why be disappointed at all? Not having something you thought you did in common is unexpected, but the care is the same. It's just the details, caused by time, that are different. The medium has to change or die. you really want the new generation to like that last generation? That will kill the industry. it's an opportunity to teach and to learn, and see the progression.
  4. OMG, shipping charges...

    If there is a handling fee, they can charge what they want, but I was under the impression that 'shipping' charges legally can only be the actual cost to ship.
  5. key collector comics, what happenned??

    if that's the case, it both still doesn't change the point, and it doesn't really apply. If speculators find this app, and use it to buy comics, it may make prices go up, and it may not as the demand at the higher price must be there. But that also allows for collectors to profit off of these books by knowing which ones to sell because they are not worth the current price inflated by speculators. Anyone with experience in anything is likely to have more ability to find an edge than someone new coming in blind. Which one is really worthwhile and which one is driven by speculators? Which one is worth slabbing and which one isn't, etc.. It doesn't change the point because that's still trying to snag a pricey book from someone who doesn't know better. You don't have to share your knowledge of anything you don't want to. You don't have to give someone a leg up. But if someone else does and one hates on that, well that's not on the guy who helped.
  6. key collector comics, what happenned??

    Agree. If one is mad that it's harder to sucker someone now, well that says a lot about one's character.
  7. A star raises in the midwest. (the Cheap Shot Comix story)

    I was thinking you could publish zines. I'm sure most of the self publishing is done that way by necessity, not choice. So if you found a few zine creators who wanted to sign up, you could build a stable.
  8. A star raises in the midwest. (the Cheap Shot Comix story)

    Underground stuff is mostly self published as a zine, I think
  9. Yeah, I would expect no better than 50% for a dealer to buy a book and still make money on it. if they pay 75% of FMV, it'll be very hard to realize a 25% margin unless he/she already has a request for it from some buyer.
  10. Show us your personal artwork

    My inks suck, but here's a Silver Surfer sketch
  11. 1- people do take advantage of ignorance. We have a thread on here about an app that got some negative responses for educating noobs. That leads to others expecting getting lowballed. 2- the internet provides a lot of very accesible information, but people don't realize/want to discern the pertinent and full information about what it is exactly. 3- with the skimming of information, it forms a skewed view of value and it's tough and disappointing for people to see expected windfalls evaporate. 4- everybody inherently values their <insert just about anything> than others' <anything>. Notice dude thought he was being ripped off, but didn't buy Wolverine #1 at $40 when by his reasoning he'd make a fortune on it.

    You can sell in the marketplace. There are forums for Modern/Copper and for Bronze/Silver/Golden. There's no first timers guide per se, but there is a guidelines post for requirements .I learned by copying. Here's an old thread of mine for reference: Start yourself a kudos thread as well so people can vouch for you after a successful sale.

    This is why I'd much prefer to sell on the boards, but alas, what I've got has little appeal here. I don't have much out of your range either, as most of my pricier stuff got stolen, but I don't have any desire to buy anything on ebay and I'm just starting to set up my account on ebay. Sucks that both buyers and sellers have to beware, and they only way to get started is if someone 'takes a chance' buying or selling from/to you
  14. Hulk 181

    Definitely worth grading. On the CGC home page, go to Submit Comics > Services & Fees for prices. Guessing you'd go with Standard. You can submit by becoming a member, or by going to a con at which CGC is going to be, or through an authorized comic store.

    OTOH, every seller sold their first item with 0 feedback.