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  1. yeah. Their aesthetic was the adventure/space movie of the 50s and 60s. They got away from that and didn't have the individual personality to survive that. Doom did, though. I would love to see an FF trilogy along the lines of the original Star Wars, with a Doom Strikes Back second flick. Just less heoric epic and more MST3K type movie.
  2. Seriously. But then, they are a lot of people who have no business being in business.
  3. Sold some stuff to 90sChild, smooth transaction, prompt payment and great to deal with. Thanks!
  4. Potentially. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I think paper's days are numbered
  5. This is what I'm saying. I didn't invent welding, and there are some flabbergastingly good welders out there, far better than me. Or woodworkers. And plenty of buyers. But there are plenty of ignorant people getting into the custom furniture/fab business who don't know jack and want me to set them on 3rd base instead of learning how to swing a bat. Earn 3rd base, like I did. or Tony S did with pressing.
  6. The fact that there are more avenues to learn it doesn't mean it doesn't mean losing potential customers. I share knowledge because that's who I am, which includes teaching my competitors how to do their jobs better. I do it because I like to help others even if they don't care and are taking advantage of me. It's important to me what I put out into the world. Also because it's important to me that people get a quality product even if it doesn't come from me. I know what it's like to spend money and not be happy with the result, and just because someone didn't know they were hiring an ignorant fabricator shouldn't hurt them. But man, it is tough that any schmoe thinks they can do something and is entitled to my knowledge to help them make money. I wasn't speaking metaphorically about bleeding for my knowledge. I've got all my digits and thankfully haven't gotten too injured in my line of work, but I've paid for what I know. If one wants to learn how to press, those who already know don't owe that knowledge to anyone. If one desires to learn, learn it the hard way, same as other pressers.
  7. I can't tell you how many times people find out I know how to weld, design a structure, woodwork, and/or work on cars and then expect me to educate them for free because I know what they want to know. Or do it for them for free. Even people in the same business as me expect me to share technique or resources. I bled for my knowledge, you want some, bleed a little.
  8. newsstands will manufacture rarity for copper/modern. I think that's where most of the big sustainable gains will be
  9. You should certainly be priced higher than ebay. People will justifiably pay more for the convenience, ability to see the actual book, and the customer experience if you create a good one. If you hire employees, hire extroverts
  10. Comic fans only care about performance.
  11. I thought you might come back with Schroedingers Cat
  12. true, but it is in there, which helps the hobby.
  13. Actually, most of what I asked about I haven't sent yet (NM 98, Wolv 1) or sold raw (UXM266), so not really . Sorry. This is my first foray into grading so I thought I'd start with a bunch of roughly $50 books and see how good my grading eye is before sending more. Little did I know how the turnaround time would go . Shoulda done the reverse and sent the more important books first. Now I'm debating whether to send more in or just stick to raw.
  14. As a medium, comics will always be made. Soon enough, they will rarely be printed (as zines, not comics), but artists will still make them. Readership will continue to drop, but there is a floor. Comic books already barely exist as a business outside of crowd funded work. Marvel and DC exist only because they were bought for their IP. So I think the market side of things, a small segment of the population will create and consume them, but creators will need real jobs or use social media revenue generating techniques to earn enough to make them. Assuming we don't figure out some sort of universal income soon. The content of comic books will mostly migrate to video games and movies. As for the collecting hobby, I think that the group of collectors is aging and not being replaced in a 1:1 ratio, so fewer people will want to buy. They will drop in monetary value across the board. Regarding the baseball cards, the biggest problems they had were the steroid era and sabermetrics. The former being an issue as people get older. Fewer people alive today saw Ted Williams play or care about Ted Williams. It won't be long before no one even knows who Ty Cobb was, let alone want a piece of cardboard with his face on it. If Sosa and McGwire didn't juice, people would be nostalgic for their HR record duel for another 60 years. If Bonds hadn't, he would be this generation's Babe Ruth. Monumentally important. Sabermetrics rendered even the little info on the card useless. The main difference between them and comic books is that baseball cards do not have content. You don't get anything out of a baseball card other than the cover. There's a whole saga inside a serialized comic book.