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  1. 2017 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 7

    I guess that wasn't red marker on the BP CCA label, or in the price box And I def overly dinged the Torchy for the top right corner and browned back.
  2. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    You've made an assumption that every Spider-Man collector is in the market for an AF15. They are the entire pool of potential customers, but they aren't kinetic customers. That is the one flaw in the otherwise appropriate ticket analogy. There is a presumed buyer for every ticket in that analogy (ie demand outstrips supply). It appears that there are plenty of buyers and sellers at the current price point of AF15, so the copies are moving and there is probably not a ton of margin on them. Other than finding the raw ones, or an uneducated owner (rare to have one of those when it's been slabbed). But if the price drops too low, copies will disappear from the market as people will just be willing to keep them.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, personally. There's always going to be something, unless one has the book in hand. In fact, it might be more helpful for grading skill because when you find out a scratch was on the book, you learn what that scratch costs (v your estimation).
  4. PGM New Mutants #98

    Tanning on the interior pages and what looks like maybe a water spill drop it pretty far for me. I'd give it a 6.5
  5. 2017 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 6

    Yeah, I have the toughest time trying to figure out if it's on the slab or on the comic
  6. $95 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Thunderstrike #1 NM/MT)
  7. $50 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix L.S. #1,2,3,4 nm)
  8. 'let there be comics. And it was good'
  9. $40 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Wolverine/Punisher Damaging Evidence 1,2,3 NM/MT)
  10. $50 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Killing Joke 9th printing NM/MT)
  11. $45 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: 2,3, rest of series NM/MT)
  12. $55 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Batman/Punisher NM/MT)
  13. $80 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: #2,3,4 of series NM/MT)
  14. $40 shipped CONUS (Free with purchase: Spider-Man 1 Green NM)
  15. Hi all. Selling off my collection to help support my business. All books are original owner unless specified. None are pressed. This thread will continue to expand. I haven't gotten all the freebies figured out yet, so I'll be adding books once I do that. Offers considered. First in the sales thread is the PM negotiations are not valid until the buyer posts an per PM in the sales thread. Also, I pulled prices based off ebay solds and gocollect, so if I'm off I know there's a rule against thread crapping but I wouldn't mind a heads up pm. Payment Paypal Shipping Free shipping to contiguous US. Int'l and AK/HI will have to pay cost, but I'll chip in. Returns No returns on slabs. I package pretty well, but if a post office employee drops it off a building, runs over, then backs over it again, then soaks it in an aquarium filled with piranhas, just pm me and I'll get you sorted out. The Goods Will list here, then photos in subsequent posts. Spider-Man #1 Silver Edition 9.8. -- $40 Free: Spider-Man 1 Green nm Gambit LS #1 9.8 -- $80 Free: Gambit LS #2,3,4, nm/m Punisher/Batman 9.8 -- $55 Free: Batman/Punisher nm (see what I did there) Venom: Funeral Pyre #1 9.8 -- $45 Free: Venom: FP #2,3 Batman #497 9.8 -- $50 Free: The Killing Joke 9th printing nm/m Wolverine #75 9.8 (QTY: 2) -- $40 Free: Wolverine/Punisher Damaging Evidence #1,2,3 nm Cable #1 9.8 -- $50 Free: Adv. of Cyclops and Phoenix LS #1,2,3,4 nm/mt The Mighty Thor #411 9.6 -- $95 Free: Thunderstrike #1 nm/mt