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  1. SteppinRazor Feedback thread Thanks in advance for anyone posting your positive experiences with me
  2. Looks great. I'm not that experienced a grader, and it's tougher to get the 9.x numbers, but I'd say 9.4. Only issues are minor corners and non color breaking spine tic on front and back. There's also a white line under the Y, but I can't tell if it's just on the mylar, no the actual book.
  3. lol, I should've known.
  4. He also wrote Robocop 2
  5. Low Grade Uncanny X-Men #12 Hi all. I've got a low grade Uncanny X-Men #12, first appearance of Juggernaut. Consensus in the grading forum was a 2.0. This is one of the few comics I have that I bought second hand. Looks like ebay buy it now prices are around $145, so I'm putting it for $110. Uncanny X-Men #12 - $110 TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in thread overrides any PM negotiations. No Probation List or Hall of Shame. Bagged and boarded. I've got a few heavier duty mylar bags, I swapped it into one of those to ship. PM offers if you like PAYMENT Paypal, personal check or money order RETURNS Returns accepted within 5 business days -- Buyer pays return shipping SHIPPING USPS Flat Rate medium box, or flat rate envelope by request (I'm pretty good at packing). If you live in Houston, we can arrange to meet somewhere inside the loop for hand delivery. Thanks for looking! If you want more pictures, just let me know
  6. This isn't the fastest moving forum. Are you looking to buy it? Got any pics of the back? Without seeing the back, I'd say 9.0. The bottom left corner looks a frayed at the back, there are creases near the bottom right across Venom's leg, and the bottom staple is a little imperfect as you pointed out in your captions
  7. That's fantastic! What kind of ink do you use? I like Speedball's Superblack, and I mix in a bit of charcoal.
  8. That is a nice copy. 8.0-8.5
  9. You got the staple thing, a spine tic near the gunsight, maybe one at cable's shoulder, and a bit of wear on the BLC. Each (except maybe the staple) are minor, but together I think a 9.0. I'm a novice though, and the 9 range is pretty tough to know what and how much a slight imperfection costs.
  10. I've picked up my pencil/pen after a long time not drawing. Once I went to sculpture, I stopped drawing more than stick figure 'can it stand up' drawings. I'm surprised at how poorly I draw now. Guess I have muscle memory loss.
  11. Looks like you've got some spine ticks between the staples and maybe some fingerprints on the back. You might be able to gently wipe the fingerprints (if they are really there, hard to tell for sure in the pic). I would send it in. 9.2 is my guess. Also a noob though
  12. The only part of NM I liked was Warlock, and he turned out to be the one comic book character ever that stayed dead (AFAIK).
  13. I wouldn't call it sparse. Art needs space around it to give it its due attention. Finally getting around to browsing this thread, there's a lot of cool stuff in here. It's given me some ideas for artful displays I can make. If you guys think there's a market for that kind of thing, I might whip up some designs.
  14. PGM Uncanny X-Men #12 Last one from me for a while I think. This is the oldest comic I have, bought it in the back issue bins in... maybe '89. One of maybe 6 comics I have that had a previous owner. It's in rough shape, I just bought it to have an old comic. The rest of mine are CA/Modern Age, so I don't really know where the threshold is for grading this kind of book. There are a couple of small holes in the interior, looks like it took a blow from something that got through a few pages.