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  1. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    Thanos is a greek name, pronounced Thah' nos (short o, hard s)
  2. They aren't grading the transaction, they grade independent of transactions even taking place. But that's not what I meant about their bias. What I mean is, if you ask yourself why PGX is so poorly thought of, the answer is their bias. PGX's business model is vastly different than CGC's. That leads PGX to grade very differently. Different scoring by different companies shows that whether they have a dog in the fight in any one transaction isn't of consequence to the numerical value assigned. What is of consequence is how collectors respond to their service. That is where CGC's value is. Collectors want less risk. To mitigate risk, they collectively agreed that an entity consolidating a score of condition is worthwhile. They may not be able to tell why a comic is a CGC 9.4, but they know what it represents. They don't have the same relationship with PGX because they often see PGX grade at a lower standard than CGC. PGX could've and probably should've just gone with an entirely different scale, like SAE v metric and make everyone do a conversion.
  3. These aren't accurate. Being unattached to the particular transaction does not mean they don't have their own bias, just that they don't care about a transaction. They can have their own goals that may influence their grading.
  4. Is grading strict currently?

    I wonder if there are quotas at CGC for grades. One would hope not, but it might explain differences in grading over time.
  5. What should be graded? is a good resource to look up what comics are being slabbed and what their ebay sales data is. I'd start there for what to slab.
  6. There's no such thing as an objective opinion. Opinions by nature are not objective. An objective measurement is precisely what a numerical scale, say between 1-10, with .1 increments, is intended to measure. Your given, that grading is subjective, is due to a - human nature, and b - impossible if the criteria is secret (a condition that is proprietary for a reason). I happen to agree with your given, which is why I think CGC both offers stability, and yet does not offer what people assume it does. it is essentially a group agreement that an assigned number corresponds to a particular price, whether one X.X comic looks better or worse than another X.X comic. 3rd party grading cannot solve 'objective opinion' (the idea that a 3rd party has no dog in the fight so to speak) because the buyer and seller may evaluate a particular condition differently from each other and/or the third party grader. Rather than provide any clarity of objectivity, what 3rd party grading does, is provide a score that is popularly (ie the populace in general) accepted. In that case, the commodity is not only the object to be purchased, but also the number assigned. It sets a price floor in the sense that one will not send a comic in for grading if one does not believe it is worth the cost, and one will not accept a value for an encapsulated comic equivalent to the same comic in a non-encapsulated form (unless forced by market forces). IE, you wouldn't sell a 9.6 graded comic for the same price as a raw comic. That only happens with misses, and even then, the inflection point for that is mostly lined up with a relatively high score in the high value comics. There might be a point where a raw NM98 meets a high grade encapsulated, but for most comics that aren't major keys, the slabbed v raw price will never be close. Ergo, a graded comic will usually go for more than a raw. It's natural for that to be the case, as the submitter has made an investment, and the investment is printed on the plastic case that the buyer knows the cost of. I don't think there's a problem, any time the buyer and the seller disagree about the condition, a problem occurs (without a grading service). The grading service in fact does not solve that problem, even though it exists, as you say in the bold, to provide objective measure used to determine value. But, what it does do is provide consensus, as you said (I would say though that informed buyers as opposed to educated graders are the consensus that applies). Note that this is not a judgment of whether CGC is good or bad or 3rd party grading is good or bad, or effective or not. It really does not matter. What matters is that the market - informed buyers - agrees the assigned number has a particular value. If tomorrow all informed buyers agreed that CGC was no better than PGX, everyone's slabbed CGC values would drop to align with PGX slab values. That's all that really matters.
  7. The problem it's supposed to solve is objective measurement of condition, represented by numerical scale. It provdes stability to the market despite not doing that by providing solutions to other problems, some of which @blazingbob posted. The existence of 3rd party grading also sets price floors.
  8. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Funny, looking through my old What If?s, Punisher was War Machine in the What If Capt. America founded the Avengers story, so I guess this is the second time he's been War Machine
  9. Is grading strict currently?

    No chance that ever happens
  10. I don't think CGC solves the problem it's supposed to, the one RMA is extolling, but it is a stabilizing force for online purchasing.
  11. Will Copper/Modern Comics Ever Be “Scarce”?

    I think it is far more likely that demand will die way before the comics do. Copper/Moderns are eras after the idea of them being collectible existed. They were bought and bagged/boarded new. Kind of like baseball cards too. Kids used to stick them in the spokes of their bike wheels. Comics in the Silver age and before weren't considered valuable, other than for the kids who swapped them with friends for other stuff. No, I think there won't be a scarcity of Copper/Moderns, as too many people had already realized they were of value. There would need to be a lot of throwing away of comics that people just don't do as much anymore
  12. Isn't it up to the vendor to decide if he/she wants to pre-sale items on set up day?
  13. yeah, one complaint in there was that people were in his way. How is a store owner supposed to keep someone from standing in front of a box and browsing?
  14. Show us your personal artwork

    My last completed steel sculpture This one's called Harvey's Influence because my shop flooded when hurricane Harvey hit, and the bottom foot or so got rusted. It hadn't been painted yet, so I left the rust on and painted the rest.
  15. There is. They can revoke their status as an authorized delaer