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  1. Thank you everyone who responded. I will not ask for a refund as I now got the idea how those signings happen. I also fully understand that the dealer only has little to no control during such big signings. After all I have to admit that the signature isn't that bad at all. It was more my first reaction which led me to contact the seller. As someone suggested I will try to sell the book and look for a clean signature copy. One more thing about the delay of 6 months: Due to the fact that all my items purchased in the US are gathered in a warehouse in the US (operated by shipito.com), I receive my items only months later once a shipment is sent to my home address here in Europe. I also recently became father of my first born daughter and therefore my time and place at home is very limited atm. I didn't mentioned those facts in the first place as that has nothing to do with the case itself and isn't a reason at all for a refund or sort of.
  2. Hello dear collectors, I am in a tricky situation at the moment. I ordered a Rogue One comic which to get signed by Felicity Jones @ NYCC last year. I received the graded comic in march this year. Only now I had the time to take a closer look at it and realised that the pen, which was used for the signature, died and therefore the first part of the signature is barely visible. (see attached photos) Personally I really don't like the signature at all. I contacted the seller and asked what we can do in this situation and he suggested to go public with my case, as this is very subjective. Therefore I would like to hear your opinions about this case. Do you think this is eligible for a refund? Or is this the risk with signed comics? What about the 6 months which passed since I have the comic in hand: Do you see a problem with that? My opinion is that the seller should have contacted me after the signing and warned me about the problem with the signature. In that case I still could have had the choice to not have it graded (to save money) or resign. The other question is: Who's fault is it that pen was dying at the moment of the signing? The organiser of the signing? Or the seller? And didn't the seller had the right to ask for a refund directly after the signing as the signature was not clear? Thank you in advance for your time and your opinions.
  3. Hello everybody, I listed a CGC grade comic signed by Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman #50 Photo Variant, CGC 9.8) and TWD #1, #2, #19 (First michonne) and #27 (First GOvernor) graded comics Thanks for looking: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wonder-Woman-50-Convention-Photo-Variant-SS-CGC-9-8-Gal-Gadot-Signature-Series/192488559275?hash=item2cd13652ab:g:zjYAAOSwwz5aslf2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/192494494990?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  4. Rich I'll take one of each (if the regular cover is still available / 9.8 for the action figure) and Felicity signature only please. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a 9.8 CGC SS slab of the Star Wars Rogue Movie Adaptation #1 Movie Variant edition. Please reply in thread or send me a PM. Thanks
  6. No problem, the most important thing is that you enjoy those 4 days
  7. If you do, I'm looking fir the Del Rey "Battlefront 2 - Inferno Squad" SDCC Edition. Any chance you could get one piece of it? Thank you
  8. Jeremy will be at London Film and Comic Con end of july. Scotts Collectables will be there and act as CGC facilitator... https://www.scottscollectables.co.uk
  9. Is it still possible to get a spot for this comic or send in a comic?