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  1. Ok besides ultra/super/hyper rare issues, that doesn't count. There's allegedly half a million copies being made of WD193...even if it's exaggerated, this issue is going to be bagged/boarded asap, unlike either of those ya'll mentioned :P
  2. People are banking on this to be the next Black Panther-esque hero book. Consider where the bulk of the foreign box office $ comes from ...sky's the limit.
  3. Aren't returns required now? I don't have a choice when listing, well I do, but it's either 7 day or 14 day return...no "none" option. I am a 100% top seller or whatever they call it.
  4. It's a square bound book, so plenty of these will end up 9.9s. Has there ever really been a valuable end of series book? I'm not talking $20... at least $50+, or whatever these goofy speculators are paying for them.
  5. Fantastic Four #65 is getting a little heat due to the reveal of:
  6. What is the Shipcover insurance on $531,000? Does eBay get $53,000 for that sale if it sold?
  7. I sold a 9.8 Umbrella Academy for $450, and now I think I let it go too cheap... there are only two 9.8s on eBay currently. I suppose it's going to be harder to land a 9.8 since the book is 12 years old already, -or- are they all awaiting grading at CGC and there will be a flood of them in a few weeks. How high can it go? o_O This is fun
  8. Any idea what the 2 after-credits scenes will be? I'd like to warm up the speculating wallet
  9. SO, back on topic 1. Exciting Comics #1 and it's variants are selling very well, it's Antarctic Press, so there's also a little built in demand also. There's a new "universe" with this new book, and as always that holds the possibility for future movies/tv shows. 2. Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix the other day, and it's actually really good. Hype was not overblown, and people are really liking it. I thought it was pretty good myself. Copies have been disappearing since the debut. Carry on with your print run drivel.
  10. That moment happened a couple years ago, there's a low grade group on Facebook with almost 40,000 members. With key books going through the roof, your average collector can't even afford a mid-grade these days, so just having the book regardless of condition is a score.
  11. What are the chances of Immortal Hulk making it to a solo movie someday? Or Netflix/Hulu/etc... I don't get this hype at all. Huge red flags on this one for me.
  12. I was hovering over the BIN on those for a week... The #1 alone is nearly worth the price. Not sure why I didn't now that I think about it.
  13. The website on all the stickers isn't even live... and god knows when they were put on the books.