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  1. @ivdyer Thanks for responding, that was a great response you answered everything. Thats a great piece you are very lucky. @Ron C. Wow thats a great cover. I have always liked that old series and liked Julie Newmar as catwoman.
  2. Also this should have been what I quoted, my fault. Couldnt delete the other comment. And this is amazing.
  3. I thought you couldnt get something CGC if it doesnt come right from either the artist/signer, or a CGC rep. Also what does everybody prefer to do, get the front and back done, or just the front? I see so many seriously great books in here with either just the front done, or both. I would assume that would at least double the commission, and if you wanted it coloured youre looking at around 1000+ for one book. I have yet to aim for any sketched covers because of the likely high cost.
  4. Can I be down for 1 of each of these. Also is that the cover for the spider man in the 60s book you are getting signed?
  5. You guys are scooping everybody up these days. So you waive the fee for handling, but the price for sigs to be CGC'd is up about the same, so its just factored into that to give them some extra cash, im cool with that. I have had lots of books done by you guys in the past year and havent had a single thing to complain about. To any new people, these guys are good to deal with. I highly recommend.
  6. I was asking around @Wystan I havent had any luck finding one yet.
  7. Wow @Wystan I was just looking the other day to see if Peter was doing any signings. Bummer though it would likely cost me too much to get somebody to witness his signatures there
  8. I have possibly a rookie question. So you can send books off to creators/artists for them to sign/sketch with a letter from CGC they fill out and sign authorizing that it is their art or its their signature on the book. Well are you able to send the same book to several people to sign and just include an extra letter for each additional person signing and still have it all be verified? For ex.(This is only an example) You send a book to Stan Lee with a CGC letter, he signs the book and the letter, then he mails the book to Jack Kirby, he signs both the book and letter, then mails it to CGC. CGC receives the package and sees both letters are signed, the book is signed by both, all is good, yellow label. Or do they only accept 1 letter per signed item. Meaning you would then need to get it cracked at a show or through a private facilitator and get it signed by the next person you wanted and graded again?
  9. This Tony Skelpic has some great stuff, is just another random artist like Ash? I never thought you could get anything CGC'd unless it was by an established artist. Shows what I know haha how much was his stuff? @ivdyer @A-DONIS That Spiderman 800 cover with the Sony game is a sweet idea, I really like that.
  10. I have another rookie question, so you can send books off to creators/artists for them to sign/sketch with a letter they sign authorizing its their signature. Are you able to put send the same book to several people to sign and just include an extra letter for additional person signing and still have it all be verified?
  11. This Ash Gonzalez, fellow I have never heard of, what is his fee for doing these crazy awesome covers you all have been getting?
  12. Thanks guys, the refund we are getting is only for the signatures we did not receive. I am not yet giving up on demanding half of the CGC fees they charged us either. They wont offer any other compensation in the form of cash or paying for another facilitator. But what I can tell from you guys is that we should probably do the deal for their 2 signed books. I looked up posts about page colour, and found a page that did a comparison for several different books, and his conclusion was the page colour for white to white/off white to off white/cream, did not actually influence the value of the book. I am pretty tired of fighting with these guys over these books. But I feel if we do a trade, they will want to hold half of the signature money since we would be receiving 2 books with Todds name on them now. But I do not want that at all, I would want the books, the entire cost of the missed sigs, and some of the CGC fees for the year long hassle they caused.
  13. So after a year long wait a friend of mine and I finally received 3 of our books from Anastasia's Collectibles. However they didnt have Todd McFarlanes signature on them as they were supposed to. So now we demanded our money returned and they agreed. Though they pitched us a counter proposal for 2 of our books, ASM 300, and Spiderman 1. They have copies of the 2 books we had signed, but theirs are signed by both. They are offering a trade. Same grades. Same book. Just the books have both. However, the ASM 300 we had signed has white pages, theirs is white/off white, will this drop the value of the book much? My thoughts are yes. The second issue is they both have their special CGC label on the books. So imagine a regular CGC yellow signature series label, but on the right side of the label, beside the CGC logo there is a picture of Stan Lee's head, and beside that it reads "Stan Lee Exclusive", does this special label do anything for the value of the book? I am torn, I dont want to do business with these guys considering how it was this past year and I dont want to send my books away again. However I would have to spend the money to regrade the books if I want them signed by Todd and cased again. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks for your insight austinhg much appreciated.
  15. Do you need to have a paid for membership in order to submit books to a CGC member at a show? If not, is getting a membership worth it at all? It doesnt give any discount to getting signed books submitted, and for me thats so far the only thing I have ever submitted. I dont see the appeal of submitting books that are just rare, UNLESS, it is a rare book and there is no chance of getting it signed by anybody who worked on it. I however have no books that would be considered rare imo haha
  16. Anybody know when Todd McFarlanes first signing is this year? I am still waiting on those @#$%! at Anastasia's collectibles to get his signature, they tell me its in May. I want to put a bug in their ear so they get their asses in gear.
  17. I think I need to clarify what I mean by the scumbag comment. We are talking about creators charging a different price for services that will see an item get graded, over those that are not graded. It was mentioned my RMA that Jae was one of those that did this. In many of our opinions it is a rather greasy thing to do. I do not mean Jae Lee himself is a scumbag, rather his practices of charging different prices for the same service. Hopefully this clarifies things. My experience is limited, however with all writers, artists etc. I have met, I have yet to encounter anybody who is not a genuine and nice person.
  18. Thanks a bunch @somewhereintexas you have been incredibly helpful, I truly appreciate it.
  19. I would like to add as a new person, this whole thread has been very informative and I feel like RMA deserves a round of applause because of how well he has framed everything. It is quite evident who has the valid point in this whole thing. I have the chance to meet Jae Lee next month. I hope he isn't a scumbag if I ask for a sketch cover to get slabbed, or a sig to get slabbed. Otherwise I feel I will be as jaded as RMA was when he encountered him.
  20. No idea how this works when trying to get somebodys attention haha, @RadiantGraphix can you elaborate on this situation with said groups you mentioned? I ask because they attended Calgary Fan Expo last year in April 2017. I got Stan's sig, then was told I couldnt get Todd's because he only does private signings for his sig to be graded, however they assured me they could get his sig for me at one of his two private signings. I thought well that would be swell. It is now March of the next year and through difficult times trying to contact them, I have discerned they have yet to attain Todds signature on the 4 books left with him. I expressed me disappointment in as polite a way as possible. They told me the first signing was May of 2017, they missed it because of scheduling with Stan. I thought ok fair enough. The next they would for sure get it. The next signing got pushed to December as CGC told me in October when I was trying to get answers. Finally in Feb 2018, they told me everything should be squared up at the end of the month, get at them at the end of the month. Which I did, only to find out things were not squared up at all. They then said they are going to try for May 2018. At this point I dont know who else to go through to get Todds signature. As if I tell Anastasia's to submit the books as they are to be graded, I will then need somebody to crack them again and get Todds on, then get them regraded. Presuming that can even be done once a book is graded with a sig(im new). So can you explain what the situation is with Excelsior/Anastasia's is? Thanks.
  21. So I am a new person to all of this and I have a few questions: 1. I am interested in getting some blank covers sketched on and submitted. If done, would pressing the book, after its been sketched on, ruin the sketch? 2. When getting things sketched on, are the artists themselves authorized to submit the sketched on book, to CGC, and will it still be rated as a yellow label authorized signature? 3. When attending an expo where CGC has witnesses present. Do I leave all of the items I want signed, or sketched on, with them, and they proceed to go around the expo and get things signed and sketched on? Or am I able to get the items signed and sketched on, then just bring them to CGC? 4. Once a book gets cased, can I get a CGC witness to break it open and get additional signatures on the already signed book, and get it sealed again through the grading process. Then still have all the signatures be verified? The reason I ask the final question is I likely wont ever run into multiple people at one con. I realize it will cost me more money in the long run to get things cased, then broken open and cased again. Its just a route I need to take, being in the middle of nowhere in Canada. I also realize I can mail books out and get somebody to get them signed, but I enjoy the process of attending and obtaining signatures on my own. Thanks for your time.
  22. @romanheart Thats great to hear. I have tried contacting CGC, and nothing from either. However on my slip from Anastasia's I wasnt given any tracking number or invoice number of any kind. Never was last time either. Are they able to look up based on the name of the owner of the books? My guess is likely no, as they would have been submitted through Anastasia's so they would have their name attached.
  23. @comicdonna So then the reason people are getting plain books without anything special about them(no sig for example) is because they are unrestored books? Doesnt seem worth the cost. I suppose if its a rare first appearance or a really old book I can see wanting it slabbed. But it appears as though people are just submitting random books for the most part.