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  1. ABizzner


    Bought a 4 figure book and it was a super smooth transaction, easy to work with! Super happy!
  2. ABizzner

    Superman 30 Trim or No Trim?

    Stains match, color/discoloring matches, there are no rips to line up but staples are a bit rusty and do not appear disturbed in any way. The ridges at the bottom of the miscut pages match the ridges or pattern of the non miscut. This was a basement find among other GA books, not to say it couldn’t have been trimmed back in the day. Agreed it could be married but the top edges line up perfectly.
  3. ABizzner

    Superman 30 Trim or No Trim?

    I was thinking same. Would be odd for the first three wraps to be trimmed on front and back side to same length. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Raw copy of Superman 30. Nice shape but you can see cover was misprinted/cut in production and first three wraps appear to be either trimmed or just another manufacturing/print defect. Looking for perspective from the community. Is it trimmed or a defect? Thanks!
  5. ISO low grade, universal label Tec 168 (3.0 or lower).
  6. ABizzner

    WTB FF13 and ASM 6 in 8.0

    I just upgraded my 7.0. In case you cant find an 8.0.
  7. ABizzner


    Hulk 1 CGC 1.5 $6000
  8. ABizzner


    FF 1 CGC 2.5 $8800
  9. ABizzner


    The rules: First via PM or post in the thread will take it and will trump any ongoing negotiations. No HOSers or folks on the probation list. No returns on graded books. I pack extremely well and will ship Insured (registered upon request and at cost). Any case damage can be resolved if/when needed. But has NEVER happened (knock on wood). Payment via PayPal invoice only. CONUS Priority mail shipping only. Not included in price listed will be based on buyers address and insurance cost. Unfortunately no international shipping please. While new to relatively new selling on the boards, I have extensive ebay experience with great feedback on over 1,000 transactions. See Seller: brainmatterinc
  10. ABizzner

    WTB: Silver ASM 3,4,5 Graded

    Gracias! Just came across the Heritage listings the other day
  11. Looking to buy ASM 3,4,5 CGC blue label 7.0-8.5 Will pay GPA 90 day avg/Last sale for right book.