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  1. I paid for pressing. My books were signed as part of the initial signing. The signing was around March 7 so pressing took much longer than three weeks.
  2. My books just hit 'Scheduled for Grading' today. The first real glimpse of hope...
  3. You've waited long enough. Contact them now.
  4. I do not expect the market for significant Wolverine books to calm down much, if at all. Key character. Key books. 39 years since publication. According to GPAnalysis: CGC 9.8s average price over the last year is $508. Average price over the last 90 days is $804. Five of the last 10 sales (14 days) are $1100 or more. High sale of $1365. Newsstand prices are about $500 higher than these prices which are for the direct edition.
  5. I may not have been clear. According to CGC mine were part of the initial signing in early March, not part of any batch being sent to Eastman. But the pressing/grading is taking time.
  6. I emailed for a specific update on my books: Received 1/28/21. They say mine were signed at HQ (not sent out) I had pressing before grading so they expect I will see updates soon and receive the books in the next few weeks. We'll see.
  7. GPAnalysis is what I use. It's a subscription service. If you don't want to pay a fee I'd be happy to look up the books for you.
  8. I am still in received status of 1/28/21. Mine are Eastman signature, clean/press magazines: TMNT #1 2nd print, TMNT #2-4 first prints, Raphael First Print.
  9. The value added by the signature will depend on the book and the grade. There aren't enough recent sales of signed vs. unsigned books to determine something more concrete. Plus with this popular of a signing there is about to be a rush to market of signed books. It's going to be fun to watch IMO. I'd expect that the rarer/scarcer the book the greater impact. Important to note is how The Last Ronin is impacting Turtles books and their overall popularity right now. Unsigned books are seeing big, big increases. Examples: TMNT #1 (1984) first print 8.0 unsigned averaged just under $10K d
  10. If you can keep the weight under two pounds you will save a little money using a Priority Mail 1092 box inside a Priority Mail 1095 box.
  11. I put in a question on the Ask CGC board to try to get more info/clarity. Jennifer has already provided an initial response.
  12. Thanks. Submission #3780233 received 1/28/2021.
  13. I'm hoping someone from CGC can provide greater clarity on this. The thread in the Signature Room has gone quiet. Some of the books sent in for Kevin Eastman's signing several weeks ago were left unsigned due to the volume of submissions. The unsigned books were to be taken to Kevin for signing and then returned for grading. My submission is still showing as RECEIVED. I was also having CCS service done so the expectation was that books would be on their way within six weeks after the signing. Three weeks for cleaning/pressing and three weeks for grading. Can CGC provide greater
  14. I have five books for this signing as well as clean/pressing then grading. My status simply shows RECEIVED as of 1/28/21. Does anyone else who is waiting for books have a different status than RECEIVED? I am a patient man, but would love greater clarity about the remaining turnaround time and whether steps will be taken to expedite any of the books that had to be taken to Kevin.
  15. About 11,500 in mine. Emphasis on Bronze age and early copper age. Started buying modern books in 2016 so maybe 2500 are recent books. 38 CGC slabs with 135 being graded as I post this.