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  1. comicdonna

    Coverless Action 1 in the FS thread

    I have always valued Action #1 slightly higher than Detective #27 so, I will go with 90K on the #27
  2. comicdonna

    Your Collecting Goals for 2019!

    Here's my want list. If I get two of these, I will be happy. Detective Comics #359 Batman #189 CGC 9.4 Batman #227 CGC 9.4 Batman #251 CGC 9.4
  3. comicdonna

    Coverless Action 1 in the FS thread

    I think a complete coverless copy is cool. I feel it's worth 100K Although, I haven't been keeping close track of incomplete Action #1's these days.
  4. comicdonna

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    I'm glad to hear that there were no scratches.
  5. Cool tank cover on the Action #40 I've never owned a copy.
  6. comicdonna

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    That's a really cool and different prize.
  7. This isn't aimed at any one person. CGC has listed a short set of rules that are required, for people to list books here for free. I don't have any sympathy for anyone that don't follow them, and get their thread removed. Arch has placed the guidelines at the top, in bold and colored. There should be no excuse.
  8. comicdonna

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    There is a video recording. It's real cool to watch from year to year.
  9. I made two purchases this year. The BA #12 was purchased raw. I sent it to Joey, then it went to CGC. First book I have ever had pressed. The Batman #232 was listed on ebay. I called Ted at Superworld. We had a great conversation, and were able to work out a deal.
  10. Did you see that mega quote in DR.X's thread? That's what his post looked like.
  11. I thought about asking the guy that has about a 100 books in his 1st post for a recap. By the time I get to the end, I have forgotten what I saw.
  12. comicdonna

    A higher page quality

    Will this new page quality be invisible in the thread? I mean whiter than white?
  13. comicdonna

    porcupine48 ?

    Stay strong, Jimmers!