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  1. Here's a link to the how big is your collection thread.
  2. I have less than 100 raw books, and 10 slabs.
  3. The cover on this book looks like it just came off the printer.
  4. Your best bet is to post front and back pics in the hey buddy, can you spare a grade forum. Nice book!
  5. My feeling is, this is a free place to talk about and sell comics. There is more information here than anywhere else. If people aren't happy with things here, why keep coming back? Why not go to the other comic book forums instead?
  6. I don't follow GA that much these days but, didn't the market respond some to these replicas with lower prices?
  7. NEW PROCESS FOR WINNERS RECEIVING CERTIFICATES Winners can print their certificates of achievement through their My Account page on Hard copy printed certificates will not be mailed automatically. Winners who prefer to receive a hard copy printed certificate by mail must request them on their My Account page on by August 31, 2020.