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  1. comicdonna

    Best modern covers ever

    What can I say. It's the only modern comic I owned. I got rid of that sucker a few weeks ago.
  2. comicdonna

    Looking for owner of AF #15 stolen at C2E2 2018.

    Glad to hear the insurance company paid you for the book.
  3. comicdonna

    I miss the name change forum!

    I think this needs to be changed soon.
  4. It seems with the new forum, when someone changes their name, there is no longer a public record of it. Is that correct? I guess that's one way to get off the lists. I haven't noticed this yet but, can see that it will become a problem. Can this be fixed?
  5. comicdonna

    Your CGC Boards Origin Story

    I checked out the CGC website back in January 2005, to get some early Actions graded. Then, I saw the chat board tab...
  6. comicdonna

    Superman 1 Leo O Mealia or Joe Shuster ?

    Census shows Origin of Superman., Superman pin-up on back cover. Art Comments Jerry Siegel story, Joe Shuster cover and art
  7. comicdonna

    Ask Gator

    Sorry to hear that, Rick.
  8. comicdonna

    Ask Gator

    Any update on the house, Rick?
  9. comicdonna

    CGC not picking up from PO box, package returned?

    Wow, this is terrible. Two people having problems is more than a glitch.
  10. comicdonna

    Batman Bronze Age Appreciation Thread

    I like that issue. SA/BA Batman has been my focus these days.
  11. comicdonna

    Recommendations for books on comic book history?

    All in color for a dime.
  12. comicdonna

    Alright, I'll bite. Who is Stu?

    Stu is in the house.
  13. comicdonna

    Alright, I'll bite. Who is Stu?

  14. comicdonna

    Alright, I'll bite. Who is Stu?

    Yes. I believe Stu's banning was due to behavior issues.