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  1. Yes. Use the second, physical address for Fed Ex or UPS.
  2. I think the Latest Ebay sale/auction ended at $8330.
  3. That is an understatement. Locking everyone's journals, posting a link to it in a new format that is extremely user unfriendly, and telling people they can request it moved wherever they like was a huge disaster. Why not leave them all alone and use the same format they do for all other threads?
  4. Usually these id's have no posts, (PM's don't count) and I can't access an account with no posts. If someone reports the unwanted PM, that does give me access to the account, and I can ban the person.
  5. Dena said: Thank you for letting me know! I will check it out and help him get logged in.
  6. I sent her an e-mail, explained what was going on, and gave her a link to his id.
  7. @comicdonna Unfortunately, I do not have admin powers. If someone could send him dena's e-mail and have him explain to her in detail the problems he is having logging in to his account, I am sure she can help.
  8. People that are professional restoration experts are not going to give away their trade secrets so, most of the info you will receive will be from amateurs.
  9. Report the PM so he can be banned. He has created many id's with the same MO. ie a friend has a book...
  10. This sounds like a scammer that has been banned multiple times. Always saying a friend has a book. If you report the post/PM he can be banned.