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  1. 4 book lot here's what you get. Incredible Hulk #162 1st Wendigo 1 inch by 2 inch full book stain in upper right corner. Otherwise, the book is in great shape. Grade 3'5 Shazam #1 4.0 Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #41 3,5 Action Comics #318 Death of Luthor 2 inch scratch near top. The rest of the book is a beauty. 6.5 SOLD! Price: 75 shipped in the US 100% goes to Paul. PM me when you have paid.
  2. The best place to find existing threads is google. Sad but true.
  3. If someone is willing to host a charity FS thread in GSB, I am sure myself and many others will contribute.
  4. I hope this means the message was received, and change is on the way.
  5. Congratulations on the find, Paul. Best of luck going forward.
  6. What if there was a glitch that erased all of our posts counts? There would be a serious amount of whining.
  7. I think it's a great way for CGC to get a lot of reholder business.
  8. Between Cap 1, Superman 1, Batman 1 and Marvel Comics 1, I would choose Marvel Comics 1 It has always been a personal grail for me.