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  1. Rainmeter is an open source software, which can help you in customizing your desktop
  2. I've cleaned up the thread a little. Keep in mind discussing politics isn't allowed here.
  3. It was one of Harold Fuller's id's. I think BucOne. The new boards won't let me confirm the link to his id.
  4. Don't leave out the thread title. Your correct to.
  5. I don't think that feature currently exists on the new forum.
  6. I want to update this by saying by stroke of coincidence, one of my coworkers called me up and was expressing the same idea. The current disillusionment is real. However, she did echo something that I stated here a couple of months ago in Shadroch's thread, 'The thrill is gone." This pandemic has really opened the eyes of many people as to what is really important and what is not. I am doing the opposite and downsizing. I'm putting my house on 20 acres in Vermont on the market this summer, and going to build in Florida.