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  1. How old are Comic Collectors?

    I just reached my prime a few years ago. I just carry the cane to throw people off. I don't consider this thread one with a poll. 516 people have posted. 12 have voted, including me just now. I don't think this thread was originally set up with a poll. I think the new boards software added it. BTW, did you try voting in the Poll? I don't think it's working right.
  2. How old are Comic Collectors?

    I post updates from time to time.
  3. I've had this a little while but, I don't think I have ever posted in this thread. A pedigree.
  4. Thanks Jon. I would like a 7.5
  5. I hope I can get a copy this spring.
  6. Technology in comic collecting — now and tomorrow

    My wife downloaded your app yesterday. Thanks for the great contribution to the hobby.
  7. Stan Lee...accused of sexual harassment?!?!

    If I saw a stranger being inappropriately touched, against her will, I doubt I would be able to walk away.
  8. Stan Lee...accused of sexual harassment?!?!

    For the record, none of ya have my permission to touch my butt.
  9. Stan Lee...accused of sexual harassment?!?!

    Flirting is one thing but, there shouldn't be any touching without the OK. No matter how old you are.
  10. I got Robbed

    I wonder if the OP will post updates?
  11. DR.X's Christmas Contest 2017 is in Motion!!!

    Very sorry to hear this, Tim.
  12. Am I hosed?

    The OP says it looks like a chunk missing.
  13. PMs Go To Page 1

    My PM inbox is doing the same thing.