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  1. I would get the graders notes before getting it re-graded.
  2. here is my current best and favorite. I really enjoyed watching the TV show as a kid. It is also the second Marvel I have purchased for my personal collection. The 1st was a ToS #39 CGC 4.0, which I only kept for a few months. I purchased the book slabbed as a 4.5 When I tilted the slab, I could see the spine didn't lay flat. I could also see some NCB creases on the cover. I've never been a fan of pressing but, decided to send it to CCS and CGC for pressing and grading. Prior to this, I had only had 1 modern book pressed. It got dinged pretty good for cover edge wear but, after pressing the book laid flat, and maintained a nice, plump spine. The back picture is before I had it pressed.
  3. Absolutely! With or without coffee? LMK, and I will set that box aside.
  5. Good luck with the case, Mark, and thanks for sharing, Josh.
  6. Awesome! Wishing you a speedy recovery, Joey.
  7. Here's my loot from Hawaii! Thank you so much @Mayor Mccheese
  8. It should be there. I believe it's green when the thread is open, (mark as sold) and red when it's closed. (unmark as sold)
  9. Did you click on the marked as sold button by mistake? That will automatically close (lock) a seller's thread.
  10. I got my action figures from @comicjack 5 days after the contest ended! Thanks a bunch!