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  1. 2 9.8 slabs. Starborn #1 and Green Arrow #1
  2. Don't let these guys jerk you around. To change your custom title. Go to my stuff then my preferences. You can change it there. @BlowUpTheMoon
  3. I got the same and pretty much figured that's what it meant. I hope I am wrong.
  4. I'm enjoying my short lived, second place position.
  5. comicdonna

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    I sold 30K worth of books to someone. They could only send 10K at a time. When Paypal saw the 3 payments, they limited my account. Even after speaking to the buyer and myself on the phone, I still had to prove I owned the books.
  6. comicdonna

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    I individually hit quote on each post. In other words, hit quote on the first one, then go to the second one and hit quote. That plus thing or highlighting never worked for me.
  7. A friend shot me between the eyes with one. Also, my brother used to shoot me with one every time he got mad at me. It only hurts for a little while.
  8. comicdonna

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    My wife bought me my first slab as a Christmas present in 2004. An Action #29 CGC 4.0
  9. I remember that. What a tool he is. I exchanged some PM's with his girlfriend. She seemed nice. I was hoping he might of left some info either on a computer or notebook, of the books he manipulated. No such luck.