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  1. True, I did forget about onsite this past weekend. Usually regardless of Cons I had normally seen max 3 CGC business days before switched to QC. Thanks for the response.
  2. Submitted my first Value tier book. Usually do fast track modern or normal modern submit. It has been sitting in Graded status for over a week. Is this normal due to the slow process or should I inquire?
  3. No problem I fully understand. I believe my LCS still has a full set. DM me what your looking to pay for a set, they are asking $110. I would more then happy to see If I can get him to come down and use my discount.
  4. If Comic Sketch Art would get off their butt, I do have an incoming CGC Triple signed ECCC Variant coming in. I won't know grade until it arrives unfortunately.
  5. I can't speak for the Thanos 17 ordering....I passed as I was not a fan of the cover art. But all other orders I have made through Comic Mint have been 100% 9.8 quality. I have had delayed orders like with my Metal 6, but they responded to emails quickly. Sucks you had such a bad experience.
  6. I would grade and sell if your happy with the return you will get. I think even in the worst case a CGC 9.8 13 will always be at least a $100 book. I sold multiple copies of 13....for as low as $10 when it first started picking up steam, kicking myself. But I have 4 with CGC now.....When I get them back I will keep the highest grade and sell the rest.
  7. I do wish his superman was more "friendly" lol. Always to evil for me.......but I still buy
  8. I would if the 1:200 was unique and not just the virgin of the 1:25.
  9. The prices are crazy, even with the understanding it is a $8.00+ book. I was fortunate enough that I got two at $80.00 total from Scorpion Comics. I am not sure if they miscalculated the price, it was a flash sale or what, but hopefully they honor it as they are now charging $100.00. I am guilty and feed into the Mattina and Dell Otto craze. I however use my sales from other books and from extra copies pre-ordered on Wednesday to help pay for them. But I agree, its getting to be a weekly occurrence that I almost can't keep up with. Luckily I am not a JSC or Granov fan, so I save some mone
  10. This one is great! I ordered, but my LCS handled for me so I am not cc'd on tracking. I will let you know if I get it though. Ordered 2 sets I believe.
  11. Forgot about the #50......that didn't come Virgin did it?
  12. This one is nice, Not sure how much Superman he has done. I will definitely be picking up a few of these.