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  1. It was indeed, thanks Steve. Missed it anyway. Been in a device-free zone for a week or so.
  2. Some of my favorite comic stories of all time. That Wrightson cover had a profound effect on me at age thirteen, to say nothing of the Dave Stevens covers.
  3. There's a bit, Darlene, but not too much. They started properly in 1981 & put out 30 - odd titles until 1984. Loads of great artists, like Kirby, Wrightson, Stevens, Corben, Ploog, etc. Some classic covers - I had most of these when they first came out. Sadly, they went with the rest of my collection when I sold it back in the '90s. The Twisted Tales are the pricier ones now. Still, it's another hunt.
  4. This just landed today - Think I'll try to get a full set of everything Pacific put out.
  5. Cheers, pal. I think I've developed muscle memories for several of their more pedantic idiosyncrasies. I'm going through the lists & adding variant edition issue skeletons (& cover scans when I have them) for everything that's missing. Currently up to Rawhide Kid in the Marvel table. I think I'll be certifiable by the time I get to the Charltons.
  6. Amazing, Dolores, and frustrating. I meant to ask earlier, but do you have any objection to me pinching any of your scans from the threads? I'm going to try to crop them to within a micron of their lives & upload them onto GCD. I'll credit you, of course, but it's the only way I'm likely to get a scan of My Girl Pearl 7, Patsy & Hedy 70 & 71, Battle 70, etc., etc. Some of these are like rocking horse poop.
  7. Compelling, for sure. Especially given the battering most comics took just getting here. My guess is that the pence copies may well have been printed first, but not consistently. There were too many variables to guarantee a firm plan to print one set of covers before another on every run. Different guy on the press, different print runs, different ink levels depending on cover graphics, etc., etc. Also, when you get into the 70s & you have 3 or 4 variants in a print run (30c, 35c, 12p, Whitman), trying to pick out which was first off the press will just melt your eyeballs. Still, good
  8. G.I. Joe in French anyone? Just got this in today's mail. Part of a little ebay UK lot.
  9. Won this little lot on ebay UK last week - I bid on it for the G.I. Joe - But this was a nice surprise. Inside Strange #151 - 4 weirdly-sized, badly-trimmed trading cards Also some French McFarlane Spider-Man - A Finnish Spider-Man - & 2 Italian Draculas -
  10. I like random little ebay lots like this - No other pictures, no complete listing, enough visible to make it worth a (small) gamble. Minus a bunch of manky bags (stapled shut!!!) & this is what I got - Nothing high grade & a couple of proper rags, but it was worth it for these -
  11. Plus, look at the cover - Timmy's pooping himself at the thought of this 'helpless' doe. Lassie, meanwhile, thinks the whole thing is hilarious. They were never really on the same page, Timmy & Lassie. This is the essential tragedy of the series.
  12. So many wells... And barn fires. And bears wandering into town. And elephants escaping from the circus. And shady characters with canvas bags with $$ printed on them. I ask you, Barbara, what isn't sad about Lassie?
  13. This looks like my Australian Twilight Zone - Similar numbering on the cover Similar indicia GCD lists these as Australian market copies, printed in the Philippines.