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  1. Thought I'd seen that before. tree-fiddy. Seriously, though, I'd be cautious. How much do you want to pay for what is effectively an expensive place-keeper. If you managed to bag it for two or three hundred quid, would you be able to unload it for at least that much later? Good luck if you do go for it.
  2. picked up a nice little lot on ebay Uk the other week - not great condition, overall, but cheap enough.
  3. picked up a nice little lot the other week - my first Treasury Edition, after many lost bids because I am a chintzy bugger.
  4. Holeee cr*p. That is very veerrry cool.
  5. Did I find something? I think I saw this earlier in the thread, but I don't want to put my cupcake down to check.
  6. Ta Brenda. Very nice. I love these weird little outliers. Nice to have you back, btw. Hope it was nothing serious. chin chin & all that.
  7. I love 'em all, but Enrich's painted covers are waaay better than the drawn covers.
  8. Starting a run of this with issue 3 - Of course, I'll have to get the Spanish originals as well.
  9. Finally managed to bag a decent one of these for a reasonable price - Now, of course, I need the whole series. Aaand the original Spanish run...
  10. This is a little lot I won just before lockdown - Thanks to the seller for remembering to post it.
  11. Nice. Keep 'em coming. You could also post these in Marwood's thread. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/411880-marvel-uk-price-variants/?tab=comments#comment-9684956 He loves a
  12. In your own time... Looks like a nice copy. This is a UK Pence Price Variant, btw. The only book from the run that brings any decent money is #66 I like the Indian Disney. There's a huge collecting interest in India. I recommend the GCD for research. Like I said before, there are gaps, but if you have stuff that they don't, you can fill the gaps. There is also a very good thread on foreign collecting: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/246349-comic-book-collecting-with-a-foreign-variant-focus/?tab=comments#comment-5531193 There are bound to be others...
  13. Nice. About 30 years ago I bought a pile of coverless stuff & found an Atom #1 in it sitting on top of the cover wrap for... Atom #1. That doubled my money on the purchase. There were a few early SA horror books in there as well, The Thing, Spellbound, stuff like that. The guy also offered me a half-decent copy of Conan #1 for 20 bucks, which I said 'no thanks' to. Wish I'd taken that. Of course, if I had, I would have sold it by now, so I still wouldn't have one.