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  1. Show me what you have. Prefer reading or low grade comics. Must be complete with cover attached. Thanks. SLR
  2. I'll take this comic over the FF #1 any day of the week--and I ain't kiddin'!
  3. Congrats. Those are great comics--some of the best the company ever published.
  4. Don't believe that you picked these up for as little as 300 dollars. People say what they want and collectors believe them. Yeah, 300 bucks, right. Whatever you say.
  5. HG unslabbed 7.0-9.6 10-cent issues. Thanks.
  6. What is the current Overstreet value of the book in the grade shown. Might be interested if priced fairly. Thanks
  7. I ordered one and bid on one other. Rest are a bit pricey for me. Thanks, Steve
  8. Wanted to buy at a fair price: Little Lulu--Low grade preferred. Fine or lower. Shoot me a PM with pics. Thanks--MJR
  9. Cool Peter Panda. It's amazing that you kept it that way after buying it off the newstandl There are a zillion copies of the Millie book compared to the Peter Panda comic.
  10. Are you talking about the boy next to you or the the comic?
  11. I have seen many collectors claim they bought an old comic such as a beaten up GL 2 or for 3 bucks but when I used to hunt for these books they were much more. Terry and Harley and others used to sell them for 20 or 30 bucks--maybe more. That's why I dont buy comics anymore. One guy claimed he bought a beat-up Flash 123 for only 75 cents. Yeah, right.
  12. No. Passport was on Victory Blvd just east of Coldwater though at one time he had moved his store to Victory just west of Fulton. I'm thinking that both Earl and his wife Dee may have died; they were heavy smokers and surprisingly even smoked at the store. I'm sure most of their comics smelled of smoke. Also, he would place his comics in cellophane bags and then write the prices on the bags with a black marker thus all their comics had noticeable indentations. They were both nice people but they did not know much about proper care and handling of comics.