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  1. Summer is here and it's my time of the year to load up on comics once more. I have grown to enjoy staying dormant on my comic hunting. Can't wait for the long Beach comic Con, hoping Amanda Connor will be there. Her first New 52 line of H.Q. was a very refreshing especially after all that super dark DC material set from the tone of Films they tried so hard to v create as precursors to J.L's release. I hope to have some good exclusives this year. Missing out on The Harley Quinns' from L.B comic Con really hurt. I've got one of em so far, but it's just not the same without having picked them up myself from the con. If anyone else who comes across this reading happens to be attending L.B. comic Con as well; I hope to see ya there! - Joe K
  2. <h3>Just plain don't get you silver/bronze only collectors...<h3> <p>I believe that that the content of classic comics before 1978-72ish is so inferior to today's that the value that builds on their rarity is not structured logically. Now, I'm not saying that modern comics transcend the fact that they are ultimately cartoons (opinions aside). However, the content that makes up: artistic value <h7>(the drawings and ink jobs)<h7>, dynamics of dialouge <h7>(events, stories, relationships)<h7>, or initial exclusivity of <h7>(variant covers, dealer incentives, 9.x cgc/cb slabs<h7>, cant seriously be rivaled in terms of: <li>entertainment and enjoyment<li> <li>production value<li> <li>economic footprint. <h7>(at the time of the initial release of the book)<h7>.<li><p>
  3. I use the clz comics app too but it proved to be basically worthless to me as many books from larger hauls are direct editions with no barcode. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. Thanks to all for the replies, very good info. Cheers.
  5. I picked up two slabs from ebay because they were very reasonably priced. They are in good shape, but there are markings that border the book itself in the plastic enclosure. I am pretty new to collecting cgc certified books but I do have a few purchased from reputable comic stores and none of those have any of these sort of markings. Are these signs of a case that has been tampered with, or are these commonly seen in some slabs that have been through a process that I'm not familiar with? I hope the images show the markings off clearly. I sure hope they have not been tampered with as that would really suck. I should add that both of the books added to my registry set successfully with the cert. numbers on the label. They are not really expensive books or anything so I don't really suspect counterfeit books, but it just looks like the cases have been opened to me. Again, I'm not sure what the deal is here so hopefully someone can shed some light. Thanks.
  6. thanks for the reply, since posting this I've discovered the gpa for cgc analysis website. using this in conjunction with ebay sold listings is very helpful.
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    Conan 11

    wow almost 600 points on that baby nice find.
  8. I love reading and collecting comics, been at it since I was a kid growing up in the 90's. I have a bunch of books that have appreciated in raw value. The idea of getting them graded to enter into the competitive set registry is my motivation here. I've read over much of the material about how to submit and my membership permits me to submit. However, I still feel as though I am missing something in understanding what type of content is appropriate to submit for grading. How much raw value appreciation percent is enough to justify a sumbit? Is a 4:1 variant cover something that would benefit from a grading? How about a book that only ran 8000 prints? I will do my research on books that have grades and see what specifications they have in common, but I would appreciate any advice or guidance from experienced members here. Happy hunting.
  9. Collecting with the big boys: I am new to officially certified comics. I look forward to getting my completed sets slabbed and graded. If anybody has any advice on how to use the resources here to my advantage, or any advice on getting the right books slabbed please feel free to send a message my way.