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  1. I'd go CL unless you have some seriously high value books that need that the type of exposure and marketing that Heritage can provide (at a higher cost, of course).
  2. I bought that one new as well, but vol #10 was actually the first one for me. I still have both stowed somewhere. Never got vol 12 as I was getting out of the hobby at that time.
  3. Nice. That was the very first DD book I ever bought off the stands as a kid. Remember it distinctly as I thought the Gladiator had one of the coolest costumes I've ever seen at the time.
  4. I remember buying that book off the spinners myself, but alas my original copy has been long gone. When I last saw it, the cover was detached, but I still read and re-read it.
  5. Wow. Old thread. Forgot I had a copy. Here's mine.
  6. Ra’s ......... Bats is porking Selina way too much for her to be a villain to me.
  7. Nice. I remember buying the Captain America one when I was a kid.
  8. Creepy, but not illegal if the age of consent is 16. Definitely should have known better on his part.
  9. Agreed with all mentioned. I'd add Tom Palmer onto the list as well. His inks made every artist look better.
  10. I had 2-3 copies of this back in the day. Bought my first copy right off the stands. Loved it so much, had to get a few more so I could keep at least one pristine copy and continue to reread my issue whenever I wanted to. The second appearance wasn't as good though.
  11. 30 years ago, I would have said Byrne. Looking back now at the totality of their work, I'd give the Perez nod.
  12. You'd be surprised how big of a demand those reprints can be. Very low print run in those days and even lower high grade copies surviving.
  13. I would imagine BA 12 would be on the top 10 somewhere if you're excluding variants and such.