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  1. I tried doing that. I have Bats #1-713 and 'Tec 27-867 as PDFs as well as a boatload of hard copy graphic novels. The graphic novels were easy enough since modern writing is fairly good, but some of the older era stuff was just mind numbingly dumb. The more I tried reading through them, the less joy I got out of reading Batman. Gave it up and stuck just with those stories I like or think I'll like.
  2. Retirement fund! Well, they've certainly appreciated a lot more than my 401k that's currently tanking thanks to COVID-19.
  3. Wow. Resurrected thread from 8 years ago.
  4. Tec' 411 is up there as well. Rivaling Bats 232 for a while and at times even beating it in sales, especially in the higher grades due to that black cover..
  5. Talking about THIS year. Not the one coming up.
  6. Nice to see this bumped up again. Like to think this thread had a hand in driving up the mad demand for this book a few years back.
  7. Well, it's certainly better an any of the covers they did for this year.
  8. LOL. The $1,111 I paid for my 9.6 wasn't that great either. Still, it's by far the best looking 9.6 I've ever seen. Still wondering why it's not a 9.8.
  9. Definitely a buyer's market out there for Conan fans. Picked up this nice copy for only $13.50. Some of Gil Kane's best work.
  10. Batman is DC’s Spider-Man. I can’t think of a title he HASN’T guest starred in at one time or another.
  11. All floppies will be considered modern until they have all transitioned to digital media. Digital age, where your new comics will only be available digitally, will be the next age. Book it.
  12. Speaking for myself, not worth the trouble. Unless it's really scarce or high value book, I think I'd rather just buy another book in a higher grade and sell this one off to help pay for it.