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  1. Brian48

    Anyone here exclusively collect Bronze?

    I don't think I actually collect any more as I haven't bought anything in a long time, but BA is where I usually put my money. It's the era I grew up in so books of that time have the most emotional connection to me. Especially the earlier BA period with DC up to the 100 pager period.
  2. Brian48

    Conan the Barbarian #1 Club

    Nice copies, folks. Despite today's overly PC climate, I'm hoping this genre picks up again. Some great stories here.
  3. Brian48

    Stan Lee RIP

    Stan's final tweet, a day before he passed. Good to know he still had clarity of mind and was a soldier to the end. Stan Lee’s final social media posts honors Veterans Day
  4. Brian48

    Stan Lee RIP

  5. Brian48

    Stan Lee RIP

    Well, we all sadly knew this day would come. Even when I was out of comics, Stan had a place in my heart and in my thoughts. I think we were fortunate that he lived long enough that at least one more generation of fans got to know him. Am really glad that he lived to see all these wonderful creations he, Jack, Steve, etc. created come to such prominence in pop culture and media. Good journey, Sir. Godspeed and Excelsior!
  6. A very naked Betty Ross walking towards a giant phalanx. How it got by the code, I'll never know.
  7. Brian48

    Gil Kane Cover Thread

    Great covers. To me, Gil Kane was the Neal Adams of Marvel back in the day. Can't tell you how many times I bought a book because of that the beautiful GK cover just to be let down by the interior art.
  8. Brian48

    Adam Warlock Marvel Premiere #1 CGC question

    I'd give it lower than a 7.0 myself, but that might be me as I'm really picky about tanning with the cover or pages. 8.5 is very optimistic, if not fraudulent.
  9. Brian48

    The only comic that ever scared me.

    I loved this book. Remember buying it off the stands back in the day. Kirby fresh off his 4th World stint over at DC and at his far out best.
  10. I had never heard of them nor seen them for sale back in the day. I did come across these two a couple of years ago in a dollar bin. Thought they were pretty cool, especially the early Byrne stuff in Doomsday+1, so I picked them up.
  11. Brian48

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

  12. Just saw a movie called Hostiles (the one with Christian Bale). It occurred to while watching it, Ben Foster wouldn't be a bad choice to play Lobo. Based on some of his other movies, he can definitely pour on the intensity and darkness if he needs too.
  13. Yah know, I hear a lot of praise for the original movie, but I never liked it. Thought it was a bit disappointing and played a like an R rated TV movie to me with everyone overacting. I remember rolling my eyes multiple times throughout the film. Let's hope this one is a little bit better.
  14. Brian48

    Oddly Similar Comic Covers

    We're also excluding homage covers in addition to "recycled" covers, correct? Otherwise, 'Tec 31 has been done over several times.