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  1. Never understood the peak to begin with. What an overblown character. Darkseid, yes. Orion, yes, Mr. Miracle, yes. Even Big Barda, yes. But Steppenwolf? Really?
  2. Time to resurrect the old Bats 227 thread! Is Batman 227 the "key" Neal Adams Batman book to have? - Bronze Age Comic Books - CGC Comic Book Collectors Chat Boards (
  3. Not exactly sure when it was released, but I remember it was towards the days when Smith was starting to leave comics. I posted about my purchase way back in this thread with some added pics.
  4. One of my favorite Conan books. One of the best Smith covers ever. From the Smith Conan portfolio.
  5. I'm still waiting for Marvel to retcon or reintroduce War Toy into the Marvel Universe or MCU, especially the MCU. Unknown Worlds of Sci Fi #2, which is gloriously undervalued right now, would absolutely take off.
  6. Another vote for presentation, especially if the grade difference is so small. Heck, I'd bet if you resubmitted both books again, there's a chance the 9.0 can get a bump and the 9.2 might get a downgrade. White pages are great if you can get them, but OW/W is not far behind so I don't consider that a factor. I might reconsider if it was W vs OW, or worse. In any case, both books will age over time anyway unless you treat it chemically. Here's an example where I went from a 9.0 OW to an 8.5 W and couldn't be happier. Not just because of presentation, but rather the back of the 9.0 look
  7. Some beautiful covers. I have a copy of Bats 235. One of my favorites. Although I don’t collect any more, I may still upgrade my copy if an opportunity presents itself.
  8. I would say I'm extremely happy with how discipline I've become in keeping my collection small and focused. In fact, I've only bought a handful of misc books in the last 4 years and only when they were so cheap, I couldn't say No. I'm at the point where I can probably say I don't really collect comics any more. I finished my Adams Bats, Smith Conan, Miller DD runs, and now I'm pretty satisfied just enjoying what I have. Toyed with the idea of chasing the Kirby 4th World books, but decided I was plenty happy with the Omnibus.
  9. I think it's fine although a bit unsightly. If it bothers you, just get it re-slabbed for the peace of mind and be done with it. That said, I don't think it's enough to be considered a defect that CGC would re-slab it for you at no cost.
  10. I'd go CL unless you have some seriously high value books that need that the type of exposure and marketing that Heritage can provide (at a higher cost, of course).
  11. I bought that one new as well, but vol #10 was actually the first one for me. I still have both stowed somewhere. Never got vol 12 as I was getting out of the hobby at that time.