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  1. Brian48

    Older CGC Red Labels

    I like my slabs to be as uniform as possible, which means I prefer the blue. Personally, I'm not crazy about the old labels whether they're red or blue. This is one of the few I have, but I'm too cheap to have it reholdered.
  2. Brian48

    You're old if you purchased these

    God Bless, Robert Bell.
  3. The absolute best written and beautifully drawn Satana story of the era was Marvel Preview #7, bar none. The sexy cover drew you in, but it was the internals that blew you away. Unfortunately, this book is out of reach for most collectors these days.
  4. Brian48

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    I've got to get me a copy of the Demon one, but this past year I picked up a copy of the complete Kirby Fourth World to go along with my copy of Jimmy #134. Awesome collection.
  5. Brian48

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    I love omnibuses. Especially the oversized absolute editions when available. They may or may not have any value in the future, but I don't really care. My view on this, if you're looking for investment or resale, stick with the floppies. Trades should be something you can enjoy without having to worry about protecting your investment or the print numbering. I may not collect any more comics after this past year, but I think I'll still buy the omnibuses and absolute editions for their sheer reading pleasure.
  6. Beautiful copy. MIne is no where near as nice, but it was a nice cheap purchase to fill the gap.
  7. Is that from ASM #151? If so, i recall a very funny bit with the uneaten tuna fish at the party.
  8. Brian48

    New 52 Titles that Went the Distance

    Interesting. For some reason, I always thought Harley Quinn was part of the N52 explosion. I guess that came later.
  9. I came EVER SO CLOSE to pulling the trigger on a copy Vampire Tales #2 CGC 9.4 W. This would have been my 3rd book bought this year. Decided against it at the last minute and upgraded my PC instead.
  10. I actually did a double take to believe it. According to my logs, I've only bought two books and one piece of minor art all year long! I knew my collecting interest was waning, but didn't think it had gone down so much. Not a lot out there is catching my attention long enough for me to pursue I guess. This was another copy added to my MP7 hoard. Three 9.4s, one 9.0, and one raw thus far. Jimmy O Dustin Nguyen sketch.
  11. Brian48

    Your Collecting Goals for 2019!

    I think I'm actually done. Except for maybe a few trades, I don't see myself buying any more books for collecting purposes any time soon. Maybe some original art, but even then, it has to be something that really interests me.
  12. Knew it was a matter of time. Lost out on my last few bids for his first appearance. Of course, this film will tank after they cast Tom Cruise for the role.
  13. Brian48

    Comiclink 2018 auction - soft prices?

    I'm not surprised. Holiday season. People spending a lot of money else where.
  14. If it helps, this is the checklist I made for myself.