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  1. With that many boxes, I'd worry a lot more than just shipping cost. Unless I'm straight on the other side of the country, I'd drive it myself.
  2. Looks about as normal as it gets. Very similar to what's on my copy of BB 85.
  3. Same here only it was back in ‘83 for me. Hung onto my sports cards a little longer, but sold them off as well in the early’’90s. Wish I held onto both.
  4. Seriously speaking, I re-watched the trailer again and am a little disappointed they might have dived too deep into the mystical side with this movie. As a big fan of the early Paul Gulacy run, I was hoping they'd have a more grounded and "James Bond" feel to the story like in those early, iconic issues from the '70s.
  5. Very lukewarm trailer to me. Not sure what I was expecting, but at least hollywood didn't cast Tom Cruise in the role.
  6. Vampire Tales #2 (personal favorite not previously mentioned).
  7. It's my understanding that cardsavers are always preferred because all the grader needs to do is cut the plastic open to safely get at the card. If you use a top loader, he/she will need to tap the holder to get the card out. If the card gets damaged during this process, it's on you, not the grader.
  8. I had already gotten out of comics by '86, but I knew this tone in comics was coming. Was a very big DD fan back then and when Miller left the title, I pretty much lost interest in the hobby overall.
  9. Really impressed that this is one of those books, despite the huge populations, is still in such high demand today. Convinced at this point it'll never go down.
  10. Hot, but nah. Some assets are still missing. In any case, I would bet that if they did proceed with a Vampi project, the portrayal will be a lot more like what they did with Satana in Hellstrom and look nothing like the source material. You will more likely to see a full XXX version of Druuna before you see a classic representation of Vampi.
  11. This will not be the same Vampi we all know. There is no way in hell today’s woke culture will ever accept the source material or character portrayal, especially that costume. in any case, it’s certainly better than that B movie attempt they made a few years ago. That was God awful.
  12. Done. Was long, but it went very quickly for me. I'm thinking they probably should have just broke the movie up into 4 episodes so it would be easier for some folks to watch. It's easy enough to just binge through them if one is so inclined. The way the chapters were broke up, it would have been so easy to do so. Anyway, this is the best DC movie I've seen in a while. Definitely the most refined in my opinion. Part of me thinks all the delays and turmoil with this film actually helped Snyder as it bought a lot of time to get his final vision polished.
  13. Well, I really like this movie. Almost finished with part 5. Might as well finish it off tonight. I am absolutely astounded at the amount of footage shot that we never saw. Darkseid was great. We need more.