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  1. LOL. The $1,111 I paid for my 9.6 wasn't that great either. Still, it's by far the best looking 9.6 I've ever seen. Still wondering why it's not a 9.8.
  2. Definitely a buyer's market out there for Conan fans. Picked up this nice copy for only $13.50. Some of Gil Kane's best work.
  3. Batman is DC’s Spider-Man. I can’t think of a title he HASN’T guest starred in at one time or another.
  4. All floppies will be considered modern until they have all transitioned to digital media. Digital age, where your new comics will only be available digitally, will be the next age. Book it.
  5. Speaking for myself, not worth the trouble. Unless it's really scarce or high value book, I think I'd rather just buy another book in a higher grade and sell this one off to help pay for it.
  6. And they say Americans love violent entertainment.
  7. Thought hard and long about this one. I guess it's still this book.
  8. Just came in today. I'm astounded interest in these early SSOCs, especially the ones with Boris covers are so overlooked and cheap!
  9. First purchase of 2020. Wasn't looking, but when i stumble across them cheap, it's hard to say no. Love these early Boris covers.
  10. I find it amazing that it's 2020 and every female first appearance (minor and major) has already skyrocketed in value and demand except for Red Sonja. I'm talking Power Girl, Big Barda, Satana, etc.. I guess even if the character is female, Sword and Sorcery is still a genre that's in the basement.
  11. Great books. Not sure why the Miller DD run is so undervalued (comparatively speaking) considering the impact it had on the character and the influence it had/has on story telling to this day. GLWTS.
  12. After only buying two books this year, I came home with this LCS find. Great condition and at $9 a pop, quite a bargain.
  13. Honestly, I really don't collect any more and only follow the hobby as a spectator these days, but I made an exception today. I stopped by my LCS just to say hello and happy New Year to the guys and wouldn't you know it, they acquired a stash of early Warrens that were in great condition. They let me have these on the cheap so I just couldn't resist.
  14. Don't plan on buying any new books in '20 unless something comes along my way that really catches my fancy. In fact, this is the year I might trim some of my books from my already small collection.
  15. This thread needs a BUMP!
  16. Since I only bought two books this year, I guess by default these are my favorites. Stumbled across them on the cheap.
  17. I don't show my collection to ANYONE. Even if I trust them, I don't trust anyone that they might tell about it. Got robbed once. Never again. At least not without me putting the thief in a body bag.
  18. Got off my duff this year and help organize a company drive for the Fisher House of Boston, which serves families of veterans undergoing hospital care. My proudest accomplishment in a long time. Hat's off to the crew of the USS Constitution for lending us a hand getting started. Semper Fi.