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  1. Buy any three $5 books before this post 3 for $10 (must mention all three books in the same 1 copy please Let me know if they are still available; I would like the three $5 books for $10 deal please.
  2. I'll take these 2 if still available.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a very scarce comic, A Stranger's Tale #3 (Vineyard Press, 1997). This is an Adam Hughes cover. I am looking for any grade, medium to high, with preference for 9.0 or higher. I am willing to pay $100 for a high grade (9.4+) raw copy, even more for a graded CGC 9.4 or better. My activity on this forum has been limited, but I have purchased from a forum member recently and I am highly rated as a buyer on Ebay (I go by the handle of ct-usa). I may be willing to trade also. Please contact me if you have one and are willing to sell/trade. Thank you.
  4. Lot 2 Marville 3 vf/nm Lot 3 Emma Frost 5 nm Lot 5 Conan 1 Dark Horse JSC cover nm Lot 9 Danger Girl 3 vf/nm Lot 10 Marville 4 nm Lot 11 Alien Worlds 2 vf/nm Spider-man 2099 1 nm Vampirella 1 Harris nm
  5. Hi. Parrillo cover collector here. I need a Vampirella 38 Parrillo Cover (I think it's the 4th series, from Dynamite) to complete my set. I'm looking for raw, but will consider graded if the price is right. PM me if you have one you want to part with or know a store that has one. Thanks!