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  1. Just read a little more BlowUpTheMoon and it looks like you may have solved my problem - I can't thank you enough. I ordered a used 8300 on eBay for $140 tonight and can get back to cataloging my slab inventory soon!
  2. Oh - cool! So that allows the 8300 to work? There are no driver issues at that point? Thanks!!
  3. Hi everyone - Common lurker de-cloaking to ask a question - I hope someone can help me. After the most recent macOS updates (actually the last couple), my old scanner no longer works. I know that I need: CCD not CIS scanning technology Legal-size or bigger flatbed ...but I can't find such a device, or at least not one from the general marketplace. Many people have suggested the HP ScanJet 8300 flatbed scanner, but according to HP, it's not compatible with Windows 10 and on the Mac side, HP says to check with Apple. If you visit the Apple forums, there's no solution available. Surely someone out there is scanning their slabs for posting online, whether just for their own blogs/websites, social media or to list for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you- Christopher