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  1. Good News! I figured it out. It just dawned on my that I had a new main drive installed on my computer recently, so I checked out what automatic 'blockers' were on my Chrome sites. CGCs site had a blocker on that must have been enabled by Windows 10 install. I turned it off and voila!, no more issue.
  2. BTW, I am expecting a list of submissions. It does not appear. Only the box on the upper left that asks for a submission number. Also, if I leave the page up, and close/reopen the browser. The list appears. However, if I select ANY invoice to view the books or choose any link at all, the error screen I posted to you appears and the list cannot be recovered.
  3. It is still an issue. Even closing the browser and re-opening does not make them appear.
  4. I was informed via a phone call to CGC this morning that an upgrade to the site was made last night. Since last night I have been unable to view any of my submissions. The usual list is missing. When I try to enter one of them in the entry box in the upper left, I get a "An unexpected error has occurred. Please refresh the page to confirm that you are signed in and then try again." Anyone else experiencing this? Any idea when this will be fixed?