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  1. Not whining, but celebrating, every day since the purchase.
  2. Any early Spidey book, no matter the grade, is a book to be cherished. That's a nice reader, and display book even.
  3. Just learned, from the master, pimp your own books, trash other people's books!!
  4. Darn, was hoping was a jacket with strip reprints, or a pressed jacket.
  5. I love Richards sense of humor, but in this case he's not kidding around. To each his own.
  6. Yes, fun to watch, but a little stressful as well for me anyway. I got the 10, 13, and 15. Just a wonderful run put together by the consigner. Obviously, getting all of my wants was out of the question, but I'm very happy other collectors got great books.
  7. Who's the resident Troll that sacentaur is referring to? Should be interesting.