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  1. We've got another auction. This time it's for an uncirulated SPIDER-MAN #1 1990 TORMENT CGC SS 9.8 STAN LEE YELLOW LABEL slab. Beautiful book and signed by Stan "The Man" himself! Come and get it! Thanks for the interest!
  2. We've got a couple SS in BIN format: SPIDER-MAN #1 1990 TORMENT CGC SS 9.6 TODD MCFARLANE AT HIS BEST YELLOW LABEL -and- SPIDER-MAN #1 1990 TORMENT CGC SS 9.8 STAN LEE YELLOW LABEL As always, taking offers too. Thanks!
  3. Hello again guys! For those interested got a couple of 9.8 raws in auction - BOTH GUARANTEED 9.8 WP, ready for slabbing!! WMD: WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION #1 ARTGERM LAU SDCC VIRGIN COPIC 9.8 RAW -and- DARK NIGHTS METAL #1 DELL'OTTO VIRGIN BULLET PROOF EDITION 9.8 RAW Thanks for your interest!
  4. Just a few more hours left today on these two beautiful books - Dell O'tto's SS Iron Fist #1, 1 in 600 and DKIII SS #1 first print, Frank Miller and crew before he goes totally bonkers. Just a helpful tip for those that are interested and not a comic bidding pro. The vast majority of slabs are usually taken out at the last few seconds by a lurker behind the scenes - especially on highly sought after books. So to give yourself a winning chance you need to set your max bid appropriately. This goes out to the little guys and non-dealers especially. So good luck to everyone, these are t
  5. Just one more day! Set your maximum bids high enough, looks like their going to try to snipe em! Good luck!
  6. Got an awesome condition DeadPool #1 of the on-going series 1997 raw in buy it now format, perfect for sig series slab McGuinnes and/or Liefeld!! This book may grade a 9.8 and at the very least 9.6NM+ - considering offers! Also, in auction format starting at .99 DKIII #1 CGC 9.8 Frank miller and crew SS yellow label Iron fist #1 CGC 9.8 Dell'Otto SS yellow label Thanks!!!
  8. We are taking offers on both a 9.6 and 9.8 CGC yellow labels Virgin cover Signed by Dell'Otto himself. This is such a beautiful cover! Only 600 of them. The Census is misleading since most of the covers are signed by the supporting artists and of course Stan. Only a handful of the Virgins are actually signed by Dell'Otto! He is the Rembrandt of comic book artistry... Here's our links: IRON FIST #1 CGC 9.6 DELL'OTTO VIRGIN VARIANT YELLOW LABEL IRON FIST #1 CGC 9.8 DELL'OTTO VIRGIN VARIANT YELLOW LABEL
  9. Another magnificent book signed by Dell'Otto himself. This one is the wraparound cover. VENOM #3 CGC 9.8 SS GABRIELE DELL'OTTO WRAP AROUND COVER Very few of these signed by Dell'Otto out there! Auction starts at .99. As always 3 dollar rebate to CGC boardies on auctions! Must message me here. Thanks!
  10. We've got a VENOM #2 CGC 9.8 SS GABRIELE DELL'OTTO YELLOW LABEL up for auction. Starts at .99. Signed by Gabrielle Dell'Otto himself! Awesome cover, he has exceptional quality artistry! Very few of these signed by him out there. As always 3 dollar discount to CGC boardies! Must message me here. Thanks!
  11. We've got an EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1 CGC 9.8 MATTINA SIG SERIES X-23 VARIANT EDITION YELLOW LBL auction. Gold ink sig is nice and sharp. Francesco took his time on this one! 3 dollar rebate to any CGC forum member - must PM me here! Thanks for your interest!