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  1. dirtymartini1

    Contact Bill Watterson

    Reach out to Steve Ditko and see if he would write Bill on your behalf.
  2. dirtymartini1

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    For another $5k I’d rather get 2 Jim Lee Lake Como commissions. 🤣😂🤣
  3. dirtymartini1

    Framing your OA

    When getting your OA professionally framed, do you leave the art in its mylar and acid free board or take it out when framing? Please feel free to elaborate on either side why you do what you do. thanks for the input.
  4. dirtymartini1

    Cool Lines Art Work Inquiry

    Tips for dealing with them. pour a full glass of scotch. bang you head against the table 3 times. email them about a page similar to the one you really want. they will then give you prices on many pages of that artist/comic title. While the specific item you asked about will be marked 100% over FMV, the others which include the page you really want will range from 40-70% over FMV. If its a must have piece then go back and forth to get 10% more off. Bite your tongue/hold your nose and pay. take a shower.
  5. dirtymartini1

    Dialog's Effect on Art and Art Values

    Dialogue and the story help give you the complete array of feelings and satisfaction of a piece. Eye candy has no substance or resonance once the ooh aww factor wears off. You want your art like you want a good woman. Pretty but something underneath to keep you interested and coming back for more.
  6. dirtymartini1

    Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    Damn what an amazing find. You just gave all us kids of the 80s a guy shot. Thrilled to see it but sad it’s gobbled up. Enjoy. Wow
  7. dirtymartini1

    Original Art Aficionado [New Article - 1/12/17]

    I would love to use Hakes but its user interface is stone age. I give up after about a dozen clicks sending me in circles. I should be able to locate ORIGINAL COMIC ART in less than 10 seconds. Not waste 10 minutes and still feel like a paulsey bc I'm on a page with bottle caps.
  8. dirtymartini1

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    Good thing it wasn't a $15k commish for a Lake Como Jim Lee. They would of put a lien on your house and took a kidney.
  9. I think what makes most owners of art keep their guard up is when they get messaged out of the blue by strangers showing interest in their art. There's a good chance its a straw buyer acting on someone else's behalf. Oh it happens just as much as shill bidding.
  10. dirtymartini1

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    I am in Bergen Country. I cant wait to get out of here. Hopefully 3-5 years left of overpaying property tax. Then I can buy more art!
  11. The CGC label says page 6 detached. I have heard that its actually an non attached insert that was added with the original comic way back when. Does anyone have any idea if this is true? If so I would think it way more valuable and even a better grade if that is the case. Page detached must knock off points. Any golden age Green Lantern experts out there to weigh in?
  12. dirtymartini1

    The Official Comiclink Winter Featured Auction (Ends Mar 9)

    2 places you def need "friends" In prison and protecting your OA in auction. Ha!
  13. dirtymartini1

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    ha while i love this thread the one sad part is the actions of these people sometimes make ones love a piece turn to hatred and it has nothing to do with the art but the circumstances surrounding it. i have had it happen. it stinks. the art is the same but you are instantly soured to it bc of outside influences.
  14. dirtymartini1

    The Official Comiclink Winter Featured Auction (Ends Mar 9)

    77 is a 4 dinosaur heads w no turtles. This one is full on Leo in a down poor w lighting and an archangel above him. Forget apples an oranges you are talking anchoivies and pepperoni.