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  1. Original Art Aficionado [New Article - 1/12/17]

    1 year. Awesome. Congrats. I always look forward to your report. There is a lack of reporting on our hobby. You fun reads help fill the void.
  2. Your 1 Grail

    Hands down HOS 92. Seeing it in person made it even more amazing. It resides in Metropolis collection. Modern day Mona Lisa of comic art.
  3. # of whales with unlimited funds

    Ha, they left out he bums cigarettes too. Where is TMZ when you need them for the juicy details?
  4. (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    Ha. I prefer their lesser know hits. Blue line Sky and In Memory of Reed Richards
  5. Phantom Buyers

    Ha. I believe you are spot on. Its funny bc its prob true.
  6. Phantom Buyers

    A fellow CAF member reached out to me about a few pages of art. I gave them a very fair bundle price which they accepted. They replied saying its a deal and asked about 2 additional pieces. I let them know those 2 were not for sale but listed an additional few pieces that I would consider letting go of with prices included. A week has gone by and there has been no response. I know it was only a verbal yes but if you changed your mind, isn't a reply common courtesy either way?
  7. (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    Without knowing your relationship to the upset seller, perhaps you should have told him your intentions to sell the piece as you need some cash and gave him 1st crack to buy it back.
  8. (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    ha 3x markup and its not even in his hands yet. i bid 888 also. i cant believe we both had same high bid. $1 more and it would be in my collection. good grief
  9. ComicLink Summer Featured Auction 2017

    What about Avengers 165 page 5 for $15750! Mama Mia.
  10. Opinions on pencil only pages?

    As I rule, I never buy pencil only but you know what happens to rules.....sometimes you have to have it. Ink be damned! Deodato's pencils are so hard and dark its super hard to tell, even in person.
  11. Overrated art?

    Yes I agree with all 3. 100% super over rated.
  12. Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    Yes her room is all white & light gray with a few pops of pink.
  13. Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    My most recent framed OA. ready to be put in the baby's room after approval from the boss.
  14. Post your grail!

    A comic etched in my childhood memory and I was able to acquire it. I love it from the use of Vulture's silouette, to the negative space and lasty Spidey in the Pieta pose holding the injured flight attendant. Giacoa inks finish off this amazing Saviuk cover like a cherry on top.