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  1. He must of had some leftover Forever Stamps
  2. After a week like this, Tony’s got the right idea. Bottoms up! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1613835
  3. Oh wow. Thank you for the suggestion. She is super talented. Soon as I saw some of her stuff, I thought wow, Cursed Pirate Girl in color!
  4. My 1st commish. Happy and relieved. It came out great and didn’t take years. Here it is. by Bill Carman. If you care to read the hows and why, please check out my CAF link. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1609981
  5. Spidey & Goblin splash mid air battle? All day! Frenz pencils & Sal B inks
  6. The NJ comic art show is coming up as well end of march 29th @ the holiday inn Hasbrouck Heights NJ. Free parking, no city traffic, no GW Bridge $15 toll, 20 min from my house? In!!! Holiday Inn 283 Route 17 South 7604
  7. So global warming is a myth. It's really just Cyclops melting the polar ice caps! I knew it.
  8. they should lower the buy fees on monday to 10% for a time. That would drive some action and get people in the rhythm of the change.
  9. not trading card, but toy box art, was originally a splash page, then cover for 2nd print, then cover for 3rd print black and white and then finally used on the goblin toy. hat trick + 1.
  10. I will buy some Skottie Young art but first I have to sell some tulips I've been sitting on. Until then, I will buy some pieces from Chris Giarusso. Same simple kiddie lines at less than half the price of SY.