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  1. Hobgoblin in the house! It was time to start diversifying my goblins. Art by Ron Garney
  2. I'm here all week. Try the blue line copy
  3. A few years back, Michael Lacombe was handling his art sales. Hope it helps. michel@babyl.dyndns.org
  4. If a mono print gets xeroxed in the woods, now which 1 is the artists proof? Only PGX knows.....
  5. priceless for someone with a metallic calf fetish. don't shine a black light on this page
  6. $11k In my day, fish hooks were given out free daily at summer camp!
  7. I hemmed an hawed for a good few years, checking in and admiring this DPS from afar. I even made an offer once which was quasi accepted. Finally, this past black friday was a 50% off sale. I knew it was now or never and would of probably been miffed if it was snatched, so I pulled the trigger. I read the Thunderbolts during the pre and post Dark Reign error. It was a good fun read. This is a sweet example of pretty much all of the players on both of those teams in 1 nice image. Pencils and inks by Declan Shalvey
  8. What was I, chop liver? Muppet Babies gets no love!
  9. Guess we have to find out if Parler have an OA section?
  10. I collected as a kid from 86-92. I started up again mid 20's collecting 2006-2008. I fell off a bit again, but once I shacked up with the gf and couldn't go out galavanting all hours of the night anymore, I needed a new fix, I mean hobby. So I've been back in since 2012. I got bit by the art bug around 2015 which was also the year I was getting married. Somehow selling books and covering my tracks, I made it work and got a few of my favorite pages. I am lucky to be friends in real life with 2 established collectors who prevented me from making any of the rookie collecting mistakes that c
  11. If Marvel does issue 94, they are gonna send you to the poor house!
  12. I'll see your undesirable head shot and raise you 1 intimidating helmet shot! Either way, nothing can stop it from getting framed and put on the wall! Cain Marko doing his best Tony Montana impression. art by the Fabulous Frenz, ink by Joltin Joe https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1668800