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  1. Any dealer booths available? Just got a huge new golden age collection I'm dying to bring out
  2. Baltimore's current guidelines regarding indoor events say the event is limited to 25% of capacity, and casinos and bowling alleys as well as restaurants for indoor dining are open The capacity of the center is 14,000 people Meaning the show can take place with a maximum of 3,500 people in the center at any one time Assuming the staff, artists, and dealers account for half, They can allow 1,750 attendees in the hall at any given period, Careful crowd control and asking attendees to understand and limit their time in the hall would make this workable, ' Also This is still 2 months away, and we say a further loosining of restrictions I am signed up as a dealer and remain optimistic .
  3. For those of you lucky enough not to live in NYC NYC still has not fully opened even for restaurants, indoor gatherings are forbidden , < indoor events are forbidden If NYC does happen there are current travel restrictions for 32 states, Meaning there are checkpoints at travel hubs looking for out of state visitors, These visitors are required to register, and required to quarentine for 14 days. Before you visit, make sure you are not on the list Here's Hoping we can meet in NY
  4. They are still selling tickets Stephans has it on the schedule
  5. Reading the State guideline, It is impossible to figure out weather the show will be allowed at 50%capacity, allowed at 25% capacity or not allowed at all . There are also a bunch of difficult to understand guidelines to follow if the show takes place Wizard has not posted any covid warnings , guidelines or disclaimers on their show site which is disturbing It is obvious that if the DES website still has the show scheduled that they know something we don't As far as the delay in announcing. it is possible that WW is waiting to hear from the insurance companies, or, trying to work something out with the DES center I doubt this is ineptitude. There are also 2 wild cards " The Covid spikes which started In the Southern states Have been Moving North and the situation is extremely fluid, so an Illinois spike will certainly Guarentee cancellation. As of July 16 the Governer announced there were in fact some districts which were spiking and the rolling positive rate is trending up, and that he may go back to closing some of these districts. he specifically mentions cook county (Rosemont is in Cook County) as hardest hit . Lastly, what scares me, is that sometime during the show, someone who attended will wind up in the E.R (a real possibility based on the numbers)What then? Does the city shut the show? Will the dealers be forced into 14 day Quarentine ? remember the cruise ships? As it stands now, I would say the hopes are fading, Not to be negative, I am sincerely hoping this show happens, I will not be there, But if they can pull this off in Chicago It will send a signal to other large cities, that its possible to hold a safe event
  6. What I find strange is there is no mention of covid rules or precautions either on the convention link or on the main page . Strangely enough the first the first thing you see when you click on the main page is an image of the grim reaper right at the top. but no mention of covid
  7. The state of Ill has just moved into Phase 4 I have posted a link to Phase 4 Guidelines which clearly state that events which are Standing room only are not permitted Although the guidelines are contradictory and confusing , One thing is certain, If the show happens, attendance will be limited, and covid guidelines will be in effect However Covid is now spiking in about half the U.S states and Ill seems be on teetering with mixed statistics I agree that Rosemont would be a much safer venue as it is much more spread out then downtown
  8. NY goes deeper into the hole
  10. More then likely they are working with the convention center and the insurance companies to make sure they are covered financially There are millions of dollars at stake, and if they shut prematurely and are stuck for their outlay Right Now WW Chicago is still on and 6 weeks away, so I am assuming NY will come down to the wire
  11. NY has just cancelled the state fair for the 1st time in 75 years NY now has travel restrictions from 17 states with no current expiration dates NY city is currently in phase 3 of a 4 phase re-opening , There is currently no date for phase 4 originally indoor entertainment venues such as Movie theaters were scheduled for phase 4 But they have been pulled, and are now closed indefinitely . The Theater district in NY is closed until at least 2021 It is unlikely you will even be able to see a movie in NY before September Let alone A Major convention Like every other Show this year Reed is no doubt taking a wait and see attitude
  12. Reed Philly scheduled for the next weekend after Chicago has canceled The good news is New York is coming back to life
  13. Massive protests in every major city in the country over the last three weeks , Yet despite 10's of thousands of people in close contact over a long period of time, No spikes in these cities ……… Keep in mind, that like the virus, The information we receive is constantly mutating. In NYC massive protests with 20,000+ people were allowed, while at the same time a funeral with about 80 people was shut down, A man playing catch with his daughter in the park was fined, and the gates of a small playground were welded shut to keep residents away. A crowd of over 50,000 people packed the Hollywood streets, literally cheek to cheek, , while residents were not allowed on the dry sand of the beach . Look at this picture Is this the pandemic we were warned about ? Seems more like arbitrary fear mongering , So what it comes down to is do you believe the "experts" who have been DEAD WRONG or your own eyes. My wife is a nurse and her hospital has one Covid patient, the neighboring hospital has 12 patiants total, because people are now scared of hospitals This is Long Island, a former "epicenter" I could go on and on, but As to the topic of this thread unfortunately a New strain has been identified so it is highly unlikely we will see WW Chicago ,