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  1. Golden memories will be at the Garden State comic fest with some Awesome golden age and more! Including 5 boxes of $5 bronze about half of which are uncirculated from the former owner of a candy store 6 Boxes of Golden age Packed with Fawcett, Fiction House and more Many Scarce Golden age war books which rarely appear outside of Auction Houses 8 Boxes of my famous $5 gold and silver including , Westerns, Disney, Harvey, Archie and More Come see me at booth 124, in the heroes room straight through the front door
  2. At a good price too $60 for a 4 day pass is the lowest I have seen any of the major shows still odd with the guests though
  3. Looking pretty good, and the ticket sales are also now live
  4. Thanks ! A few from the wall have been sold, But I have added some more as well come see me Golden memories booth 2104
  5. @mysterio Of course you are correct, I only postulated the theory in point one as an alternative to to the seemingly more likely point 2. Having a convention in 6 weeks In a major city (Pittsburgh) only a few hours away from philly , with no guest list, No artist list, no exhibitor list, and no way to buy a ticket, to me at best is absurd. and at worst indicative of a serious problem . I would actually have liked to do that show, as it is on an open weekend for me but was waiting for some sort of idea where the show was going , Coming from NY Its 5 days away from the house, plus hotel etc, etc, I can't do that based on what I am seeing on the website @Monster's Lair Comics Thanks for posting , You have highlighted the problem , WW Chicago has been on a slow decline (sales wise) YTY , partially due to c2e2 and convention overload, and partially due to dealer attrition (my best sales are to other dealers) Keep in mind I am not posting here because of any animosity toward wizard, They have always treated me well and been fair with me, I love the Chicago and Philly shows and will continue to do them, However its come to the point where if its a conflict such as this year where WW Chicago conflicts with reed Philly , I had to make a business decision and miss Chicago., which I would not have done 5 years ago . I just think as @mysterio said both exhibitors and attendees have LIMITED $$$$ and WW does not seem like they realise they in a battle for those $$$$ I truly hope someone from WW is following these posts, There is a maxim in business, That a customer who complains is actually doing you a favor , because for every one who complains there are 20 who just leave, the ones who complain, help you find your problems and fix them
  6. You are right Wizard has changed stratagies , I was at an exhibitor meeting 2 or 3 years ago , can't remember, when and they stated their goal was to have (If memory serves) 40 shows a year Now they have obviously retrenched, and I also agree about Pittsburgh That's their 1st show there and PA is a tough saturated Market, its 6 weeks away and to have NO information at all posted and to not be able to buy tickets at this point is a HUGE red flag . To me, there are only 2 explanations 1) because of the increased competition, they are holding all announcements for every show until after the previous event if so Pittsburgh should be filled next week 2) They are holding on event to event Chicago tickets are sold out so hopefully that will be a good show all around
  7. C2E2 and WW are two different shows, which appeal to a different audiences which is why I usually do both C2E2 I Think Skews younger, and they have The major Publishers and toy guys , They Also have the A List Dealers And I agree about the parking Lot I use the outdoor lot and its over a 1/4 mile hike from the lot to the show floor , WW Definitely still Has that old timely feel, with a lot of long timers still hanging , on, It has a great easy drive to your booth setup and the stephans center is definitely more convenient The Buying remains fantastic, This has been for the last ten years My best show for buying, My only problem with both of these shows in booth inflation , Its now so expensive even for a single booth that doing both (let alone other 2 ) is tough I will continue to do both shows, which is why I am concerned about the absence of exhibitor and guest lists for 2019 Unfortunately for the 1st time in ten years, I;m Conflicted out, But I will back next year A lot of people wait to make travel plans until they see these lists, the closer to the show, the higher the hotel rates I believe someone posted they were worried if this show was going to go off Off course it will, I am sure WW already paid for the hall and collected mucho $$$$$ in booth fees and tickets A cancelation would destroy their credibility They could not cancel without folding which I doubt is going to happen
  8. The next Show after Philly for WW is Pittsburgh There are no guests, comic or otherwise, and no exhibitor list, posted for this show either, and its just 6 weeks away WW LA which is this week has a long list of somewhat less known movie/tv people, exactly one artist, and no exhibitor list Kind of feels like something is up I hope Not, I like both the Philly and Chicago shows ,
  9. The 4 shows were c2e2 and then Comic revolution , Ace, And Wizard, All at Rosemont And I agree The ace show is more of an autograph show, However there is no doubt they are going to bleed off some of the potential attendees for WW chicago Just as I am sure comic revolution did As far as comic people, a Large Number of them Would Love to be at show where Captain America and a half dozen more avengers are there From a dealer perspective, I did the 1st ACE show which was on Long Island, where the Had Cavill, Gadot, and a few othe Jla members Attendence was high, but it was one of the worst shows I had ever done from a sales perspective Superman and wonder woman bled so much money out of the room (If I remember correctly it was $700 for the pair of autos) that dealer room sales were universally abysmall which is exactly my point, A LOT of people I am sure are going to see the 2 shows in the same location so close together and decide they would rather be at a show with Captain marvel and who knows how many other A list comic hero guests And decide on WHICH show to attend
  10. I agree completely, wizard Chicago is one of the best shows for buying, I always go home with my mini packed That being said if the customer base is split between 4 shows, that means It will cost me 4 times as much to see the same people, And My sales have been slowy but steadily eroding at this show since c2e2 Now add 2 more shows in the same location into the mix, and a lot of dealers myself included are going to be making hard choices . That's why I said WW really needs to get on the ball, they cant afford to have so much bleed off, they start to lose dealers This is not just me talking, unfortunately a lot of my friends are feeling this pinch also The one thing WW Chicago does have going for it is a clique of dealers, who don't seem to do any other show, that's part of the reason the buying is so good, but, they too seem to be slowly fading out
  11. Captain marvel ! Already? That's one hell of a good start WW Philly's big draw is Deadpool's Girlfriend And a cheers re-union , Interesting, but what does that have to do with the genre? I hope they have a blockbuster surprise coming for Chicago
  12. Thanks for the heads up Its possible that's why wizard held up in the guest list I would expect to see it soon , OR ??????? ACE has no Guests Listed yet, But if its anything like Seattle, and they advertise it right Wizard better on the Ball quick Captain America- Chris Evans, Thanos - Josh Brolin, + Gamora, War Machine Hawkeye, MAN! That must have cost them a fortune The Convention wars are definatley heating up, 4 MAJOR shows in Chicago in one season! , By November every collector in Chicago should be broke
  13. Just pulled a few more gems out of my collection A few samples below Booth 2104 to the right of the front door!
  14. Greetings Just got this, don't know the artist or issue, also tough to value as there does not seem to be a lot around any help would be appreciated Thanks Steve
  15. Greetings I will be doing both as a dealer , with a good stock of odd Gold especially WWII covers, weak on silver though , My friend Rob is also doing both shows and he is really good on silver , the other dealers LOVE him, he tends to be very fair on those books Boston does have that New "Entertainment Show" Mentality However it is still kind of a hybrid between the old school show and the NEW celebrity heavy show. I totally agree by the way. I don't like the celebrity shows, too much emphasis on movie and tv stars and too little on comics Boston has Some good old time dealers, (Myself included) , I spent a lot of money there last year, so there is definitely some good buying Terrificon Definitely! has that old school feel, plus free parking, plus its in the casino which has great food, and has easy access If its one or the other, check out the exhibitors list and see which has the better selection of dealers that would work for you As far as I know, none of the real heavy Hitter Golden age guys do either I have never done plastic city Hope to see you at one or the other Steve