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  1. Thanks I had no idea it was posted then pulled I was anxious to set up this year, as I missed last year because it conflicted with heroes Hopefully they're just working on a better date
  2. Anyone who did the show last year know the 2020 Date ? Its not on their website
  3. To Answer the question NY is an exhausting show, it is six days including setup + a seventh day (the day after) Where I Just sleep the whole day So I just Did NY, I will have one Day prep time , Then a 900 mile drive to Chicago and back, two days rest , Then Baltimore That's a VERY tough schedule, which is why it makes a difference that NY was the week before . Still looking forward to it, It does look like an awesome show
  4. If you're Looking For Gold and Silver Look for Golden memories comics, bringing Great new Spider-Man run, A new group of mid grade Golden age SUPERMAN DC war covers , new Nedors and More . Moving Pictures, has Lots of pre code Horror, Good Girl ,Golden age, And Many Silver and Bronze keys
  5. Most dealers are happy to make trades If you bringing Bronze age, and if you have limited space focus on Keys, Such ad She Hulk 1, Or eternals 1 Common bronze unless High Grade and slabbed probably would not be worth your time to Bring Golden memories Booth 2428
  6. I would appreciate the opinions of anyone Buyer or Seller who attended, or heard about WW Pittsburgh last week Thanks in Advance
  7. Keystone (reed) will be at the same location aug 23-25 I'll be there as well and cgc is doing onsite
  9. If you are unfamiliar with NY, staying in or flying into NJ, which is only a few miles away SEEMS on paper to be a viable option However, Take it from someone who lives here, ITS NOT Traffic into NY is miserable and during rush hour its nightmarish The NJ busses have dedicated lanes including the tunnels, but that is meaningless most of the time , Newark is a terrible airport, and LGA is currently undergoing major construction JFK airtrain to Jamacia LIRR station to Lirr to Penn station is your option The Lincoln Tunnel from NY to NJ may be the single most congested traffic spot I have ever seen
  10. By Far your best Choice is JFK JFK has an Airtrain clean and fast, for $5 you are dropped at Jamaica Station Its a MAJOR hub with trains leaving frequently and fairly easy to navigate, even for a 1st timer From There for $8-$12 You can catch a train directly into Penn Station 34th and 7th / 8th Pretty much the center of Manhatten an easy 15-20 minute walk to the Javits The LIRR is not like the regular subways, it clean fast and there is plenty of room on all but rush hour trains I assume you Have no more then a wheeled luggage bag, it would be no problem, As far as hotels, NY is insanely expensive, Unless you have virtually unlimited means, Hotels close to the show rent for $300 a day and up I looked on hotwire and there as some Decent options still in the $150-$200 range from 1/2 to 2 miles away, The NYC train system is pretty good, and you will be able to get back and forth Keep in Mind during show days the uber rates go way up I would book early as the Hotel rates go up significantly the closer the show gets I checked Hotwire and there are still some decent prices including a 4 star near times square for $210
  11. Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane are both doing expo Canada Probably one of those 2 I Remember doing a Show with McFarlane years ago the line was longest I had ever seen
  12. For those of you unaware and are still making plans CGC will be doing Onsite grading at Reed Philly AKA keystone 8/23-8/25 Hope to see see some of you there
  13. The largest show in the country for Sport and Non Sport cards is the NSCC There is no fusion, but it is the best venue for a card collector
  14. Too many shows that same weekend I conflicted out, and will miss the show for the 1st time in 10 years and Expo Canada looks like a monster show Even Mamoa split his appearance between WW and fan expo Also Expo has an AMAZING Creators list I wish WW would have focused more on the creator guests,