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  1. If the owner of the book calls CGC head office are they able to provide him the date it arrived at their facility? Is that information CGC would have on file?
  2. They go to Paradise Comics and they contact us when they have arrived.
  3. Thank you greatly for your comment. I wasn’t sure that I could get to sleep peacefully tonight without a heavy dose of sarcasm...but alas, my prayers have been answered.
  4. I appreciate your comment and yes I agree, it’s all a little confusing. My invoice has my personal info on it, so you are right that something doesn’t add up. I gave my invoice numbers to CGC when I called and they should have all my info on that invoice, unless like you’ve said, something is off. Either way, hopefully all of our books return safe and sound. I haven’t fully made up my mind about CGC yet, so far I am very unhappy, but time will tell.
  5. Every time a comic is dropped off at the shop an invoice with all my contact info is made up...I get a copy and the other one is attached to the book (from my understanding and witnessing) when it is grouped together with other customers books. If my invoice with my info is not attached to the book then how would the comic shop know which book is mine for when it returns? If they send in 10 different copies of Batman #666 from 10 different customers at the same time how would you know which copy is yours if your info wasn’t attached to it? If it is not done this way then please enlighten me to the exact process.
  6. Contacted them by email and by phone. Both attempts were met with absolutely no attempt to help......each invoice has my personal information, so they had it. Pleading ignorance of a situation is not a viable defence. Like I said, please continue to bash me as you see fit, I am entitled to my personal opinions.
  7. I think I’ve now repeated myself multiple times, I believe that CGC is “partially” at fault in this whole situation, not fully..please learn to read if you are going to post. Paradise comics has answered any questions I had for them, CGC has not. Your opinions are just that, yours. Everyone else on here is free to express theirs, as am I. If you don’t want to listen to my comments then by all means, please skip them. My issue for the final time is how CGC has handled my customer complaints and this entire situation. 👋🏻
  8. Its been 20 days since this thread and posts were started on their own chat boards and not one employee or representative from CGC has said anything regarding the situation. You guys can bash me all you want regarding my belief that CGC is partly responsible for this but the lack of communication in any way from them only furthers my opinions and their validity.
  9. I was told that the comics were sent in to CGC when they were supposed to and I believe that. There are other issues I’m not privy to or aware of I understand that. I came to my own conclusions that this whole mess is not 100% paradises fault. People on here are speculating that payments weren’t made on time or other reasons for the delays, maybe so maybe not, I don’t know. I DO know the following...books with my name,phone number and email on the attached paperwork (not just paradise comics info) have been sitting in their vaults for over 10 months. Unless CGCs inventory system is a complete disaster (I don’t think so) they are fully aware that a paying customers books have been sitting there for that long. Whatever the issues at play are CGC have their reputation to uphold, and not attempting to resolve this issue months ago or at the very least contacting affected customers to let them know the status of their books is YES partly their fault.
  10. I never said CGC was the “bad guy” in all of this. I don’t believe that paradise is 100% to blame for this either meaning that there is some blame to go around. CGC has knowingly had my books (and many other people’s) in their vaults for almost a year. If that didn’t set off alarms and push CGC to correct any issues they were aware of then they are not completely innocent either. My main issue with CGC has been their complete and utterly horrible customer service with me personally. Kristina at paradise has been nothing but helpful to me and many others, and I in no way said she led me to believe anything about CGC. These are my personal feelings and not those of anyone at paradise comics.
  11. Exactly my point. I didn’t want to know the grades of the books, all I wanted to know is if they had even been graded yet, given they’ve been there 10 months. Absolutely horrible, horrible customer service..and that was from a supervisor.
  12. Actually they did take the blame for many of the issues, kudos to them. They are human, and they are hard at work trying to fix everything. CGC in your opinion may be only 10% to blame, but they seem to be taking 0% of the responsibility. I know which company I would prefer to deal with.
  13. Ok everyone, my update. To start with, nobody is stealing or robbing or closing or anything like that. Drama needs to stop. There have been some issues which are currently being resolved by a wonderful staff at paradise comics as we speak and hopefully everyone will receive their late books in the near future. The people at paradise,especially Kristina, are working tirelessly to fix any issues that were slowing down the process of submissions. There were some issues (yes paradises fault) regarding organization which have been seemingly resolved. They are very determined to help customers and solve any outstanding book issues. Thank you to them, we are all human and mistakes will be made but your positive attitude in trying to right the wrongs explain why your awesome comic shop has survived as long as it has. Every book that was submitted by a customer was submitted that same month to CGC, that is what I was told and I firmly believe that, given the liability and insurance issues regarding this sort of stuff. That strongly, strongly leads me to have issues regarding the legitimacy of CGCs turnaround times. I spoke to 2 separate employees at CGC and was told that they could not help me in any way whatsoever except to give me the shop owners contact info. They just repeated that there was zero time delay on their end and that all books (modern) only take 4-5 weeks. Sorry, but 2 plus 2 does not equal 3. I have a strong suspicion that they are processing books out of order but of course they will not admit that and I have no proof. Either way, the fact that the books I sent in in April are still not back are in no way 100% paradises fault. There is some blame to go to CGC whether they choose to admit it or not. The one thing that I will be taking away from this entire scenario is that while I begged and begged CGC to help resolve the issue they repeatedly (not maliciously) refused to help. I’m sorry, but for a multi-multi million dollars company to list off a contact email and say there is nothing more they can do for me is quite disheartening. Hopefully this helps anyone out there waiting on books. You should all hopefully be getting them back sooner than later.
  14. Is anyone in here in contact with an administrator or any employee of the company so that we get any kind of actual clarification about all this directly from a representative?A statement from them regarding whether or not there is a 6-12 month delay would be very helpful, given that this is their business and their reputation. Anyone???