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  1. Another question then. If Canadian copies do AND do not have the tattooz, will a Canadian variant submitted without a tattoo be given a green Qualified label?
  2. Ok, so the simple answer is that Overstreet had an error and some Canadian issues had the tattooz? Seems reasonable, just wanted to get more info before I decide on whether to bid on this auction. Thank you for the help guys and gals.
  3. Need help. Is this legit or not? Ok, trying to figure this out. Overstreet says Canadian versions of amazing spiderman 238 has no tattooz. People cannibalize fantastic fours for the tattooz and insert into this book to increase value. But this book is a CGC graded SS series 75 cent Canadian version and label says "tattooz inside". So did CGC mess up or is this a counterfeit CGC case and grade. Something doesn't add up unless I completely missed something. Is Overstreet wrong? Please help.
  4. Hello to all, my name is Sal. I collected comics from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties and focused mainly on completing my jla 1-261 run. I have just recently found myself back in the hobby after a lengthily absence (wife, kids, bla bla bla) and I've leapt headfirst into collecting key issues and Canadian price variants. I am very surprised that Overstreet has still not acknowledged the newsstand and price variants in their book and priced them accordingly. I hope they fix this lapse in judgement as I truly believe that this could re-invigorate a flailing industry. Anyways, comics are such a great escape and I am thrilled to be back in this world. Keep up the great work CGC, I love your service. Keeping books safely preserved while displaying them is something truly great for this industry. I look forward to posting on these chat boards and sharing this great hobby with all of you. Cheers.