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  1. Strange bar code on detective comics..

    What's confusing is that it looks like a Bruce Timm batman the animated series drawing, which didn't come out until '92 I think.
  2. I got a nice Cherry Poptart #1 I'd be willing to sell ya...pages are a bit sticky though.
  3. What is the barcode on the bottom left? Second, third, fourth print??? Some other variant? I think I may have seen one years ago but I can't remember for sure Anyone got any info? Thanks
  4. Wonder Woman #300 Canadian variant

    Yup, that's the copy I just purchased donut. ??
  5. I just found a low grade copy of this book after literally a year of searching every comic shop, garage sale, flea market and eBay listing out there. There seems to be only 1 cgc copy of this book. Can anyone tell me why there are so few copies of this book available? I know the whole Canadian Newsstand survival rate story but this book seems to be extra difficult to find. Does anyone else on these boards have a copy? Were these extremely undersold given the $2.00 cdn price tag at the time (1983)? I think this book was in the 60-80 page range, could that be part of the reason so few newsstands exist? Any insight would be appreciated. Sal
  6. What if DC and Marvel were to merge?

    I laughed for a solid 10 minutes after reading this. So true. Marvel would destroy all the dc greats just like they messed with their own roster.
  7. Batman 324 whitman

    I was thinking the exact same thing. It's impossible to accurately price something that has no previous sales.
  8. Batman 324 whitman

    Yes that book. midtown seriously needs to upgrade their site. As you can tell by the sold out status of the whitman variant, they aren't gonna be getting any in.....ever. I find it strange that a company that big and well known either can't stay informed in the industry and keep their website up to date. If midtown can find me some copies for that price I'm in.
  9. Batman 324 whitman

    Found a batman 324 whitman variant today at a local comic shop and scooped it up for a great price, pretty sure the owners didn't know how rare this book truly is. This comic never, ever pops up. I saw that someone on here sold one on the board marketplace last year. Since it's considered one of the rare whitman 8 dc variants and there are zero raw or cgc graded copies on eBay to compare prices, what is this book really worth? The book looks to be in the 5.5-7.0 cgc range, might benefit from a good press too as light cover wrinkling seems to be the only major flaw this book has,as well as a couple of colour breaking staple stress lines and a minor rear corner cover chip. I could guess the book should rightfully fall in the $150-$300 cdn price range. Out of the 8 whitmans I'd like to think the batman would be the 2nd or 3rd rarest of the bunch to locate. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Another question then. If Canadian copies do AND do not have the tattooz, will a Canadian variant submitted without a tattoo be given a green Qualified label?
  11. Ok, so the simple answer is that Overstreet had an error and some Canadian issues had the tattooz? Seems reasonable, just wanted to get more info before I decide on whether to bid on this auction. Thank you for the help guys and gals.
  12. Need help. Is this legit or not? Ok, trying to figure this out. Overstreet says Canadian versions of amazing spiderman 238 has no tattooz. People cannibalize fantastic fours for the tattooz and insert into this book to increase value. But this book is a CGC graded SS series 75 cent Canadian version and label says "tattooz inside". So did CGC mess up or is this a counterfeit CGC case and grade. Something doesn't add up unless I completely missed something. Is Overstreet wrong? Please help.
  13. Hello to all, my name is Sal. I collected comics from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties and focused mainly on completing my jla 1-261 run. I have just recently found myself back in the hobby after a lengthily absence (wife, kids, bla bla bla) and I've leapt headfirst into collecting key issues and Canadian price variants. I am very surprised that Overstreet has still not acknowledged the newsstand and price variants in their book and priced them accordingly. I hope they fix this lapse in judgement as I truly believe that this could re-invigorate a flailing industry. Anyways, comics are such a great escape and I am thrilled to be back in this world. Keep up the great work CGC, I love your service. Keeping books safely preserved while displaying them is something truly great for this industry. I look forward to posting on these chat boards and sharing this great hobby with all of you. Cheers.