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  1. I purchased a raw book that Rick stated was a 5.0. Coming back from CGC and yup, no surprises, 5.0!! Super Accurate Grader
  2. Another successful 4 figure transaction. 100% confidence working with Rick, thanks!
  3. Purchased a sweet 4 figure book from Justin. Communicated the entire way, very tight packaging and superior delivery. Thanks!
  4. Super smooth four figure transaction with Lou. He is extremely knowledgeable, reasonable and respectable. Highly recommended boardie!
  5. 9.4 white pager with perfect centering if you're interested in bumping up a notch.
  6. So that means you could've owned 2 9.8s!
  7. Hi all, Looking to obtain a copy of Fantastic Four #5, blue universal label 4.0 - 5.0ish range, ow/w min, no markings, hopefully good centering. Paying FMV. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Looking for a decent presenting, well centered, IH181 from 4.0 - 6.0 range, ow-w minimum, universal. Paying GPA. Thanks!
  9. Very friendly and professional. Our transaction went very smooth. Looking forward to all sorts of dealings in the future!
  10. Hello all, I have a one book for sale today. Let's see how this goes RULES: Any form of “take” in the thread wins vs PM discussions. I may ask for references. So please, nobody from the bad list. SHIPPING: USPS Priority $12 for slabs. I'll pay for full insurance and signature. Sorry no international. PAYMENT: PayPal, check (must be cleared) RETURNS: Certified books are final unless damaged in transit. Buyer pays for return shipping. Edge of Spider-verse #2, Land Variant - $1650 $1600 $1500 final price