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  1. I am thinking an 8.0 with the corner ding, and tanning, looks like there may be a light reading spine roll that would definitely press out if I am seeing right. JMO
  2. I didn't even register this year because i was unable to make some of the deadlines due to work. I didnt want to disrespect the man by entering and not putting in grades some rounds, I played along at home though, It was a blast! I was hopeful yhat emoji wasn't a binding contract, I'm not that guy who buys anything without a price tag, I just don.t frequent those types of stores!
  3. nope, sorry, I didn't know it was for sale, Is it in the selling forum?
  4. I will 2nd the 6.5, I was going a 7.0, but 6.5 seems the safer bet. Nice book!
  5. 9.2-9.4, just a guess, I see a small crease at the lower reading corner on the back cover as well. Nope, I will stick at the 9.4
  6. As it sits, I would guess a 6.5 to a 7.0.
  7. I was at a 3.0, tanning and other defects, but still a tough book to find in any condition.
  8. I will through a 7.5 to an 8.0 out, Book looks great! date stamp is in a good location too.
  9. 5.5, not meaning to take the middle ground, I was going 5.5 b4 I saw the other grades. The spine creases and wear and a few other creases visible makes me think its a little below a 6, but I have been wrong many times b4!
  10. I think you could pull a 3.5 with a press. JMO
  11. I agree with the 4.5 after a press. I don't know how much the press will help most of the creasing though.