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  1. Okay, setting up at this show: Bunky Brothers, A-1, Shortboxed, Fantastic Comics (CW on the boards), Heroes, Champion, Ray Storch, Silverweb, Comicweb, Worlds of Wonder (EdgerX), Harvey Doss, Comic Cellar (up from LA), Elite Cali Comics, Bronze Age Batcave, Dragstrip Comics and Art, House of Comics, Gerry Kleier Books, Doctor Comics and Mr. Games, MVP Comics, Santa Rosa Comics, and two guys from San Jose... That's 300+ table feet of comics not counting racks, under the table, etc. Almost all of it vintage comics.
  2. Please come check it out! I'll try to post the dealer list this weekend. Bunky, A-1, Heroes, Champion, of course.
  3. Also, we are curious about whether people prefer Saturday or Sunday for this one day show? We started on Sundays in 2016 but were forced to switch to Saturdays. The new location allows Sundays, but it seems we're hearing from just as many people who prefer Saturday as those who were always asking for Sundays. So let us know.
  4. Wormboy and I return with our third show at the new, bigger location! Sunday, June 30th, 11 am to 5 pm Berkeley Adult School, 1701 San Pablo Avenue (close to the highway and close to North Berkeley BART) Comics only! Tons and tons of gold, silver, and bronze especially. At least three new vendors from last time plus another four who were new last time. Guest of Honor is Erik Larsen, who is a huge back issue comic fan. Shin has done a great job with the website and has switched it to the new url: Tim is killing it on Instagram with a huge diet of showing off his amazing collection of comics and related items: Facebook if you prefer to follow for notifications, etc.:
  5. #60 is the only one I ever get. Do you guys find that one more plentiful or is it just random that I see #60s much more than others?
  6. Okay, thank you. I did take a look at MCS and OPG before posting and couldn't find any of those (not counting newsstand, which shouldn't be too confusing).
  7. They get confused about first print or first series? Not following what you mean about versions. Isn't this the only March, 1999 Batman Beyond?
  8. Once you've picked the best books, the rest might be perfect trade bait for you to get silver/bronze.
  9. Lone Ranger would be really high on my collecting list too. Tomahawk always gets put in with westerns but I tend to think of it as a war comic since it's almost always vs the Redcoats in the ones I remember. Also, it's in the East...
  10. For broad GA inventory, low, middle, decently high, I like two west coast dealers, Terry's Comics and A-1.