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  1. The Facebook page has the best information on the guests and artists, including some droll comments by Harv on a bunch of the artists' alley denizens.
  2. I doubt it--we don't have a patio. Seriously, our show is junior in every way to Terry's show though it wouldn't surprise me if we have more (not better) BA and maybe even similar amounts of silver (definitely not better) but our GA in no way compares. For one thing, we don't have Terry's own, stellar stock. If you were flying in and had to choose, you should choose Terry's show. His weather is 5-10 degrees better too. Even though his show is the only true national one day show in the country (a really special achievement in itself) ours can be worth flying in for too. Perhaps our April, June, or November show. I would love for our June show to be a kind of special board member show where we have comic stuff during the week, culminating with the show. Get people to fly in on their summer vacations.
  3. A guy on Facebook said with parking, he was so going to bring the batmobile. I told him if he did, he could have two spaces for it. Don't want any scratches. Brain, are you counting some back lot in your calculations? Because I think that front lot on the side of the entrance (the west side, on San Pablo) is more like 130 or 150 spaces. But yeah, I'm very happy for everybody coming up from San Jose or SF or down from Santa Rosa or Fairfield or Sac. Just off the highway and lots of parking.
  4. HouseofComics.Com

    Why Has Thou Boards Failed Me ???

    Do you guys have a feel for whether Adventure or Detective was more popular in the early days?
  5. HouseofComics.Com

    The quest for an ASM SA run - Graded or raw?

    Just checking!
  6. HouseofComics.Com

    The quest for an ASM SA run - Graded or raw?

    What do you think of Daredevil 16 and 17?
  7. HouseofComics.Com

    Why Has Thou Boards Failed Me ???

    Wow, I'd totally forgotten that my question was somewhat of the genesis of that little article.
  8. HouseofComics.Com

    Sea Hunt comic stories any good?

    I have never heard that. Whereas, say, back in the 80s there were a few people always looking for something like Red Ryder and the like. There are things that aren't cool now that were cool back then but I've never heard that Sea Hunt was one of them. I think all Dell stuff is pretty decent though.
  9. There's an interesting kind of upscale Mexican bakery and breakfast place a few blocks south (still above University) that looks interesting. Of course you're also super close to the Berkeley Marina where you can get a crab sandwich at the Sea Breeze market and look at the bay.
  10. Take these by PM, appreciate it. ASM 120 and 125, Avengers 49 and 58, and the Iron Fist 9
  11. And take this too Inhumans #1 VF+ 8.5 $24.00
  12. Take this one: X-Men #16 FINE+ 6.5 $45.00 $34.00
  13. Uncanny X-Men #92 VF+ 8.5 $35.00 $29.00 Amazing Spider-Man #179 VF/NM 9.0 $10.00 $8.00 Amazing Spider-Man #201 Copy A VF/NM 9.0 $12.00 X-Men #17 VG 4.0 $20.00 $16.00 Defenders #10 F/VF 7.0 Copy C $22.00 $19.00 I'll take all these.