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  1. Should be an amazing time tomorrow. We also have the great cover reproduction artist "frawgboy" on the stage. Check out the great instagram page Tim runs:
  2. That's very cool. I actually made a point to go to his booth at Wondercon 2018 to introduce myself but he had gone back to the hotel for the day, letting the sons run the show. Everything always works out in the end,
  3. And note again, Liam Sharp is there on the stage from 1-5 pm. Show is 11 am to 5 pm.
  4. Getting close now. Bat-Cave from Santa Rosa will be there with a lot of great books too. We have a bunch of new vendors or people who aren't at this one rotating back in for our April 4 show too!
  5. Our quarterly old-school comics-only show returns Saturday, January 18th. 11-5. Guest artist is local superstar Liam Sharp! Vendor lineup is the strongest in Northern California with Harley Yee, Superworld, A-1, Bunky, Shortboxed, Champion, Heroes, Lee's, CW, Edger, Harv, myself, Ray Storch, and at least three vendors from LA: Comic Cellar, Arsenal Comics, and Go-Daddy-O Comics. Huge free parking lot and it's just off the highway. Also just a few blocks from BART.
  6. The Berkeley November show is always the last good weather show of the year! Great seeing everyone today. Next show will be epic with the return of Bunky and Shortboxed and A-1, plus THE YEE, plus Supah-World, as POV might say. And we are now up to 4 LA dealers confirmed for January. Fresh, fresh stuff.
  7. Yeates will be doing commissions at the show and signs 1-2 comics for free.