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  1. Anything else coming in this thread besides the coverless?
  2. Waiting to see what kind of gathering size will be allowed, but since we only cater to hardcore back issue fans, we will likely be allowed to open months before any pop culture con that also has comics. We'll have a better idea in a few weeks.
  3. Definitely enjoyed and reread Wolverine the most. Also was very into Mage and Camelot 3000. Obviously DKR and Watchmen.
  4. Late May or sometime in June is the best guess for the next one and hopefully our usual shows the first weekend of August and first of November.
  5. HI everyone--our April 4 show has been canceled. The school district just shut down all facilities, including the adult school. We hope to reschedule very soon and should still be able to fit four shows in this year. It's going to be interesting--at the moment, UC-Berkeley is supposed to restart classes March 30 and Berkeley Unified on April 6. But it seems like they could extend another month.
  6. I thought it was a well-designed game. Mine is a pre-Bowl Bound edition yet given my age, I'm sure it wasn't purchased for me until 1976 at the earliest.
  7. I used to enjoy the SI College Football game. I think my edition was maybe circa 1972, and still on toy shop shelves by 1976 or 1977.