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  1. no COA but signed by Stan, Frank Oz, Williamson and Bulloch (Boba)
  2. UK variants. Top of the music charts in 04/64 "Can't Buy Me Love" by the Beatles
  3. Never forget my trip to the cinema with my nan to watch Star Wars
  4. Had a few pence copies back from CGC. Overall a decent haul of pence copies though and all five are white pages.
  5. Back from CGC....... CCS managed to clean off some of a fingerprint smudge on front cover and I'm delighted with the outcome. White Pages!
  6. All pence copies from a U.K. auction. Acquiring the FF1 is the high point of collecting comics since I started in the mid 70’s. The others are second or third copies but could well be improvements on the grades I hold. Off to CGC in the next week or two. We will see how they fare.
  7. All pence copies. Not for the purists perhaps, but I love them.
  8. Thanks pal. I’m delighted. Wanted FF1 since I was a kid waiting for the newsagents to open to buy the latest copy of Mighty World of Marvel. And finally I’ve got one! Missed out on FF5, which is the only one I need now for the full run.