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  1. If they are serious about that, then I would imagine both the villainous Nathan Garrett and heroic Dane Whitman versions should show up. With three movies, the chances of a Sir Percy sighting are pretty decent too.
  2. Hi Mollie, Not an addition, but a subtraction that I believe is in order. In the Amazing Spider-Man (Annuals & Giant-Sized) set, for some reason there are two slots for Giant-Size Spider-Man #6. I think this is in error. Can you take a look? Thanks!
  3. You're having comics delivered to you at hotels?
  4. I appreciate the thoughtful response. Ideally I wouldn't want to completely eliminate MCS, but I guess that strategy could help. I agree that "-1st" could result in unwanted exclusions, which is why I've never used that technique.
  5. Hope nobody minds the tangent, but I'm honestly curious to know how you did your search. I find that searching for any issue #1 is a nightmare on eBay because eBay insists on matching "1" against "1st" (among other things) -- meaning that you get tons and tons of false positives. Searching for "tales of suspense 1" is going to match #39, 52, 57, and many many more. And for any title for which MyComicShop decides to embed "1st Series" in their title description, you are basically going to match every issue in the title. Forget about searching for Amazing Spider-Man 1, Avengers 1, etc. So, if anyone has a trick for matching ONLY the numeral "1" and not "1st" or any other word beginning with a 1, that would be awesome.
  6. Extremely clean, perfectly centered 8.0. Congratulations!
  7. That looks like it's *directly* on the spine, easily forgiven IMHO. It's not like the book is graded 9.6, and frankly I've seen that kind of thing on 9.6s anyway.
  8. For whatever my humble opinion is worth, I agree that X-Men #1 is a mega key and that it's a good bet to grow in value at a greater rate than FF #4. However, I wouldn't put DD #1 in the same class. The good news about DD #1 is that you can get a nicer grade for the same money as an FF #4, whereas you'd have to downgrade to get an X-Men #1 for the same money. The other small bit of unasked-for advice I'll provide is that unfortunately, most of the time selling is costly. The more quickly and more often you turn over your investments, the more you end up having to give away in value, especially if you consign or sell through an auction site. So if you have the luxury of holding your existing investment and making a second investment in another book, you'll probably be better off in the long run. But by all means, if you're able to get full value in cash or trade (perhaps through the boards), make the switch to the book that's going to give you more satisfaction. Just don't let on to the buyer that you think your FF #4 is "a bit over-rated"!!
  9. When an auction goes this high (relative to expected results) this early, I always wonder if that will reduce the intensity of bidding at the end or increase it. Would be interesting to see an analysis of a sufficiently large sample.
  10. If you ever upgrade, please sell me your undercopy!
  11. * checks notes, realizes none of these are in collection except #24 *
  12. An 8.0 being offered for $84.00 (you read that right) on eBay by a seller with no feedback. The listing says the book ships from "China / Hong Kong / Taiwan" which sounds even more sketchy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123759130310 What's going on here? EDIT: The listing has been taken down -- wish I'd taken a screen shot. At least I have the image of the book itself (there was no large version available).