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  1. Me too, though I could have done without the way half of the faces are covered in the green and yellow swirl. I don't think it works.
  2. Beautiful book! Although I have to say, I love how even the certificate for the Savannah pedigree is brown at the edges. They didn't really encapsulate that certificate with the book, did they??
  3. I always loved Star Trek and still have a nostalgic attachment to both the original show and STNG, plus I think the Chris Pine reboot movies were legitimately good. But as far as I can tell, interest in Star Trek is nowhere near the levels it once was. I think there are a lot of fans like me that see a new Star Trek offering and shrug. I was potentially interested in the Picard show, but as soon as I saw that I needed to subscribe to yet another streaming platform to see it, I walked away. That said, I do think you have a strong point about the Dell books.
  4. If you're going to keep rubbing my nose in it then I'm going to have to return the favor when I can.
  5. Can you show us a pic of the whole page? I'm forgetting exactly where that little image comes from.
  6. That's probably the single book I am most interested in. I've owned a 9.4 copy for years, and was thinking (hard) about an upgrade to 9.6 back when that would have cost me $15K -- the good old days, otherwise known as four months ago. Now that it's more than doubled, I am shaking my head because there are simply far too many 9.4 and 9.6 copies out there for those prices to make sense. I'm sitting on the sidelines for now, but I guess we'll see.
  7. The goal has always been to get #101-115 (plus the two annuals) in 9.0, and #116-168 in 9.4. Thanks to @Straw-Man I finally have my 9.4 run, but there are four books left on my 9.0 list. I decided not to have any gaps any more, so I picked up this quartet of future undercopies while I wait (and wait) for 9.0s to surface.
  8. The change from "standard" size books to the narrower "current" size took place well into the Bronze Age -- specifically, February / March 1975. Fantastic Four #154 would be the last of the wider books and #155 would be the first of the narrower size. I don't have any reason to believe FF #107 would be any different in width from any other Marvel book of its time. I'd need to see a photo of the book next to another book to believe it.