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  1. I just checked and the label simply says "2nd appearance of Wyatt Wingfoot." Does CGC ever put first appearances of (fictional) places on the label? Wakanda, the Savage Land, Asgard? Or, going over to DC and the Golden Age for some fictional places that have become household names in pop culture, what about the first appearance (or mention) of Metropolis, Gotham City, or Krypton?
  2. So I decided to set off on a new quest and upgrade my Amazing Spider-Man #101-150 run from 9.4 to 9.6 WP. In the first four days, I've managed to score 7 out of 50, including the biggest of the bunch: The issues I still need will be updated in the post at the top of the thread. Hoping to shake some loose here on the boards while I go searching under every rock!
  3. Been a few weeks since I updated the list ... here's what's new to the collection since last time.
  4. Since he doesn't have a kudos thread yet, let me say I purchased a major high grade book from CC and he was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!
  5. Any poll taken a decade ago would be dated now. Thanos for example would rank much much higher today than he would have in 2010.
  6. You're talking to a lifelong Yankee fan so I hear you. I just don't know what anyone else might have known about him.
  7. Yes, I will go with that. Seinfeld also brought Bizarro into the public space so he's probably #2 or #3. The question is how many people know that he is a Superman villain rather than just a generic Seinfeld joke. Sort of like how many Seinfeld fans really know who George Steinbrenner is (was).
  8. OK, let's keep this going ... you didn't mention Two-Face who I thought would be up there competing with Penguin and Riddler. FWIW I would put Catwoman above all of these, including Harley Quinn but not the Joker.
  9. It's possible that Lex Luthor is the only Superman villain that the average person on the street has heard of. Nobody has heard of Darkseid or Braniac. General Zod is probably (?) in second place in terms of widespread name recognition?
  10. This is fair. The Adam West Batman show certainly vaulted the whole Batman rogues gallery into the public consciousness. Because of TV and movies, I probably overestimate the importance and popularity of some Bat villains -- for example I get the sense (?) that Penguin and Riddler are not as popular among comic collectors as I would have thought.
  11. That's easy. Doom's 6th appearance has Spider-Man in it!