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  1. Giving this thread a bump. I decided to do a little searching online and I found a few things that may be of interest. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable in the law will be able to help interpret this. First, I looked up Berkbridge on the IRS web site: https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/displayAll.do?dispatchMethod=displayAllInfo&Id=5810275&ein=472554006&names=berkbridge If you expand the "Form 990-N (e-Postcard)" section, IRS lists the following basic information: Berkbridge Foundation 401 Ryland Street, Suite 200A Reno, NV 89502 EIN: 47-2554006 Principal Officer: Robert Jalali Gross receipts not greater than $50,000 No web site I'm pretty sure that their gross receipts are well above $50,000, so that stands out. Perhaps more interesting is the "Auto-Revocation List" section, which reads: Organizations whose federal tax exempt status was automatically revoked for not filing a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years. Important note: Just because an organization appears on this list, it does not mean the organization is currently revoked, as they may have been reinstated. Exemption Type: 501(c)(3) Exemption Reinstatement Date: 05-15-2017 Revocation Date: 05-15-2017 Revocation Posting Date: 08-16-2017 I showed this to a friend who's a lawyer, and he said: "Yes, sketchy. IRS revoked their status May 2017 for failure to file anything for at least 3 yrs, but they then did and were reinstated retroactively." Next, I looked up Berkbridge on the Nevada Secretary of State site: https://esos.nv.gov/EntitySearch/OnlineEntitySearch Here's some of what you'll find there: ENTITY INFORMATION Entity Name: BERKBRIDGE FOUNDATION Entity Number: E0626592014-5 Entity Type: Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (82) Entity Status: Active Formation Date: 12/15/2014 NV Business ID: NV20141764182 Termination Date: Perpetual Annual Report Due Date: 12/31/2019 Solicits Charitable Contribution: No Name of Individual or Legal Entity: REGISTERED AGENTS INC. Status: Active CRA Agent Entity Type: Registered Agent Type: Commercial Registered Agent NV Business ID: NV20181586336 Office or Position: Jurisdiction: WYOMING Street Address: 401 RYLAND ST STE 200-A, Reno, NV, 89502, USA Email Address: INFO@REGISTEREDAGENTSINC.COM Mailing Address: Individual with Authority to Act: BILL HARVE Contact Phone Number: Fictitious Website or Domain Name: OFFICER INFORMATION Title Name Address Last Updated Status President ROBERT JALALI 401 RYLAND STREET, SUITE 200-A, RENO, NV, 89502, USA 12/30/2017 Active Secretary MICHAEL DAWSON 401 RYLAND STREET, SUITE 200-A, RENO, NV, 89502, USA 12/30/2017 Active Treasurer NATHAN GEORGE 401 RYLAND STREET, SUITE 200-A, RENO, NV, 89502, USA 12/30/2017 Active Director ROBERT JALALI 401 RYLAND STREET, SUITE 200-A, RENO, NV, 89502, USA 12/30/2017 Active FILING HISTORY DETAILS File Date Effective Date Filing Number Document Type Amendment Type Source View 08/07/2019 08/07/2019 20190087301 Annual List External 12/30/2017 12/30/2017 20170552582-97 Annual List External 12/28/2016 12/28/2016 20160563468-11 Annual List External 11/16/2015 11/16/2015 20150500389-13 Annual List External 11/16/2015 11/16/2015 20150500385-79 Initial List External 12/15/2014 12/15/2014 20140809224-52 Articles of Incorporation Internal What jumps out at me here is that there was no end-of-year filing in 2018, but they went in and updated their records on August 7, 2019. I can't tell for sure, but my suspicion is that they may have changed the value of "Solicits Charitable Contribution" to "No" at this time. This thread kicked off in September 2019, and I'm not remembering whether they were already under scrutiny dating back to August 7. Curious to hear if anyone else is able to glean more clues from all this, or has any ideas for further research.
  2. Thanks very much, but I have to pass. #145 and #184 are the only issues in the run (#126-200) that I still need to upgrade to 9.4.
  3. Yep, I know it well. Already have a 9.0, looking for a 9.4. Thanks for taking a look.
  4. I'm trying to track down a CGC 9.4 (blue label, no restoration or signatures) copy of Thor #145 -- the one with the thunder god in a t-shirt! -- with OW/W pages or better, no writing or stamps, and good centering. GPA shows a most recent sale of $180. I'm willing to pay $275 shipped for an OW/W copy and $300 shipped for white pages. (I'm in the US.) Thanks for looking and let me know if you have what I'm looking for!
  5. I'm not a book flipper and I'm definitely not an expert on restoration, but I have to imagine that putting a dollar value on a restored book for flipping purposes would be a highly risky proposition unless you have the book in hand (i.e. not in a slab), know exactly what to look for, and can accurately envision what the book would look like (and what grade it would get) with that restoration removed. Anyone who can do that successfully ... more power to 'em.
  6. I assume this photo was taken during one of those rare moments when the collection was briefly removed from its sealed nitrogen gas chamber?
  7. Since I own a copy of the book, I'm also in Camp #1 ... but I'm not looking for crazy gains, I'm just looking for my investment to hold its value and perhaps gain steadily over the long haul.
  8. I dug up my raw copy of this book (which is definitely not 9.8) to show everyone what perfect centering looks like on ASM #213. (Please note: This book is in a bag, and any white you're seeing around the edges is the backer board.) It's reassuring to know that it can be found, but frustrating that it seems so rare for this issue. Standing by my offer of $180 shipped for a 9.8 WP copy that looks like this.
  9. Your foot is in the door, and if you ever decide to upgrade, you should be able to at least break even (or close to it) selling off your undercopy. There will always be someone who wants your Ditko Spideys!
  10. Bending the boundaries of the thread a little bit to share this beauty I just picked up. This book has been hard to track down. The CGC label says it's Larry Lieber art -- it doesn't specifically say it's a Lieber cover, but if it is then it's probably his best work ever. Sure looks like Buscema to me.
  11. Proof that if you're patient and selective, it's possible to assemble a gorgeous collection at almost any grade.