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  1. Somebody needs to explain to me how this ASM #24 9.4 WP sold for $4,544 just now. https://www.comiclink.com/AUCTIONS/ITEM.ASP?ID=1378871 Congratulations to the seller, who lucked out when not one but two people decided to bid approximately 3x GPA. I bet both of them were hoping to win the book for around half what it sold for.
  2. Having just upgraded to a 7.0, I am putting up my 6.0 copy of this awesome pre-hero monster book: I'm asking $250 for this book, which is enough for me to break even on what I paid for it. And now for the fine print: Shipping is $15 within the US. I will ship international, but probably need to research the cost depending on the country I'm shipping to. Happy to entertain offers, but in the thread always wins. If we work something out in PM, I will ask you to post to the thread -- as long as nobody beats you to the punch with a commitment at my asking price, the book is yours. Accepted payment methods are personal check, bank check, money order, ACH/bank wire, or Zelle. Payment is due within 5 business days, or I reserve the right to cancel. Any sale is final, no returns. Also, if you're curious you can find my feedback thread here: Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions!
  3. Nice books! 1. I'm assuming "Inside Miss America" was pre-code? 2. Who knew that Ditko drew the first appearance of Ozymandias? 3. Charlton's Hercules (especially the little headshots) looks like he was torn from a Don Heck issue of the Avengers. Eerily similar design.
  4. Tale of Astonish is one of my absolute favorites!
  5. Never got any bites, but I did want to share an update nonetheless. I was able to get this copy for $60 on ComicLink: While not absolutely "perfect," it's probably as close as I'm likely to find, and good enough for me to call it a day.
  6. Just got this one on ComicLink, and it's literally the only one I've seen in three years of searching.
  7. Two more checked off the list thanks to tonight's ComicLink auction!
  8. Honestly Conan's interactions on this forum set a standard of transparency and professionalism that you seldom see in any line of business, anywhere. Let's face it, most comics dealers are mom and pop operations -- nothing wrong with that of course -- but to operate at the scale of MCS, and still put forward such a personal touch that shows so much respect for the individual customer and the community as a whole, is truly impressive.
  9. Giving this another bump ... eventually I will probably put the raw books up on eBay and consign the two CGC books, but for now I'm happy to give the forum a chance for a while longer.
  10. Even most Indians don't read Sanskrit so it you can, that's impressive.