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  1. Mitch, It has become apparent that instead of contacting me via telephone to discuss this situation professionally, you preferred to act hastily without the facts and make false public statements on multiple forums and send out emails to all of your clients accusing my company of wrongdoings. It didn’t have to get to this point and could have easily been explained over a phone call as I did absolutely nothing wrong. I never offered any of this art for sale. I categorically deny it. That is a lie. Yesterday, I was asked my opinion about pricing on some Frank Miller art by my client Frank Miller, who was offered the art in a list format with pricing by Lynn Varney, who was legally obligated to offer him the art. After doing my own research I called a collector who knows the Miller market very well. I made it clear nothing was for sale, I was doing research and wanted his opinion. I never offered him a piece of art for him to buy. In fact, the collector I spoke with, who later contacted you, made it abundantly clear to you that that was the case. At no time did I say I was buying the art, offering to sell the art or anything of that nature. I was doing market research on your pricing for the person Lynn offered the art to. To do research, I do not need your or Lynn’s permission. You have defamed me publicly over something that could have been resolved by you picking up the phone and calling me. I take my reputation very seriously. I have worked for over 30 years to establish my good standing in the comic book and art community. I will not tolerate it being besmirched by you. Now that you know the facts I would kindly ask for a full retraction of your false accusations. If one is not made I will contact my legal counsel. All the best to you and Lynn in selling the amazing art that Frank created. It is truly beautiful. His creations are one of a kind. Sincerely, Vincent Zurzolo COO Metropolis Collectibles, Inc.