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  1. Glad you found one! These boards are awesome for learning some of the less common details. The community expertise here is a god send.
  2. I would absolutely jump at the proposition! I know I didnt state it in my initial post, but I followed my father into the Marine Corps. I actually lived in Okinawa, Japan for nearly nine years and graduated high school from there. Did you have a specific price in mind? Feel free to DM me if you are still interested.
  3. No specific books necessarily. I would like to stay under $100, which I know may not be particularly easy to find. Wishful thinking I suppose. Any key issues with the insert and stamp would almost certainly be out of the price range, so key issue is not something that I am focused on.
  4. I can honestly say that even if you decided to put this up for sale, I am fairly well priced out. Awesome book though!
  5. Perhaps, I honestly just parroting other's research. Not well versed enough to say for myself.
  6. @HouseofComics.Com Honestly I'm not well versed enough to say exactly. I have heard that approximately 5% of the books at the time had the Mark Jewelers Insert (although I can't confirm the accuracy) and only a small percentage of those have the stamp. There was a collector on the boards years ago who knew a great deal about them, but I can't remember his name. On top of the scarcity, the stamp is pretty small and hard to spot unless you are specifically looking for it, especially if the cover isn't contrasted against the stamp ink. I have found one on eBay, photo attached, to show
  7. Thanks brother. I appreciate it. Looking to retire myself in the next 5-10 years. Appreciate everything you have done. You guys built the foundation we operate on!
  8. Looking to buy DC comics with Mark Jewelers Insert that has the cover stamp. Little background: I am 15 year active duty Marine. The stamp that appears on these books was placed there by PX personnel when the book was purchased. Something about owning a book that a fellow veteran held in his hands and read decades ago has always excited me. Interested only in books with the stamp. Preferably the 70s, bonus point if military or horror related. Thank you.
  9. Yah unfortunately I bought one a couple days ago. Should have closed the thread.
  10. Looking for a Christmas present. Trying to procure either books (probably wont be able to buy both). Looking for VF+/NM range. Graded is preferred but I would be willing to take a raw book for the right deal. -DC Comics Presents 26 or Avengers Annual 10 I will try to respond as soon as possible but I am working crazy hours. May take me a day or two. Appreciate the help.
  11. Wait it's not cocaine. I thought all super villains were cocaine powered