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  1. Looking to collect Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle (1971) 1-11. Preferably VF copies but I willing to discuss other offers depending on the details. Thank you.
  2. Yah I tend to agree with you. The stains or major foxing on there probably drops it out of fine. Appreciate the posting.
  3. Looking for a raw copy of The Atom 19, 2nd Zatanna App, hope to find a copy in the F- to F+ range but open to other grades depending on the cost. Thank you
  4. Looking to buy a Swamp Thing 1 (1972). Looking for a copy raw or graded in the 9.0 range. If you have any offers let me know. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a Batman 227, 6.5 -7.5, raw or graded.
  6. Of the four books that you showed, the value would be in  Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary. Justin Green is an artist whose work is very collectable.  He is one of my favorite UG comix artists. This book is worth a good look-see. We're not talking about a ton of money here. We're talking the $30-50 range. Might be very well worth holding on to.

  7. Looking to buy Swamp Thing 1 (1972), looking in the VF/NM range, raw or graded. Thanks
  8. Looking for FF 46. Looking in the range of 6.5/7.5, graded or raw. Thanks
  9. Clearly there are a lot of opinions on this subject, which I have no problem with, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. With that said, there is very little that can be said that makes me believe this "service" is necessary. Third party grading has become necessary, with the advent of the internet and eBay too many people were getting ripped off by sharks out there misrepresenting their books. With that said, have a 3rd party grading service eliminates most of the risk. CVA I find different. Anybody with basic knowledge of comic collecting and a set of eyes can tell if the book looks good in its case. Additionally, CVA only inspects the front and back covers and deems it "exceptional" if it meets their standards. We all know that grading is subjective but this practice is risky. For instance, if you have book A and B both with a grade of 4.0 but book A has a CVA "exceptional" sticker on it, it would appear to many to have more value. But the truth is that it may not, in fact book B may be a stronger book and book A may just have the majority of the flaws internally, such as rust migration from the staples. Its frustrating, with every companies that adds another layer of subjective grading, they also add more expense to the purchaser. Now I would have to pay for the book, the grading (which regardless of what people says, does raise the value), and the CVA "grading". Unnecessary in my opinion, but like I said, everybody has their thoughts on the subject.
  10. A lot of good points. The visual presentation of the book is definitely important, but like you said you can use your own eyes to determine that and I feel like most collectors have enough experience in the business to determine presentation value themselves as well. And I tend to agree, if this was something that CGC themselves were doing, then MAYBE it would hold a little water, but an outside company doing this means very little to me. Like yourself and 1950's said, I agree its just a company trying to find a way to make money, its just ridiculous to me. Maybe I will create a company that grades the quality of the case of the label CGC puts in the slab, or a company to grade the sticker CVA puts on the slab .
  11. I was looking through some books at Heritage Auctions and ComicLinks and noticed something new. (New is relative, I haven't been on auction sites for quite sometime). I noticed that in upper left hand corner of certain books there is a "CVA Sticker" attached to the outside of the slab's case, I have attached some pictures at the bottom. After looking up the sticker, it would appear that there is a company out there providing some sort of ridiculous and redundant "certification" or "quasi-grading". Specifically there website says "CVA's proprietary, tamper-evident holographic sticker provides assurance that the comic book you own has met our strict standards for outstanding eye appeal and superior structure within the numerical grade assigned by CGC. CVA's distinctive sticker allows collectors, dealers and investors, with any level of experience, to easily identify these premium-quality examples in any grade. A CVA endorsement adds value for anyone interested in the CGC graded comic book market, buyers and sellers alike." Perhaps I am off base but this seems ridiculous to me. Granted we live in a world in which grading has become necessary, like it or not grading is here to stay. But another additional company that is "certifying" books without opening the slab and for instance saying a CGC 7.0 is not just a is an "exceptional 7.0". This is ridiculous and will more than likely only add to inflated prices of books out there. How much more complicated can we make this hobby/business and how many more companies are going to put their moronic spin on grading. There are plenty of people on here with much more experience and expertise than me, so maybe there is something I am missing or perhaps they can enlighten me, but from where I am sitting right now this is just plain dumb and hopefully something that does not catch on. Here is a link to their website ...I dont know how long they have been operating. Maybe this has been going on for a while and I just have been oblivious, but I have never seen it before....looking for thoughts and opinions. (Their "exceptional" sticker) (Their "Gold" sticker) (This photo from there site demonstrates how it is tamper proof)