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  1. Wait it's not cocaine. I thought all super villains were cocaine powered
  2. Found on Facebook. Not sure how anyone can look at this and think this is ok. Book massively off center, signature "authenticated", looks like label was printed in someone's garage.... it does appear that Europe has its own PGX
  3. That was my thinking as well. Im shooting for a 9.0 or higher, guess we will have to see.
  4. Recently picked up a Swamp Thing 1 (1972). It's in solid shape but certainly not perfect. I believe many of the flaws can be pressed out, as there are no color breaking ticks or major flaws. Interested in seeing what people think it's currently at and if it's worth pressing. Thank in advance for inputs. If I do submit it, I will reveal the grade I get. Thanks.
  5. Awesome sale. Look forward to future sales, especially any Hughes you have!
  6. You may want to review the rules regarding posting. The admins will remove this if it's not fixed