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  1. Looking for a F+/VF copy that is reasonably priced. Graded or raw. Thanks.
  2. Oh I'm not arguing. Never been a huge superman fan myself, and the writers do definitely jump the shark with him too much. It's hard to relate to a character who has almost zero weeknesses, except for kryptonite of course.
  3. Kav and his Superman hatred strikes again! I love it
  4. Recently purchased a BA 12 from Mike. The book was accurately described and shipped fast. Packaging was on point and protected the book perfectly. Mike was even willing to work with me on an unconventional situation pertaining to my purchase. Highly recommended.
  5. Ok, I have been buying from the forums for a few years now but it was recently suggested that I start a Kudos Thread for myself, especially as the books I have been purchasing lately are increasing in price. So this is it. My preferred method is to through PayPal and I will always have the money on hand if you receive a on one of your sales threads.
  6. Just got back to camp. Thanks to @sckao and @thirdgreenham for picking for me! @Black_Adam I will send you a PM. Super excited. Thanks for offering such an awesome prize!
  7. Probably not the appropriate place to put this but I didnt know where else to post it to and I feel it is important to say. Im not usually the sentimental type but I just wanted to take the time to truly thank @thirdgreenham and @sckao for help putting this event together. My wife and I collect together and it is something we have bonded over the years with, and my children are starting to follow suite. Unfortunately I am currently deployed to Somalia, and wont be home for many more months. I am not ashamed to say that being away from my books, not visiting my LCS and unable to read the stories that I come to love is harder than you might think. Even harder due to the fact that this is something I normally spend a great deal of time with my family doing. The last couple of weeks have been somewhat easier, mostly due to the excitement of participating in this competition and being apart of a community of like minded people. It gave me something to look forward to every morning and reminded me of home. And while the prizes are awesome (some are truly great), and placing well in the competition is always enjoyable, it was the overall experience that was truly the reward. So I sincerely want to thank the organizers and participants for putting this together, it means more than I think you know.
  8. Did anyone ever complete making the prize listing? Also, we are getting close to the end. If I remember correctly from previous years, you pick in the order that you placed, basically a draft process, is that going to be the same this year? Do we have a date and time this is all happening and how do we decide the order of picking in the event that people tied? This may have all been discussed previously and I may have just missed it on another thread. If it has my apologies, just trying to figure out the details.
  9. Reading Kav's Superman rants this round has been the most entertaining aspect of the whole contest so far....Keep em coming!