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  1. While the Ebay bucks were good and free money, there wasn't that much to them. Enjoyed it when they would do 10% which essentially made up for tax now being charged. I'll do big buys if they bring those back.
  2. Very nice! Only in theaters prominently written. Hope we're all clear(er) on the Covid front by then.
  3. I have FF4 & FF6 so hope FF5 doesn't forget it's neighbors
  4. I'm so glad that I made an effort to work on a complete 94 - 143 (decided to stop when Byrne left) and a few scattered keys after that.
  5. When I checked in December, my beloved 6.5 that I remember saving $20 to buy at a comic con when I was a kid had broken the $3K barrier. I was curious and just checked Ebay and now it has cracked the $4K barrier. I'm getting scared to handle some of my comics now.
  6. Love that they are authenticating these. Only wish I had one
  7. Beautiful commission from Allen Bellman. I was lucky enough to get 2 commissions from him in 2019 before he passed. Very nice gentleman.
  8. Had the opportunity to "meet" Stan Lee a few times when I lived in San Diego and went to the con pretty much every year. By meet I mean stand in line with everyone else, have him sign a comic or two and then move on. It was at the 2017 Emerald City comic con that I had the chance to get a picture with him. He was rightfully sitting down and it's the usual ushered in smile, quick pic and move on. He took the time to say thank you to me and that is a memory I will always cherish as I was thinking, you're the 90+ year old gent taking his time for the fans like myself. No, thank you Stan Lee.
  9. I am biased in that Sub-Mariner is my favorite Marvel character and have luckily picked up his early Marvel appearances (Avengers 3, 4, FF 4, 6, 9, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner 1, Sub-Mariner 1, etc.) but I don't believe that Sub-Mariner #1 will reach heights of X-Men 1, Avengers 1 or even Daredevil 1. Hopefully he will join the MCU shortly and look forward to that which should result in a spike in value and interest.