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  1. this is awesome scott! as someone of about the same generation, who also went nuts for that xmen run, i can only imagine the thrill to work on a piece like this, that has so much history to it, not to mention insane detail work. you did a wonderful job being faithful to byrne's original linework while also making it cleaner, something that i don't really think byrne does when he inks himself. the commissioner clearly picked the right inker on this!
  2. if the last 7 years are any indication, nope.
  3. showcase 4 may be the most significant sa book because it is the first superhero book of the silver age, but it holds no significance for a vast number of collectors who do not care much about dc books. thats also why it has not budged in value for many years. xmen1 is of far more importance to far more collectors. in terms of value, xmen1 is essentially tied with sc4 and quickly moving to pass it: xmen 5.5 sold for 25k recently, sc4 gpa on that grade is 26k. xmen 1 multiple 7.5 copies have sold recently for close to 60k, sc4 7.0 gpa says 44k.
  4. as a kid who in the 80s worshipped the xmen, i always wanted gsx1 and xmen94, but the original xmen #1 from 1963 was the holy grail to me, in spite of the fact that almost none of those guys were in the claremont byrne austin team. i think the original book is always going to be the bigger key.
  5. the thread doesnt specify whether he means top 3 in terms of pricing, or in terms of significance within the marvel comics universe. clearly xmen1 is in the top 3 now in terms of value based on the latest sales, or at least very close to it. seems to have passed hulk1 and is way past other keys including the dc 'keys' in terms of value. whether it's top 3 in terms of significance is totally subjective and will vary from person to person. after the king, AF15, everything else is pretty variable these days. if the mcu ff movie is not popular or flops, that book will continue to lose g
  6. congratulations! great looking copy that continues to get hotter and hotter!
  7. going to close this for now. i'll post other books here sometimes as i have them. thanks for all the inquiries-
  8. i'm curious to know if it can be both, or if you're right that the end of the pandemic shut-in will mean less spending on collectibles. personally, i know many collectors who'd love to travel to a con to spend lots of money in person, once it's safe and everyone's vaccinated. and if much of this new money entering the market came from bitcoin guys who turned a few $500 bitcoin buys many years ago in 250k now, then i'm not sure travel will drain their budgets for acquiring collectibles too. time will tell...
  9. thanks for all the kind words. i lowered the price on the book- this is the one price drop i will do before moving elsewhere. i know it's a big jump from the prices a month ago, but that seems to be the case with so many books right now.
  10. Here's the latest book to catch fire- it's my white page copy of Avengers #1, graded 6.5 by CGC. heritage sold a 6.5 two days ago for 15.6k with off white pages. i planned to hang onto this book long term, and may still do so if i don't get any takers. but i have my sights on a few other things. removed from sale
  11. isn't it likely that the rusty staples were cleaned at cgc/ccs in a way that would not result in a conserved label?
  12. lou- please stay on the topic of this thread, which is apparently about porsches.
  13. very true. yet in every other grade, it increased just about every year after 2010. take 9.4 for example, imho the best grade to pursue in a book like 181. see attached pic. 181 9.4 high price increased every single year but last year. the highest graded copies of a book like 181 are not common, (9.8) therefore more apt to fluctuate wildly depending on how many come to market, etc. a book like asm300, which has 9.8 as the 7th most common grade, is a different animal. though now we can see all grades of this common book rising to meet demand. where @piper says to only buy asm300 in 9.8, i
  14. i believe you. i wish i had a boat to trade. but i would love to hear your assessment of the current market. it sounds like many of us boardies are getting priced out of the keys and semi keys. yet business is thriving for all sellers, which is wonderful in a year that looked so bad for business at first. are you getting a new crop of buyers, or is it still many of us same folks grabbing your latest key pickups bob? how big is the drop gonna be when it comes, in your esteemed opinion?
  15. i've only been on the boards for 4 years now but seeing how many new boardies have just appeared this year, particularly in the SA, BA and COPPER OR MODERN books sections, certainly supports the argument that many new investors are getting into comics now, as they have gotten into many other collectibles as well. a lot of people appear to have done very well last year. i'm not sure an end to the pandemic will change that so much.