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  1. i know this has been covered, but for those who havent seen, the ridiculousness of some of these grades truly undermines cgc's cred. i still adore this book, but the amount of latitude granted here is questionable, imho.
  2. and @1Cool this was all done by the end of issue 3 of the books. spoiler alert : utopian, our main hero, is freaking murdered by his son, brother and most superheroes. its like wtf, i cant beleive what i'm reading. to spend a whole season on that is just a terrible choice. as i said before, why not follow the blueprint of a super well reviewed and popular comic book series.
  3. that right there equals a fail in my book. i had this show marked on my calendar, was so excited after reading the original series of books. if the first ep cannot grab a viewer like myself, who really wanted to like it, then they've not done their job. couldnt even get passed the first scene of ep2. one does not need to force oneself to watch a good show. see GOT season 1 episode 1 for how to do it right.
  4. just got a sweet book from andy. very well packed, and shipped quickly. i would not hesitate to do business with him again. thanks for a great transaction!
  5. thanks to @thirdgreenham for this beautiful copy which now matches my asm2 7.0WP. love it! and thanks to @DST for letting me know about it being available too. i'm in the market for a 7.0-8.0 white page copy of asm4 now, so if anyone has one for sale, please hit me up.
  6. is that canadian monoply money? i didnt realize your monopoly game was different than ours...
  7. white pages certainly helped that sale happen in a big way. is my 3.5 worth 20k yet? not white pages sadly.
  8. wow am i disappointed after only 1 episode. main character is super irritating. overall the whole thing has very little in common with issue 1 and 2 of what is a remarkably good comic. i never can understand why writers adapting comic or novel material for tv and film feel the need to change so much. they really ought to have stuck with the -script. mark millar got a billion dollars from netflix, could he not have stuck to what he wrote in the highly acclaimed series of comics? i dont think i can bring myself to even plow through episode 2. it's just not good. i was too excited for this s
  9. @Randall Ries you do seem to hope for a hulk 181 crash, you've been talking this book down for as long as i've noticed you on the boards. it'd be great if you'd move on now. your opinion seems to be based on nothing other than the fact that there are a lot of copies of this book out there. here's a thread (page 3 specifically) from 6 years ago, guy here bought a 9.6 copy for around 6k, a record high at the time. at about 30k now, he's quintupled his investment. whether or not we see a market correction this year, hulk 181 has proven, beyond a doubt, that it continues to be the #1 m
  10. wow! how far is this raw high grade ditko spidey countdown going to go? it's an impressive group. did you crack some of these?
  11. that company's grades on books dont always equate to the same grade with our cgc overlords. depending on what it looks like, it may be more of an 8.5 book value-wise.
  12. apparently a youtube person says to buy 9.8s. that must be why. lemmings with money?
  13. ff1 and asm1 both often have tons of chipping too. hulk 1 seems to get a fair amount. jim83, tos39 and xmen1 seem to have way less chipping. since those that tend to chip most seem to be the ones made in the first year or so of superhero marvel books, (1962ish) i'd guess that marvel improved the cover stock for their books around 1963 or 1964 and going forward. i bet some boardies have good info on this.
  14. i dunno about the spidey1, but the ff5 was simply a case where the guy never paid. happens all too often on the bay. if someone was going to juice gpa with fake sales then they would wait alot longer to relist a book, i think.