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  1. www.alexgross.com

    group shot thread

    i couldn't help taking this shot at my bank box today. i know that this is a mix of silver and bronze, but these are my best key books. still have many other grails i need to get...
  2. www.alexgross.com


    yes and the seller recently tried to sell it here for about 13k, i believe. most likely, many potential comiclink bidders also use this site. 6 months is apparently too fast to try and flip this book, especially not having had luck selling it here. of course, at another time, or with another book, 6 months is ample time to make a nice profit.
  3. www.alexgross.com

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    it continues-- just a hair under 3 grand now for a 7.5. a non white page copy sold for 2750 first, clearly spurring the sale of this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MARVEL-INCREDIBLE-HULK-181-KEY-COMIC-BOOK-CGC-7-5-WHITE-PAGES-1ST-APP-WOLVERINE-/253640045645?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=%2BZF6kwjS9MyS539cLXYaKtjFF70%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  4. www.alexgross.com

    ASM 1 Club?

    who did the press work for you? amazing copy!
  5. www.alexgross.com

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    it really is a beauty! well done! i love your copy too-
  6. www.alexgross.com

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    i'm back in the club now thanks to bob storms. this is the best 5.0 i've ever seen. the back has a slight water stain, that must be the reason. looks more like a 6.5 to me otherwise. i'm super happy to have this book in my collection!
  7. www.alexgross.com


    like a proud parent i must say that that's my old copy, which i traded to omaha-cgc to upgrade to a 4.5 that's similarly well presenting and has no chipping. but i still miss this one too. scored it from an ebay seller that i worked a private deal with in 2015 for a good price, although not cheap.
  8. www.alexgross.com

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    since the last reply to this thread, Hulk181 has seen a roughly 20 per cent increase in price for grades from 7.0 up to 9.4. ( i havent really followed lower grades) it's been an insanely fast explosion. in early april i was quoted prices that i did not act on, and within a week or two the same book had sold for $500-$1000 more. i haven't seen such a fast jump in price on another key book until recently. of course now every documented sale on gpa has everyone raising the price on theirs for another grand more than the last sale, so it can't last forever. might there be a drop, or just a plateau? remembering what happened with AF15 exploding last summer and then this year coming back down.
  9. www.alexgross.com

    PGX terminates entire staff?

    other than feeling bad for those fired, i'm gonna file this one under 'who really cares, and why does anyone use this terrible company anyway??' really irks me when comiclink offers pgx books in their auctions. makes one have to guess based on one scan how many grades lower it will end up when taken out and sent in to CGC. and who knows if it will end up having been restored or conserved. whenever a dealer has pgx books, it makes them look cheap, IMHO.
  10. this is not a toy. its a star wars painting i recently made. i thought this thread would appreciate it, since the 'post your artwork' thread doesnt get alot of views, but i guess it might get kicked out since its not technically an action figure. on instagram, every third comment tends to be about spock, often negatively, or asking why he's there.
  11. take capt marvel 30 & 57
  12. www.alexgross.com

    Show us your personal artwork

    here's "Batman Family 2," - it's acrylic and oil paint on an antique photo. the back of the photo says it's from about 1894 and this is the Ehrlich family. it's called Batman Family 2 because i did an earlier version with the original yellow batwoman costume in it. this one has the modern batwoman in it, which i prefer.
  13. www.alexgross.com


    congrats! from this dark picture, your 2.5 looks better than your 4.0!
  14. www.alexgross.com

    Show us your personal artwork

    this one is called "Batman's Villains 2," because i did another version before this. And I will likely do yet another, since neither of these has harley quinn in them. oil and acrylic on antique cabinet card photograph. i'm on instagram at @artofalexgross if you like these. i posted some more there and on alexgross.com thanks--