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  1. AF15 value - will the market 'crash'?

    definitely not a crash, but a good time to load up on copies i would say at this point, compared to last august!
  2. big hole on the back cover. cant upgrade that. does present great though
  3. Closed

  4. congrats! it was a good price-- tempting for me, but all my extra cash is going to bitcoin these days.
  5. congrats to both buyer and seller! great book at a great deal too!

    how can you deduce such a thing from such a small size photo? it doesnt even enlarge to the size of a real comic book, much less larger so one could see real details.

    this thread has pretty much been the same couple of folks arguing back and forth. it doesnt really encourage thoughtful commentary about the current or prospective future state of the market for this king of silver keys. and yeah, the big drop has been a big disappointment too. but lets keep arguing about chipping.
  8. Sean Murphy selling new Batman White Knight art tomorrow.

    i think his art looks like dan panosian, who's been at it since the 90s.
  9. Certified Forgeries ?

    looked like all the certificates of authenticity were from PGX. how are they still allowed to keep their doors open? shocking they havent yet been sued out of business.

    i agree totally with this, if i had 40k lying around i certainly would have bid on it. it's hard to believe this wont be a 50-60k book within a few years, at most.

    in spite of the down market for mid lower grade copies, still a shockingly low price for a nice 5.5. this market has changed in a hurry. and what an enormous spread between 5.5 and 7.5.
  12. when will the next post be? do you have a schedule?
  13. i'm making a couple of limited edition prints featuring before and after images of marvel heroes (and villains), and the latest incarnation of harley quinn. all images were painted over antique photos. please click the links below for more info. thanks for looking-- http://www.alexgross.com/store/prints/harley-quinn.html http://www.alexgross.com/store/prints/marvel-heroes.html
  14. Movies many love that you hate

    not a superhero movie, but 'war for the planet of the apes' was awfully shmaltzy and stupid, after the first two were so good. yet all the reviews were glowing and called it the best of the three. could not disagree more. plus, there's no war.
  15. A "collector" in a world of investors

    all commodities/ collectibles have both collectors and investors, and there's naturally alot of overlap. i have collected coins purely for the investment angle, really don't care about them for any other reason. i wanted to move into comics because i love them and have always loved them. i buy raw comics that i want to enjoy reading, and i buy graded, entombed key comics both to own them and for the investment value. i'm not sure why a pure collector would ever buy a slab, since it prevents reading the comic book. i remember when i got my first slab, how disappointing it was to realize i could never look at that book. but at the end of the day, i can buy any book raw if i want to read it. the keys are mostly all reprinted somewhere, so i can read those without having to get a raw copy, and be happy with my entombed books too as investments. i'm not turned off by investors in comics, because i think most of them, like me, also love comics first and foremost.