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  1. i guess this weekend is megacon, maybe thats why no activity here. anyway, i'll put other books up another time. feel free to pm if interested in anything.
  2. well, seems totally dead here. i think my prices are pretty fair. last book and i will shut it down for now. SILVER SURFER 3 CGC 8.5 OWP last sale was $800, 90 day avg is $689 - very hot book, i'll do $675
  3. XMEN 42 white pages, about a 7.5 very nice looking book, just some minor issues that keep it in the vf range $60
  4. Silver Surfer 9 great looking copy, about a 9.0 there are a few creases from manufacturing. glossy new looking book $150
  5. Silver Surfer 1 CGC 6.0 OWWP brand new perfect slab. heres the graders notes: Grader Notes: large, multiple crease left bottom of front cover breaks color light, multiple crease center of front cover breaks color light, multiple crease right center of front cover breaks color moderate wear all corners breaks color small, multiple tear left center of back cover GPA has 90 day avg at $544 and last sale was $600 so let's do $525
  6. seems pretty dead here today. maybe i'll do this another time. lets try a few surfers and see if anyone wakes up.
  7. Captain America 111 Steranko classic cover, "death" of captain america super sharp corners on this one. light dust shadow on both front and back. it looks 9.4 to me, really crisp. gpa last sale was $375 Price: $299
  8. Avengers annual #2 looks brand new! very sharp- glossy, and White Pages to boot. gocollect FMV says $240 Price: $210
  9. Selling some nice books again here today. Please click my kudos thread to see feedback on deals I've done over the last year. it's right under my picture. RULES: No PL/HOS members First “Take it” posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I will mark the book SOLD in the thread as soon as I am able. If someone takes the book before I am able to mark it sold, they will be the winner. Please don’t make comments with quoted book posts, other than taking a book, as this can be confusing. Payment: I accept Paypal and personal or bank checks, no credit card checks please. checks must clear before I can ship. payment is due within three days of my message with total. Shipping Terms: USA and CANADA shipping ONLY. USA $15 insured shipping for any quantity via USPS. Canada is $30. Total purchases over $300 ship free. Returns/ Refunds: I will take returns within one week of your receipt of the book, as long as the book is returned in the same condition as when it left here. You cover return shipping unless I made an error. My goal is for every buyer to be satisfied with their purchase, and so far they have been. Please ask any questions before committing to buy.
  10. i am not @DST but i admit i too love the white pages. here are 6 of my white page beauties. love this run!