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  1. wow! i have a number of amazing gahan wilson tpbs, and even a few originals of his, and i had never seen this one. fantastic!!!
  2. received a great book from greg! very trustworthy seller, would do business with him again anytime.
  3. this is an interesting and new take on things. i have not personally seen supply be lower since heritage, comiclink and comicconnect still have their regular auctions, which, other than board sales, are what i watch. and i think, unlike you, many, many folks are either out of work, or earning less. given that, i dont see demand being up. it only takes two people to drive the price of one particular auction book crazy. davidthedavid's thread tracking sales lately shows most prices are down, about two thirds of books.
  4. really stinks about losing all your gigs now. sadly there are tons of folks in the same boat. congrats at least on selling some big books! just curious where you choose to sell; the boards, auctions, or private sales?
  5. sadly, as ed yong explained to terry gross on the fresh air podcast wednesday, we wont have a vaccine for at least one year, and the virus will almost surely continue to disrupt life in strong waves until then. the duration of businesses staying closed, or having to repeatedly shut down, will likely be longer than just a few months. we can see now in china already a second wave, causing theaters to close and restaurants to take action again. this is 4 months later for them. the chances of us all getting back to normal in 6 months seem slim at best.
  6. as @DavidTheDavid has shown in his awesome speadsheet, most prices have indeed come down for SA and BA stuff. i think the more interesting question is how long will it take for prices to resume an upward trajectory? some folks think this will be the event that permanently crushes all the strong growth that most keys have experienced in the last decade, while others think that it will just last as long as the recession does, which is also unknown. stocks seem perhaps like the smarter buy, comics are more fun. how bad will this be for comics values over a few years?
  7. looking for spiday #50, with white pages only, about an 8.0. also open to an 8.5 or possibly 9.0. probably not lower. paying fair market value based on gocollect. thanks-
  8. its been a 9-10k book, with just one sale lower, for quite awhile now, so i think that 7200 sounds like a very sweet price for a great presenting book.
  9. their consistent refusal to post back cover scans is pathetic and really silly from a business perspective too. it infuriates me. and yet i buy from them repeatedly. i find their competitor, comicconnect, to have an awful website, and have never bid in their auctions, in spite of their always posting back cover scans and having good customer service. i like CL's site alot and they always have stuff i'm interested in. also, i have always received back scans from CL when requested, but i guess now thats not happening. i think if its a special book, i would buy the notes. if its one that comes around more often, then i'd pass, if i couldnt get a back cover scan. with the economy tanking now, perhaps they are also feeling the pain, and may have let some people go? this could explain inability to send more scans?
  10. this is for the americans, obviously.