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  1. its a surcharge. if i bid $1,000, i will actually have to pay $1,150. so it does affect the price. if there is no calculator, then it will also be a surprise surcharge for some people who can't read. finally there is no good reason to do this. if, as they claim. consignor wanted it, they could simply have reached an agreement regarding their consignment terms that worked for him, such as a flat 2 per cent fee, for example. it's not a smart move on the surface, so i tend to think it's a test for something else.
  2. we were also told that airline baggage fees were just temporary so the airlines could recoup their losses after the 08-09 recession. i'm still waiting for those fees to be discontinued. i'm not sure i believe CC on this. that's why i think if the results in this auction disappoint them, it'd be good for collectors. but of course not for consignors like yourself. everyone bid up sharon's books please!!
  3. personally i hope people will avoid bidding on items in this auction. it sets a very bad precedent, and something tells me that they will not have the automatic calculator on their site like HA does, to let you know what your bid actually is with BP. i think one major auction site using the hated BP is more than enough to go around.
  4. when @G.A.torsells an ff5 3.0 for $6,295, or $6,495, on instagram, far beyond current gpa, does that sales data end up on there or gocollect? as bob noted, tons of sales now on instagram, here, and other free platforms. but i wonder if any of those results end up on the record, so to speak.
  5. i know that darkseid predates thanos in the comics, but the after-the-fact appearance of darkseid now in dc's avengers-type movie will cause millions to think it's just a ripoff of the avengers infinity saga films. another all powerful intergalactic purple mean dude. i wish they had something more different up their sleeves.
  6. burr was so great in that episode. i believe it was either written for him, or he was allowed to improvise, as he essentially played himself. his accent did not even occur to me. does giancarlo esposito's uniquely strange accent also bother people?? some people just love to complain. this was the best ep of season two imho.
  7. i do not think that a stimulus check back in spring 2020 is causing this insanity right now. i think it's more likely that being cooped up and online all day has driven a lot of interest in collectibles, especially since summer ended. also, collectibles tend to attract a wealthier collecting base, one that may be somewhat less affected by the huge unemployment numbers all over the world right now. whatever the cause, i have not seen such dramatic increases in comics values in such a short time ever before. it does make one wonder if it can be sustained, or if there will be a pullback at some p
  8. ff5 continues to be on fire. latest 4.0 copy just sold for $7,600 on CL tonight! gocollect and gpa are a ways behind on pricing for this book.
  9. based on all that data, i'd say it already took off and has been rocketing for awhile now. when this kind of explosion happens, it's always a guessing game as to where the ceiling might be.
  10. incredible book! i also would not resub it with a press and clean. its great as it is, and you dont see that many 9.2s. just hold it until at least the movie is coming out, longer, if possible.
  11. i love this movie so much! its so darn funny. i think without rickman, they should pass on trying for a sequel though.
  12. i love hearts! man, i was both bummed i missed your hulk 1 and relieved, as i would have felt the need to buy it! congrats on the sale!
  13. all dealers operate on the basis of last best price acheived. if metro didnt pay attention enough to notice the results of this latest auction, they would be negligent. though the idea that the all-time highest price paid always dictates a new market price is often wrong, i dont fault dealers for trying. and i'm not saying theres not plenty of greed either. but raising prices when the market appears to have moved up is a no-brainer.
  14. not neccessarily. heritage is allowed by texas law to shill bid its own stuff. final hammer only required one person to bid that amount.