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  1. totally agree, of course. it's a question of when, which has also been discussed ad nauseum on these boards. but i see that being a ways off. i'd still keep some comics, but i do often wonder how attached i will be to my AF15 if prices start really dropping on all key comics in general and i get the impression that the market is dying off, like with stamps. i dont imagine that happening until i am maybe quite old, if i get there. (spare me the point that af15 may have dropped recently, thats not my point. i'm talking about the whole field dying.) i stopped collecting coins because i love comics way more, and wanted to spend my time there. plus, comics have proven to be better investments for me, with some exceptions of,course. (1995 china gold panda 1/2)
  2. it would be interesting to see responses to this same theme in a hobby such as coin or stamp collecting, which are apparently not very lucrative anymore. i may be wrong, but as a former coin collector, that market really has past its prime, and i never saw young guys at coin shows. like most of you, i am a collector at heart. but i think it's important to note that with collecting comics, we can tell ourselves, and our partners, that it's a good use of time and money, since many comics appreciate in value over time, and are liquid, i could never devote the amount of time and $ to any collecting passion that i knew would lose lots of $ over time. comics were my first love as a kid and they're also a good investment, at least the ones i like. the perfect combo for me. my vintage photo collection didnt cost me much and i dont spend too much time on it either.
  3. from your avatar here, i assumed you were older. nice book! did you get it signed, or buy it that way?
  4. i guess that's why it's not a pgx 10. they're a joke, don't even bother to look at books "graded" by them.
  5. do i need to finish last season to know wtf is going on in this one? assuming the answer will be affirmative.
  6. hard to get motivated after how much season 2 was a letdown for me. i really enjoyed season 1, but last season the writing felt worse, the plots were less engaging, every ep was like "we're gonna meet spock this week! fooled ya!" plus tig notaro? come on, not an actress. thats a comedian. i like smg but do not think this show is worth paying more money to watch again. i paid to watch last season and still couldnt finish it.
  7. dave puts the D in OCD! it stands for obsessive compulsive DST
  8. 1980's Flash Gordon. so cheesy, but somehow so good. max von sydow, queen soundtrack... a guilty pleasure.
  9. i will soon be transporting 10-12 slabs in a carryon bag on a plane, and i was wondering what are the best recommendations for bags that are well suited for this. i recall another thread here about this last year, but cannot find it. thanks for any suggestions anyone has.
  10. along these lines, i think that asm300 in 9.4 and 9.6 will be a sweet spot now that 9.8 are not affordable for so many folks. i would never have considered anything less than a 9.8 when they were 2k or under, but now i certainly would. and i can techinically afford the 9.8. i expect prices for 9.6 and 9.4 to grow strongly as they have been. it's easy for a $750 book to become a $1200 or $1500 book. of course i've seen 5k books go to almost 10k too (jim83 5.0, TOS39 5.0) over the last 6 years too. but for folks that need to stay under 2k, which are alot of folks, the 9.4 and 9.6 are the place to be now.
  11. this! when i started collecting again, i wanted a hulk181 for around 2k. so that meant a 9.0. there were lots of voices saying how 'its such a common book!' blah blah blah. many 60 year olds didnt get just how popular logan is with 40-50 year olds, and younger. needless to say 9.0s are 5-6k now. i am old enough not to have cared much about venom, but this book and character are clearly the most popular of this era. most 30-45 year olds feel the same way about him as my generation does about logan. the only difference between the 2 books is grade breakdown. if you want to spend 2k now on venom you get an asm300 9.6. but the demand is huge. and if they make better movies with him, it should only help. i predict a plateau and then small dip before ultimately rising again, exactly as @jjonahjameson11 says, based on what i've seen over the last 7 years.
  12. clearly needs a chapter on mcfarlane and his genius creation of Spawn.
  13. since no one asked, i think the miniscule and often invisible difference between 9.8 and 9.9 is insane to pay thousands for. but i wish you good fortune on your quest for .1 more of a grade.