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  1. this page was on the wall at HA's beverly hills offices last year when i was there. there was a plaque on it but i cant make out exactly what it said. it was very special to see it in person!
  2. www.alexgross.com

    2019 Collecting Goals Thread

    you mean like these?
  3. this is so awesome! thanks for sharing it here
  4. www.alexgross.com

    90sChild trade feedback

    great transaction- fast payment, great communication. highly recommended boardie!
  5. www.alexgross.com

    This Week Back From CGC

    white as a baby's bottom
  6. www.alexgross.com


    if stan lee is any indicator, SS books only need for the signer to die, sadly, for their value to jump massively. there are only 9 million stan lee signed books out there since he did every show on earth for the last 40 years, but since he passed away, values of his SS books have skyrocketed. it's likely not a durable increase, but those books probably will continue to be worth more than while he was alive. same thing goes for other great creators who passed away. SS books appeal to certain collectors, and not others. i would personally not want one, but plenty of collectors love them. now, a book signed by Kirby INSIDE the book would be awesome to have. but that would not have the SS label on it.
  7. www.alexgross.com

    Safety deposit box -Anyone use them?

    you want to get a collectibles insurance policy for your books, even if they are stored in a bank box, like many of mine are. they will cover it there, and the bank boxes are often not fire proof. depends on the place i guess. i live in LA so it doesnt get too cold here. had my keys in the bank box for years now and not noticed any issues with the books re temperature. my problem is i have to keep getting more boxes because it's not good for slabs to get stacked too many on top of one another. and i keep buying books!
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    such a beauty and so tempting! hard to believe this hasnt disappeared already-
  9. www.alexgross.com

    This Week Back From CGC

    i agree but there are no creases i can see at all!! what should i do?
  10. www.alexgross.com

    This Week Back From CGC

    heres the book that i don't get. looking at the book, it's a 9.4, right?well, they gave me an 8.5. i got another book back which is a 9.0 and clearly has much more spine stress. notes say: light bends to cover light spine stress lines to cover medium crease full bottom of back cover medium crease left bottom of back cover small, moderate bend left bottom of front cover i know scanning is imperfect at this resolution, but i personally see NONE of these things. should i ask them to try again or crack it and resub as a raw book so they dont feel tempted to double down on a mistake?
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    The Silver Surfer Collecting Thread

    this is what i got back from CGC today. glad to say i have a full run now, though not all graded. i will have to make a pic with all of them. but i'm pleased about most of these grades, with the exception of the #14, which got a 9.6 Q because the bottom staple is detached! oof.
  12. www.alexgross.com

    This Week Back From CGC

    overall i cannot complain. all white pages, a couple of 9.6s. the qualified book was a real bummer, it says the bottom staple is detached. an otherwise nearly perfect book. another book which is not pictured came back 8.5. none of the graders notes are visible to me. does CGC ever make mistakes like this? the notes sound like they are from another book entirely. could that be possible?
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    Books that I own are on Comiclink?

    you guys also ought to have quality standards for folks who list books on your exchange. it lowers comiclink's cred to have cruddy iphone pics of books with no back photos on the exchange. but something tells me this will never happen, just like comiclink wont ever start showing back scans in their auctions. too much trouble i guess.