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  1. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    yes, everyone here says how great bob is, and i certainly believe them. i wish i saw him at wondercon (CA) every year, but i haven't. i've seen a lot of the dealers that are known from overstreet ads and online at that show, and my statement is based on that. i won't start naming names, but pretty much every dealer i've seen there asks prices a good deal over GPA for key books. saw a poor looking hulk 1 cgc 3.5 about a year and a half ago there and the dealer was asking 13k for it, when it was worth at most 9k. and this is a well known and well liked dealer. I'm not anti-dealer. but that's been my experience, and there are more stories like that one. i'm glad to know that bob is apparently more fairly priced than most of these others.
  2. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    if you want to buy a silver age key at a convention, you will surely pay more than if you buy it on a CL or CC auction. as the dealers here have already mentioned, they have lots of costs in attending conventions, and that will surely be reflected in their prices, especially for the most sought after books, the keys. conventions are awesome for finding run books that are raw, you can really inspect them closely. but don't waste your time trying to find a great deal on hulk 1, af15, or anything like that at a convention, unless you want to pay extra.
  3. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    you've seen a key at a convention that was fairly priced?!?
  4. Show us your personal artwork

    "Batman and Robin," before and after. i've been doing these paintings on antique photos for several years now. they are cabinet card photos from the late 1800s. i seal them with clear acrylic, and then paint directly on top of them. if you like this, you can see more of them on my website: http://www.alexgross.com/mixed-media/index.html

    yeah, i figured as much. this seems like a ridiculous legal position to take. if your auction is public on the internet, then the results are also public. of course, i'm not a lawyer. many of us have already, in our own amateur ways, kept certain records of their results on books we are interested in. but of course you are right, and if this is the position that comiclink is taking, then it is really comiclink that is screwing up results at GPA, and by extension, all of us who collect/invest in comics. if someone on this forum chose to keep a record of every comiclink result, and rather than sell it, make it available to everyone, with the possible suggestion of a small donation, like a museum does, that seems like it would be most useful, and legal.

    so, public auction results, like those of comiclink auctions, are proprietary? gpa is not permitted by law to include those in it's results if comiclink does not agree?
  7. A little DCBS rant

    that 2 inch crease is ridiculous -- what a headache!
  8. group shot thread

    awesome group of keys! are you going to get DC books as well?

    amen! it really is time that someone opened a competing service. as you say, most if not all of us would gladly subscribe. it's hardly an impossible task. it simply means adding a few more sources than they currently use, and being more timely in updating information. i bet some of the longtime members here even have the capital to pursue such a start-up if they were so inclined. either way, GPA are so far off right now that i cannot be the only one contemplating dumping my subscription.

    is GPA completely worthless now? in reference to AF15 prices, they are so far out of touch with reality that one wonders why waste the eleven dollars per month. comiclink just sold a 7.0 for 125k. GPA has 2 sales of a 7.0 this year for 42 and 65k. about half the real price! similar results appear there in almost all grades. whats a 4.5 worth? less than a 4 apparently. a 5.0 goes for a couple grand more than a 4.0. ugh!!! it's way beyond time they start including comiclink results. do they use comicconnect results at least? i'm so frustrated by this in particular because i have a 4.0 and would love to upgrade to a 4.5 or a 5.0. but there is no good way to know what each half point is worth at this stage. thoughts?
  11. Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    that 6.0 is kind of a tragic book-- the rest of it is so clean, it looks like an 8 at least. i thought about bidding but that crunch just held me back. i'm trying to upgrade my 4.0...
  12. WTB Tales of Suspense 39

  13. i just listed my asm14 on eBay. if anyone here is interested in it, obviously, i could do better than the listed price. thanks- http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/202053096280?
  14. Post your Garage Sale/Flea Market/Antique Mall Finds Here

    did they know what they had? pretty amazing haul you got there--
  15. HULK vs THOR!!!

    ruffalo's hulk is an ensemble player, not a lead. and when the most promising potential project in the near future is a movie about your main villain, (the dr doom movie idea that was only suggested at comiccon) then i think it suggests that the main property is not going to be put in theaters again for a long while. maybe they dont have fatal issues, but i always liked von doom more than the ff. am i alone?