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  1. just ask comic mylars. tons of ancient, overpriced listings. hard to believe that guy ever sells anything.
  2. i guess it's believable that j buscema did this artwork, since aspects of it are very high level. i just felt suspicious that it was really buscema since there are aspects of this that are really sub-par for such a top level artist. perhaps it was done by Sal.
  3. ah - i believe i will miss them as we are going to have dinner soon! best of luck with the sale- i will try to check back-
  4. this is a very interesting piece of art. at first it looks quite authentic. surfer is sort of well drawn (not his hands). but the design is just awful. surfer and galactus same size, cramped into a small part of the cover...this can't be the same man responsible for ss3 and ss4, two of the most dynamic covers ever! then, i notice the underside of the surfboard. come on now, that's awful. just random lines? seems to be a strong indicator that it's a fake to me. and galactus is completely drawn in kirby's style, not buscema's. i'm no expert but this seems bogus. does that signature look real to anyone who's an expert on sigs?
  5. ocd alert driving me crazy. can yew korekt the spellig errorz in youre titell pleaz?
  6. he never did my route again. i was led to beleive he was reassigned to hopefully avoid firing, but i dont really know the outcome. i liked him and i dont for a second think he stole anything. he was just trying to save me a trip to the post office. but theives hit my box that weekend and the package had contained a gold coin worth about 3k from cgc's sister company, ngc. took me 6 months to get reimbursed, but not for the grading fees.
  7. agreed. cgc no longer uses fedex to ship to CA for some reason. very frustrating.
  8. this may be too late to be useful, but i had a registered mail package stolen around 7-8 years ago after my mail carrier forged my signature and left it in my mailbox while i was on vacation. when i filed a claim it was denied too because usps showed as delivered and signed for. ultimately after my appeal was also denied i was able to contact the postmaster inspector general. they got on the case and got it taken care of. they seem to be the ones with power there when they screw up on a high level such as this. if you get ahold of their office they may be more responsive than what you've had so far. any with all the drama there right now, probably not. sorry for your loss-
  9. hard to tell without seeing the spine, it looks like something could be going on there, but otherwise 6.5-7.0.