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  1. it can't be that hardcore of a collecting show- i see at least 4 women in these pictures.
  2. some were wondering if this is still a thing. yes its a thing. just refunded one of my customers yesterday and paypal takes the whole amount from my balance, refunding zero percent of the fees they took. greedy bastards.
  3. just saw THE LIGHTHOUSE and gotta say that pattinson is quite a good actor. like many, i was skeptical that he is right to play batman, but i'm less so now. crazy movie--
  4. website says 10-4pm, this would be useful to include in the main post.
  5. its certainly better than a label with an image of spiderman, thor, or some other character on it, meant i guess to compete with the cover artwork. ugh.
  6. is comic addiction a thing? what's really crazy, though you can't tell from this photo, is that the 7.5 has the deepest colors of all 4 of these books. hands down. this is a cell phone photo, though not bad, but not perfect either, by far.
  7. i just completed a great transaction with JP. he shipped right away and with truly bomb proof packaging. i couldn't recommend him more highly- thanks again JP!
  8. stoked to have these two 9.4WP siblings now. just need a SS4 9.4WP now to complete the triumvirate.
  9. actually, if you didnt buy your ticket in advance, you could walk in, buy a ticket in 5 minutes, and then go right in. it made no sense how they had it set up. almost everyone buys tickets in advance and thats what the huge line was for.
  10. ditto! i expect he will get the oscar. the direction and cinematography were outstanding and will be nominated at least. i loved it. even the music was great.
  11. as far as the original posters question, it certainly seems from photos of SDCC each year, and attending both torpedo and california comic con here in CA, that there are still tons of SA keys out there. i can't speak to GA since it's not my thing, but plenty of dealers have multiple AF15s, Xmen 1s, Hulk 1s, and many more in quadruplicate at these shows. so i would say that at least for SA keys, they don't seem to be drying up. if they were, i think we'd probably see prices moving up more strongly than they are on several books, like AF15 and Hulk1, which have plateaued for a few years now, or even lost a bit.
  12. where are the pics from this event? lets see all the great dealer booth shots please people!
  13. really proves that most people dont know how to look at a scan of a graded book. the white behind the grade should never 'glow' like in this revised scan. contrast should be low, not high. on this book, the deep, reddish background color reads black. obviously its not an accurate image at all.