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  1. i cant read the article because i wont turn off my ad blocker. care to summarize it? sounds like heritage is raking it in?
  2. thank goodness that it went well. speedy recovery Bob!!
  3. 6.0?? must be a typo. pretty sure you want 5.0 dude. or are you getting ambitious?
  4. is that my nickname? i did just sell one of my surfer 1s, so i'm not a totally insane hoarder...just mostly a hoarder.
  5. only three books remaining- here are my one time discount offers on two of them. claim either first and it's yours at the price below, plus shipping. either way, i'll close the thread tomorrow. xmen 44 9.0 $80 new price silver surfer 14 (former cgc 9.6WP qualified) $250 new price (silver surfer 13 detached staple still $40)
  6. SS13 COPY 2 sold to @LordRahl i'm going to try to see whats left and see if i can offer any possible discounts. if you want anything that looks unsold, let me know asap. thanks!
  7. Silver Surfer 13 (COPY 2) this one is the sharper copy. i debated grading it but decided to hold off. it has some light creasing along the bottom edge. i still think it's a 9.0, and has a chance for 9.2 if pressed or perhaps as is. see my pics for details. SOLD to @LordRahl
  8. last book for this thread coming up. after this i will message everyone who bought with totals. and i'll try to see what remains as well. thanks-