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  1. HULK # 1 CLUB

    a nice hulk 1 4.0 sold for 11k today on heritage, down from the 12.5k two months ago on comiclink for similar books with no MC and good page quality. wish i had more cash in the bank, seems that now is the time to buy.
  2. MASSIVE Silver/Bronze Collection Up For Grabs

    well, this turned out to be a big nothing i guess. disappointing.

    i've been wondering about that strategy. it seems that sometimes having 2 or even 3 copies of a book can be beneficial, in that an interested party might end up bidding on a lower grade copy in case they don't win the higher one. however everyone lately seems to be going WAAAY overboard and having 5, 6 and 7 copies of AF15 that are all close in grades, in the same auction. this can only be interpreted as greed by the auction houses/ sites. it obviously hurts pricing, as we're seeing. i suppose it's all gravy for the auction sites, but when will the consignors realize that the market is oversaturated and stop consigning their books?

    congrats! pics please--
  5. 20 years from now

    nah, they will all plummet. sell them all to me now at 75% discounted price so you don't lose out later. thanks.
  6. Ebay issue and I am seeking some advice

    good luck and please keep us posted on how it pans out.
  7. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    love to see that!
  8. Hulk 181 Getting out of my range...

    i got my first hulk181 three years ago. scored a 9.0WP for $2100 cash. everyone then was saying its a popular book but pricey. ha, now i wish i had got ten of them at that price. just recently got an 8.5WP for a good bit more than i paid for my 9.0 then, and i expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future!
  9. it would be great to have an update post with what remains. i see several books that don't say sold but later in the thread someone said i'll take it. thanks--

    you can't really compare well based on these two scans. the new label is a much better scan with lots of detail in the mid range. the old label scan is extremely contrasty, and many defects will not appear in a scan like this. note how dark the upper background appears and how bright the AMAZING FANTASY text is in this scan. you really can't know whats going on there with this scan.
  11. congrats to both of you!!! awesome book--
  12. What is the one book you are waiting on.....for the right price.

    waiting for it to get more expensive??
  13. Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    if i were in the market for a 7.0, this book would be high on my list since it presents so well. the notation about the small missing piece wouldn't bother me. i suppose some folks thinking of trying to get a re-grade bump might pass, but it's a gorgeous 7.0 and many collectors would desire it.

    yeah, can we stop talking about baseball cards please? i know that on the surface, they seem like similar collectible items. but they are nothing alike. i'm not going to go on a long schpiel about how they're different. suffice it to say that in 1978 i loved both comics and baseball cards. fast forward ten, twenty, thirty years, and i still loved one of those things, and couldn't give a *$#& about the other. there are so many obvious reasons why they're not comparable at all.