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  1. Got a couple covers I'd like to get overlays done for. Anybody have someone they like to use?
  2. Not my auction, but thought it was cool that Mike Huddleston is auctioning off his covers for House of X and Powers of X and giving 10 percent to charity, which Hickman (the writer of the series), will also match: Really cool series so far, nice to see Marvel give the X-Men the spotlight after the group being on the backburner during the first ten years of the MCU.
  3. Kicking the tires, interested in buying/trading for one. Drop me a line via PM or at if you've got one you would be interested in selling/trading. - Keith Veronese
  4. Even the crappy titles. Hit me up via PM or
  5. Looking for a Morrison run DP cover. PM me or drop a line at Thanks! - Keith
  6. After being gone for a little while I'm getting back in the swing of updating my CAF galleries. Popped some covers up in my regular gallery, as well as updating my for sale gallery with a Kirby FF page, Frank Quitely art, some modern first appearances, a Star Wars Cover, and more: I'm cool with time payments too. Thanks! - Keith Veronese
  7. Anybody got a panel page for sale? - Keith
  8. Popped some stuff in my eBay store: Even if you're not buying from me, don't forget to take advantage of eBay's bonus 10% eBay Bucks over the next couple days. Thanks! - Keith Veronese
  9. A nice page form the coveted Gaiman/Buckingham run ends tomorrow - here's the link: or Thanks for looking! - KV
  10. Published in 1987. Up for auction in the Fall Featured ComicLink Auction here: or Thanks for looking! - Keith
  11. Came out in 1987, shortly after the series. Up for auction in the Fall Featured ComicLink Auction here: or Thanks for looking! - Keith
  12. Thanks for looking! - Keith
  13. Two pieces ending tomorrow night with no reserve. Here's the links - thanks! - KV Cable OA Dark Horse Star Wars OA Featuring Han Solo