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  1. Here's the link:
  2. Great dynamic cover! Both pencils and inks are on the board (not printed bluelines).
  3. Ending Tuesday after next, still pretty darn reasonable. NEW X-MEN #136 PAGE 11 DOOMSDAY CLOCK #9 PAGE 8 SABAN'S MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: NINJA RANGERS/VR TROOPERS #5 COVER
  4. Hit me up. I've got cash or trade if you prefer. - Keith Veronese (
  5. These are in the Monday auction, not the signature (so if you miss out on a big fish on Friday... ) Transmetropolitan #31 Cover Doom Patrol #19 p. 21 (Crawling from the Wreckage Part One) And here's a link to the Marvel Covers:
  6. Two really nice examples of these artists that don't show up often. Uncanny X-Men 284 p, 15 (Storm, Professor X Action page) Uncanny X-Men #347 p, 14 (Trial of Gambit) Also Have a Quitley Penciled page from the Grant Morrison New X-Men run up on Heritage too: New X-Men #136 p.13
  7. A superb example of a 1980s Marvel Cover and one from the greatest of all time. The Last Starfighter #3 Cover Jack Kirby Spirit World #2 Unpublished Inside Back Cover Collage =
  8. Got a bidder e-mail that the Hildebrandt Star Wars poster prelims floated away into the vapor today - anybody known why they were pulled from auction?
  9. How do the weekly auctions do for sellers? I had several pieces I thought were going signature head to the weekly auction the same week as the signature. Should I prepare to be disappointed?
  10. I'll do some analyses and pop up the data if anything meaningful comes out of it.
  11. Anybody remember anything from the auctions around the 2008 banking crisis? How did they pan out?