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  1. Congratulations! Its an awesome book to have. One of the all time great covers and a top bronze age key. And that 9.2 is gorgeous!
  2. Here is my Amazing Spider-Man 129 double cover recently graded by CGC
  3. It was either my ex-wife or cousins that I let live with me for about 8 months while I was going through my divorce. I had so many long boxes in my closet that I didn't realize what was missing until years later. Its what I get for being too nice of a guy and too trustworthy!
  4. Thanks, I bought this in a collection in the early 90's(ASM 99-299) along with X-Men 95-120 for $1000.00 at a local show in Charleston, SC. Just had it graded. Unfortunately I had the ASMs in long boxes in my comic book closet along with about about 10 other long boxes and only upuntil about two years ago did I realize they were gone. I had a graded ASM 121-8.0 and a 122 9.4 and also purchased an ASM 15 7.0 that ended up missing. That's what I get for not double checking my collection periodically. ASM 129 was hanging on the wall and was untouched!
  5. I'm in the club! CGC finished the grading and just sent image: 1st cover 8.5, interior cover 9.2.
  6. Had it graded and they sent image: 1st cover 8.5, Interior cover 9.2
  7. Sorry I havnt posted a pic but I did sbmit ASM 129 to cgc and the have graded it and sent image to me. It is a double cover: 1st cover 8.5 Interior cover 9.2
  8. So I have a double cover of amazing spiderman 129 with writing towards the bottom but overall the comic looks to be at least an 8.0. Should I remove that cover or leave it alone? The inside cover looks flawless.