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  1. Paul -- I'll help you guys program it if it pushes it out any sooner!
  2. For those wondering, my economy submission which was received 11/12 is now showing as scheduled for grading. Hopefully they turn it around quickly given the long hole in received.
  3. Just an update For Economy, Received on 11/12, I am still showing as Received. Sitting at 23 Business Days, so I don't think they'll hit the 30 day SLA
  4. We have the same order, except that I do not have sub-grades, but yes I'm still in received as well. Being at 21 days makes me believe there is no shot we get this finished within the 30 day timeline, which is a bummer
  5. feel like we can make this thread weekly to track and compare progress. My submission is below Type: Economy Date Received: 11/12 Current Status: Received
  6. Yeah I’ve been in received for just about 30 calendar days and haven’t moved at all. looks like whatever competitive advantage they had with regards to turnaround time is gone
  7. Or you don't need to worry about all that and let me buy it for my collection and worry about the grading process
  8. 20 days or 20 working days? I’m also not certain mine will be met either. Roughly 15 working days in received status but I am Economy so...
  9. Bump — anyone have something they might be interested in letting go?
  10. Looking to pay GPA prices. I’ve done a couple of deals on these boards before. Message me if you have something. thanks
  11. I believe I chose the standard tier option. If I remember correctly, USPS said it would be delivered by Tuesday. About how long can I expect before CGC actually gets them into their queue? I'm only asking because I want to be sure I actually sent it to the right place! Thanks all
  12. Looking to pay GPA prices. Message me if you have a book you’re looking to let go of!
  13. Appreciate all the help! Sending mine out today hopefully. Last question -- is the box you have in the picture the standard free USPS boxes?
  14. Awesome -- much appreciated. So you will actually stack your cards back to back if you're submitting multiples and only one set of cardboard ends? or are you putting piece of cardboard between each one?