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  1. Looking to buy. Raws, CGC blue or CGC yellow labels. Would love to add these to my spidey collections.
  2. If you are wondering whether or not to buy a bigger priced book from Mike, don't even waste a second worrying. He is very professional, communicates, A+ packaging and the product is amazing. So refreshing.
  3. I love Claremonts sig and normally he signs for example on the Xmen heading which is a perfect spot away from the art. Then again, I love I am biased.
  4. Time to start one of these as I am selling and buying here now.
  5. Bought a slab from Indy and it came super fast and packaged to perfection. UPS could of driven over this thing and it wouldnt have been damaged
  6. I dont think I have ever once thought about who I am bidding against in auctions. Keep it simple. Either you win or you lose and then you move on to the next item.
  7. Rich, do you by chance have in your cave of uber SS slabs any of the following? -Xmen 205 Variant (9.6 - 9.8 - J scott Campbell cover) -Xmen 101 ( 9.2 - 9.6 first Phoenix) -Xmen 50 ( 8.5 - 9.4 steranko cover)