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  1. Hey, I appreciate it! Are you thinking it'd come in at a 9 - 9.4 just based on the spine of the book?
  2. I'm mainly concerned about the spine.
  3. I got this book signed specifically to have a 9.8 copy. I’ve got different variants signed by the same person, but I wanted a pristine copy. I had it signed, and then pressed by CCS, and it came back as a 9.6. I can’t see any issues with the book though. There aren’t really any spine ticks, the corners are sharp, and I’m just not seeing anything that would have dropped this to a 9.6. Can I ask for an explanation, or an appeal?
  4. This is how I look at books for pressing. If it breaks color or torn, pressing will not help. If it’s a bend or an indention pressing will typically take care of it. I had a copy of New Mutants 98 that graded at an 8.0. The graders notes said it had a heavy indention on the back cover, so I submitted it to be pressed. It came back a 9.2 (due to another issue on one of the corners).
  5. I just picked this up at a show yesterday. I'm wondering what I could get it graded at if I submitted to CGC. It does have two small indentions on the back cover that you probably can't see in the pictures.
  6. All I know is that I saw a flashing symbol I'll bow out gracefully now
  7. I'll take it? I have no idea what I'm doing. :-)
  8. At this point I haven’t had a drastic experience to speak of. Although in my opinion if CGC is going to enable people to submit books, and witness signatures the process should be more official. If I spend $500 on books on eBay and the items never ship, I can file a dispute with eBay, and they will intervene and I’ll eventually get my money back. With this process you have to really place your faith in people that you’ve never met, and have no recourse outside of small claims court. Honestly, I'm new to SS and I'm just trying to understand the process. Is there a reference of facilitators
  9. Really? Other facilitators stepped in to help out?
  10. We entrust CGC facilitators with sizable amounts of money, and our comic books. So I’ve been wondering, have any of you ever run into an issue where you never received the product you paid for? I’m also wondering what you did (if anything) to try to rectify the situation; did CGC get involved? I can see how this post could be considered inflammatory or accusatory, and it’s certainly not my intent. I absolutely realize that most facilitators provide an awesome service. However, I see this topic as one potential pitfall of using facilitators and I’m curious about what action could be taken
  11. Oh wow. I had no idea they didn't add notes for each submission! That seems really unusual. I submitted around 11 modern books under that invoice, and none of them had any notes. I'm really happy with the grades they received (all but two were 9.8's) but was hoping for some feedback.
  12. I apologize in advance if this isn’t the appropriate place for this. Once a submission is marked “shipped/safe” should the graders notes show up in the Invoice Comics screen? There’s a heading for it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the column. If they don’t show up there how do you find them for your submissions?
  13. Did CGC witness the sketch / signature? Did you submit it for grading at the Con?
  14. There’s just barely some evidence that pencils were used. I looked after I saw your comment and I noticed that Alphona’s signature up top appears to be in pencil too. I can’t remember the name of the site I purchased them from, but I do remember a lot of artists seemed to link the site directly so I probably shouldn’t have been too worried I guess.